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  1. T

    Is a banned Jasper still RGH'able?

    Hey everyone, I own an older xbox 360 (jasper) that is unfortunately banned from xbox live, and since I always wanted to perform a RGH myself I thought why not give it a shot on this machine? But now I have overheard somewhere that a banned console has a corrupt keyvault, which means you can...
  2. R

    Solved  Xbox 360 KV Help?

    I just bought a KV from xboxkvs and I put the kv.bin and cpukey.bin files onto my hard drive and when I tried to flash it, it didn't reboot and when I tried to connect to my internet, it will go from Xbox 360 - My Provider but it won't go from My Provider - Internet, I need help please and i...
  3. ElectroModz

    Solved  Kv Not banned but saying it is... HELP

    Hello when i try to play my rgh (i am on echo server) and it was working a min ago and now it says i am banned on the rgh and on the KV Validator it says unbanned. please help
  4. XeNon Shockz

    Solved  Rgh Connection Problems PLEASE HELP SOMEONE

    Okay so my rgh used to be all good and working perfectly, recently i changed the kv and now it wont connect to xbox live, it says its connected to the internet but cannot connect to xbox live. I have bought several more key vaults to test and all of them are the same. Yes they were converted and...
  5. eph

    Solved  KVs don't work

    For the sake of this thread not getting removed for breaking rules, I will just name the services I used as stealth Stealth Service 1 and Stealth Service 2. So let's begin. I was on Stealth Service 1 for a long time, loved it, loved KV life, whatever. However I saw that another stealth service...
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