1. BrizzleRGH

    Tools  [Preview] GTA SA JTAG/RGH Tool

    Inspired by Smokey xKoVx :smile: So I just recently started learning how to find offsets and modify certain things but im still not very good when it comes to most of it but ive come decently far on my own and with the help of Tuts. As of rn i only figured out how to get floats and cant find...
  2. vitto_sk

    Unsolved  GTA 5 plugin xbox 360 jtag crashing

    Hello, I have one problem, Xbox 360(jtag) crashes when I start gta 5 with mod menu installed in plugins, why it happens every time ? I have installed all right Is here some fix for it ? Help me please ! Thanks !
  3. vitto_sk

    GTA 5 xbox 360 jtag crashing

    Hello, I have one problem, Xbox 360(jtag) crashes when I start gta 5 with mod menu installed in plugins, why it happens every time ? I have installed all right Is here some fix for it ? Help me please ! Thanks !
  4. Chriss010101

    Tools  MrDucxy Gradient xNotify!

    Hello Se7ensins! I got bored and made a decent xNotify/HUD for those RGH/JTAG/DevKit Users. Hope you enjoy! Screenshot: https://ibb.co/zrVp3np Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/leud78a9u6xj57s/DucxyBlueGradient.xex/file
  5. thegamex11

    Solved  Mod menus for single player campaign

    Is there any mod menus for single player campaign? Every mod menu I've found and loaded up only works for zombies. I'm running Jasper RGH btw. I just want to play through the campaign again and screw around but have been having a very hard time. On TU7 too also. Cant even find a trainer that'll...
  6. Professional

    Tools  17559 XAM Gamertag Spoofer

    I created this XAM gamertag spoofer for the dashboard 17559 which Microsoft released not long ago. Download - Scan (False positives but it isn't obfuscated or encrypted so you can check if you want and I am uploading the source later.) It works on all Halo games, a few Call of Duty games among...
  7. W

    Unsolved  Can somebody install a few mods on my jtag via teamview ,because i can't do it myself , for pay !!

    Can somebody install a few mods on my jtag via teamview ,because i can't do it myself , i am willing to pay someone to do it , i have a list of mods i want to add ! message me if you are interested. Thanks,
  8. H

    Unsolved  Game Discs not reading, "Play DVD" after upgrading JTAG/RGH to latest 17526

    Hi Pro's, I recently upgraded my 4GB xbox 360 console jtag/rgh to latest 17526 using a youtube tutorial by using flash 360 and XebuildGui.2.0 I also updated my DashLaunch to 3.19 I followed the online tutorials regarding updation of kernel. All my games in HDD seem to be working properly and now...
  9. lolJavaScript

    Discussion  MW2 Tu9 Files Download

    I'm a little late to this i guess, but If you are needing the MW2 Tu9 files then here Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/m3rpz2 Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/fc86f9d6214f6f399978a50284ff912ab9f8fe044c761ef17637a7e25e560459/detection
  10. H

    Jtag/Rgh or flashing services

    Hello! I am currently looking for a Jtaged/Rghed or flashed xbox 360, anyone have one to sell or knows somewhere that sells them for fairly cheap ($80 or so)?
  11. S

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 RGH Unable to play games

    Hey guys, I may be posting this in the wrong place but if so I would greatly appreciate it if it was placed in the right place. Anyways the issue I am having is I have a 360 RGH and I can load Aurora, Dashlaunch 3.19, XEX Menu 1.2, & and dashboard. However when I try to transfer one of the...
  12. B

    Unsolved  Gta load issues

    Alright so im sorta new to modding but not really anyways the issue that when i try to load gta 5 unmodded it crashes when it gets to the display calibration. --------------------------------------------- Things i have already tried: title update patching xex with title update re...
  13. V

    Unsolved  fatal crash intercepted on ultra street fighter iv

    Hi everyone! Title says it all... tried with 3 different torrents to get to play usf4 on my jtag but everytime i press start on the in game start menu, I get "fatal crash inttercepted" and sent back to the dashboard. Also want to note that all other games work. Any way to solve this? Thank you...
  14. jufroninja

    Unsolved  Jtag/RGH hard drive help

    ok im needing help with my hard drive, it wont work if it plugged into the actual port meant for it . So for me to be able to use my hard drive i have to plug it into a usb port with a usb to hard drive adapter . When i plug the hard drive into the actual port it needs to be in it wants me to...
  15. C

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 disc updated

    I recently purchased an xbox 360 for fun and it turned out to work and the version was 2.0.7317.0 so it was set to be jtagged. I was super stoked about it since I always wanted it as a kid and now I can make my child self happy. I did all the checks and sure enough it was good. I didnt have any...
  16. x86

    Discussion  Rarest RGH/JTAG Homebrew?

    I'm looking to create a list of the rare homebrew apps and emulators with download links. There a few classic xbox emulators that work on the 360 as well. Feel free to post and I will add to the list. Emulators Amiga360 = Amiga: Link coming soon Atari7800x (Xbox) = Atari 7800: Link coming soon...
  17. L

    Solved  Is there a way to bridge or force host in Halo Reach?

    Are there anyways to bridge host in Halo Reach? Or any mod tools for RGH, XDK, JTAG that can force host? I know Astro has a force host option but it doesn't work, maybe im using it wrong? Im on an RGH Glitch 2 Jasper. if that helps Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. L

    Unsolved  KV Banned Fast Please Help!!

    Hey everyone. So I got a RGH and I'm trying to figure out why I've been banned so quickly. I bought a KV from a website called Xboxkvs.com. First KV lasted me about a week. But I bought a KV on 4/13/2019, and was banned yesterday on 4/14/2019. I only did modding for about 8 hours that day on GTA...
  19. M

    Unsolved  KV Unbanned Time Tracker

    Are there any tools that I can get that can track my kv unbanned time? I know most servers have this feature implemented, but mine currently has it disabled.
  20. L

    Unsolved  How to stop GTA 5 mod menu crashers? (RGH/JTAG)

    Hey everyone. So lately I've been playing around with mods on GTA 5 for the xbox 360. Im fairly new to using a RGH, but I know how it works. I've notice that some people who mod get salty when another Modder is in the same lobby. While I was doing a money drop for people, a Modder shot me in the...
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