key vault

  1. J

    Solved  Would KV ban?

    I have an Xbox 360 trinity rgh 2. I haven't gone online on it in while and the kv is unbanned. I used xb line and the kv never got banned since I wasn't a hardcore modder and didn't play much. I need to use my rgh for 30 minutes online on the dashboard. I was gonna use rebellion or another free...
  2. Rebug7s

    Solved  Easiest Method of Spoofing MAC Address on RGH

    I recently got an RGH, I bought a lifetime stealth with OG stealth from RippedRobby and GoldenModz bought all of my unshared KVs keep getting banned (7 have been banned in two days, all purchased from BlasterKVs). I also bought Project XDX so I believe it doesnt have a KV stealer in the tool. I...
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