1. A

    Discussion  Jtag/Rgh

    Iv been thinking alot whilst iv been getting a little bit better on my jtag weather there was somewhere to get xbox 360 roms that have been made up by a normal person aka like a made up game
  2. f11

    Tools  [Preview] GTA SA JTAG/RGH Tool

    Inspired by Smokey xKoVx :smile: So I just recently started learning how to find offsets and modify certain things but im still not very good when it comes to most of it but ive come decently far on my own and with the help of Tuts. As of rn i only figured out how to get floats and cant find...
  3. FladenbrotModz

    Solved  Record Xbox 360 JTAG/RGH?

    Is it possible to use RGloader without DevKit on the Xbox 360 (JTAG / RGH) = ?, or is there an alternative for JTAG / RGH to capture the Xbox?
  4. S

    Solved  Can't Join Online heist

    Afternoon guys I have been modding for a while now. This issue came up where I can't join any online heist missions. I could before without a problem even host them. Now I can't. I know I was having issues even playing the game. I found out it was my xhttp option in dashlaunch. Sometime after...
  5. Hybrid_Mods

    Solved  Free BO2 Recovery Tools?

    Anyone know of any recovery tools for cod? I want to start doing recoveries but im broke since my money is going towards ninja. I need legit downloads, ive looked on yt but alot are viruses, etc. If its a premium account links or forums dont link please.
  6. Hybrid_Mods

    Solved  How to install plugins on jtag/rgh?

    so currently i have: neighborhoods xbdm file as plugin #1 ninja stealth server xex as plugin #2 What i need help with is where do i put tool plugins such as recovery tools, gt spoofers, bo2 tools to send mods to me in game, etc stuff like that.
  7. Azzible

    AzzSkyy v0.1 Beta

    Hey Guys, this is a mod menu that I am coding. This is in its Alpha stage and is no where near finished! Feedback would be much appreciated, also I would appreciate help making this menu so HMU on skype if you want to help! Skype: minemasteron Download | Virus Scan
  8. L

    Solved  J-Tag Wont load games from disc or from usb

    I just bought this j-tag and i wanted to download a game for it. i downloaded the game to the usb and opened Xex Menu , After that i went to usb and opened black ops 2 i clicked on Default.Xex , It went to a black screen i just thought okay. so i went to FSD and decided to rip mw3 , after it...
  9. Casperr xo

    Solved  Jtag ban question

    I need help because i am not sure if should jtag. I am afraid that i might get banned because i love playing online!! The question is ,when you get a jtagged xbox, will you still get banned even though you are not modding games and just playing the games as it is?
  10. OvaKill

    Solved  does Titanfall need a bypass

    I just downloaded the Game and Want to know if I need a bypass on a RGH
  11. S

    Solved  HELP: Jtag xenon

    I'm pretty new to modding and don't know much bout Jtags and such. I'm thinking about buying a xenon jtag from someone so I can host Cod mod menu. Can anyone help me out with what to do once I get the console to start hosting lobbies. It's a xenon Jtag still on the old dashboard.
  12. J

    Solved  i need some help with gta online with my jtag anyone please?

    so I got my jtag online working just fine I can join parties like normal but whenever I tryto play gta online It says cloud servers are unavailbile please help
  13. Zzock77

    MW2 Unlock All/Mod Menu Lobby [{OPEN}]

    Gamertag: BonnieTunic7501 if you could donate it helps alot donations is what keeps me online my paypal is PAYPAL: [email protected]
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