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  1. TimelessNL

    Solved  Recover DVD key from drive in console on hacked dashboard

    Hi, I recently fixed a console that had an corrupted NAND (previous owner attempted JTAG/RGH of some sort). Since this also caused the motherboard's DVD key to become out of sync with the actual drive. I have one question which seems not been asked before, at-least not in this context...
  2. H

    Solved  RGH DVD drive plays DVDs but not Game CDs

    Hey guys, I'm facing an issue with my RGH DVD drive. When I put in a movie DVD or music CD it works perfectly, but when I put in a game disk, it either says Play DVD and then just shows the XBOX logo or says Play Game Disk and comes back to the dashboard. This had started a couple of months...
  3. Azzeh

    Solved  Corona v1 | DVD drive keeps on ejecting

    Moderators, Please close this thread Updates at the end of the post, please read before replying. --- Hello there, I managed to fry my Trinity motherboard, as such, I bought another one. I for one, can *physically* identify this motherboard as a Corona (Version 1, 16MB Hynix NAND), but...
  4. H

    Solved  Why keep cpu key safe?

    Just curious on this question I had, was having trouble finding a answer through Google searches. So I was wondering why is it that we keep our cpu key safe from anyone untrusted? If I were to copy & paste my cpu key here what would that harm to me be? And what advantage would you have over me...
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