1. www FBI com

    CoD AW Free XP Lobby + Achievements

    ***Have Clash Of Clans? If You Do Join My Clan Xe Modding Team My Name In COC Is Bill Gates For Fastest Updates And FREE Mods!*** YES THIS IS FREE!!! INSTAGRAM - https://instagram.com/xe_modding/ Msg Me For Other CODs!! **Join Session** DONT MSG ME FOR INVITE IF YOU CANT JOIN THAT...
  2. L

    Solved  Dashboard Update (17489) Problem

    when i put my NAND into xebuild (the newest one) the dashboard version has an X and it doesnt show my kernel version. is there any way i can fix this OR if i type in the kernel version and do everything as normal will it work. i've tried getting my NAND multiple times with flash 360 AND simple...
  3. Trevo

    Solved  JTAG Help

    i am jtaging and i am on a x64 operating system. i need the file InpOutBinaries_1200.zip. i found that i need it and everyone sends to this link http://rapidshare.com/files/332755032/InpOutBinaries_1200.zip but its dead. anyone still have this that they can send me?
  4. G

    Discussion  What is your favorite xbox 360 game or program

    Just wondering what is everyones favorite game or program on the xbox 360? Heres a template to go off:
  5. KieranSharpen

    Solved  Region Codes?

    The problem is there is an early release torrent for fifa 16, but the the torrent is NTSC and my console is PAL. Is there any way to edit the region coding to change it to Region Free or PAL. Thanks, Kieran
  6. xStormsnoutx

    [REL] Special Godmode! (BETA)

    THIS IS NOT THE NORMAL GODMODE! Hello Guys, This is a really simple but funny mod. I hope you will like this mod and have alot fun with it. How to use: -Disable the real godmode(this is important for this to work!) -then enable this mod -you will now have godmode but when there for example is...
  7. turdbundy

    Discussion  RGH1 Zephr SUCCESS!!

    Hey dudes! I know that Zephrs get a ton of heat for being terrible to RGH. They totally deserve all the heat that they get! I just wanted to give some folks hope who have a zephr around on a low enough dash to attempt an RGH1. I used a knockoff coolrunner rev c on the default settings, zephr...
  8. P

    Solved  I Am New To Moddding And Need Help! Please Reply! <3

    I Really Want to start modding but idk that much about it i know all about the kv, but dont know what i need i play gta v and really would like a mod menu on there for like money drops and flying, Player Changes, god mode ext but idk what i need i can get it all just idk how i play 360 and can...
  9. Noobert

    Tutorial  How to Update Your RGH/Jtag to 17559

    I'm making this so people can stop bricking their consoles... Things to Download XeBuild 17559 Download | Virus Scan Simple 360 Nand Flasher Download | Virus Scan **************** Before Starting, Remove your Current Launch.ini. If you don't you may be stuck on the Xbox Logo after Boot...

    Solved  Ghosts Error (Jtag/rgh) (Reward)

    Can someone please help me? Whenever I load up ghosts i get stuck in a loop for the menu and it will briefly say "content package is no longer available" I have tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it 3 times! I know it's not the mod menu as the person who sold me it went into a skype...
  11. Alex Kinsman

    Discussion  Looking for modding clan

    Hi everyone, I Don't really post on websites but iv been modding for 4 years now with my Jtag and am fed up of people only wanting me to do lobbies all the time. I'm sure everyone knows what I mean, anyways I'm wanting to join a modding clan or after some friends that can mod. I had a falcon...
  12. Immense


    Someone that knows why this is happening on 17349 dashboard cause its irritating and I can't connect to live unless I have this update please someone help me out here. And it isn't a avatar update either ill show u
  13. DrezZ

    Solved  RGH Opens Internet Explorer Every Sigin

    So pretty much every time I sign into my Xbox live profiles it automatically opens internet explorer. Thanks for your help s7, you guys are always helpfull
  14. M

    Solved  Console keep restarting when going into game

    Hey Guys, So I need support with my xbox, but also with GTA 5. I have a J-tag console, I got it to run online, then my GTA 5 worked 100%. then i wanted to add a mod menu, so i added plugins to dashlaunch (xbdm, xrpc, jrpc) also the mod menu i wanted to use, then when i restarted my console...
  15. cdubzthetroller


    If you have trouble downloading profiles for recoveries or whatever you are doing on your ghost then you are in the right place. To fix this logon to the account on your computer at Xbox .com . There it will ask you to verify. It will then send a code to the email of the account and get that...
  16. eph

    Solved  KVs don't work

    For the sake of this thread not getting removed for breaking rules, I will just name the services I used as stealth Stealth Service 1 and Stealth Service 2. So let's begin. I was on Stealth Service 1 for a long time, loved it, loved KV life, whatever. However I saw that another stealth service...
  17. Frozenalv2

    Game Mods  RELEASE: Project Insanity v1.1 [FORZA 4 MODS]

    FLASHED + JTAG/RGH ONLY! :smile: Its less of a project and more just a cluster****, as I cant really document everything ive done to this database and few other files, as there really is too much to type up. I used Project Underground 3 as a base for this mod, LARGE thanks to D3FEKT for...
  18. ImOx

    [Release] MW2 Force Host [All-Client Infectable] [Jtag/RGH]

    Ok, so basically I have seen really many people asking for a force host tool, so I decided to make this simple little tool that any one who knows even a little C# could make. Please don't tell me it doesn't work because I have used it many many times.. [/SPOILER] Don't go into a game with a...
  19. ImOx

    [UPDATE #4] [RELEASE] MW2 Custom Class Editor (Colored Classes, Golden Desert Eagle,..)[Jtag/RGH]

    Ok, so I started updating this a little and I'll release more updates when I feel like it. (You will be prompted by an update if there's a new update) Autoupdate has been down for long (never ever use DropBox) & interest has been lost long ago. (Last actual update was in May 2015) So, it's not...
  20. NiNJA

    Discussion  NiNJA by the ORIGINAL Team XBLS - KVs lasting 5yrs, 15 of the BEST CHEATS - est. 2012 & 29,000 users

    The best service in the world: NiNJA Run by the ORIGINAL FOUNDER AND DESIGNER of the XboxLiveStealth.com service established in 2012! WWW.XBL.NiNJA NEW UI, NEW PRICES! UPDATE v171 IS OUT! $3 for 1 day | $6 for 3 days | $10 for 7 days | $35 for 31 days - - We have users going for over...
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