1. Trent12345

    Discussion  xbox360iso.com disappeared

    Hey all, Jumped off the modding scene when my Xenon JTAG shat itself around 2 years ago... Hopped onto my new RGH to set it up with some games and i can't download any online anymore. I have sat and gone through the few websites i used in the past other than 360iso and they're all spammed...
  2. A

    Game Mods  [Request] Port GTA V PC Mod to xbox 360. Have PC Source Code

    Hello all, I was hoping to find someone that has experience coding GTA V mod menu's for JTAG/RGH. There is an awesome quadcopter/drone mod that is only available for PC but would be super cool to have on 360. I was able to find the PC source code on github and got to thinking.. Does someone...
  3. louloupc2255

    Tools  Halo All In One TOOL

    I post my new tool for halo reach, it only includes exclusive options, shady mods to crack my tool and it is to appropriate my options, so I prefer to share it sorry if my english is bad, i m french good game <3...
  4. F

    Unsolved  need update 20

    Whenever i start battlefield 4 it says theres an new update but when i press ok to download it it does nothing and i cannot join any matches and i heard there was a update that was 1.5 gb and i only have update 4 installed and i cant seem to find update 20 update : xbox unity does not have the...
  5. ALCastaldo

    Unsolved  New KV won’t upload to console

    Hi All! For the last 4 hours, I’ve been trying to upload my NEW unbanned KV to my RGH. I’ve updated to the newest dashboard, I’ve reflashed the NAND with the new KV, and I’ve tried putting the KV on the HDD root with cpukey and restarting console but nothing is happening. My new KV is definitely...
  6. I

    Discussion  Grand Theft Auto IV Singleplayer Mod Menu for JTAG?

    As the title said, I'm looking for a singleplayer mod menu for gta 4 on my jtagged xbox. I'm looking for a fun mod menu where I can atleast spawn any peds, or play preset minigames(along with other common features such as player options(godmode,never wanted,etc) and vehicle...
  7. M

    Solved  Jtag xbox360 through USB

    Hello, I'm new to this, so I have a question (Maybe silly one), I bought an xbox360 which is already Jtagged, I think this was done through hardware stuff, now I have read xboxjtag website that I can do it through USB, my question is: can I do this safely without harming my Xbox? and if I can...
  8. J0hn5n02

    Unsolved  *i need help asap plz* (bad nand)

    I tried to update me xbox 360 slim to kernel 17559 so I can play online but I got a frozen screen and red button instead (fixed now) but and still on da old dashboard. Ive forgotten my laptop password and Aint ğot access to a computer to fix my bad nand can someone plz help me i got all the...
  9. Jasonr990

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 model 1439

    I want to JTAG or RGH my console. I don’t know how to mod it but if I knew how to I could easily do it. I want to k ow if my console is able to be modified in any way, and if it is possible, the steps to do so.
  10. S

    Unsolved  Visual design tool to test/create mod menu?

    Hi guys, So I'm in the process of making a mod menu for BO2 and testing out colours of the menu background, borders, scroller etc is very time consuming as I have to keep switching between pc and 360. Is there a tool where I can input the colours in rgb for each menu item and text to see...
  11. C

    Unsolved  JTAG openIV rpf edit - How to remove the blue flashing screen kill effect ?

    Hi, I want to remove the blue flashing screen kill effect but I can't remember what file I need to edit, I remember having found a list of edited files on a forum a few years back with this blue effect removed, I know there was also a realistic handling.dat, the red X marker removed and some...
  12. FinalBoss_Retro

    Unsolved  Slow, inconsistent Boot times Rgh1.2 jasper 16mb

    Hello Ive recently picked up a jasper sb, and decided to Rgh it. Ive used a coolrunner rev c and everything has work as should. Console boots up great but just takes it time. Usually the console boots between 1 and 2 minutes, but every video i see the console boots up well within the 1st 3...
  13. F

    Unsolved  Black ops 2 zombies nuketown not showing up

    So ive tried hex editing it and that didnt work and ive tried using xm360 and 360mp to unlock snd it still does not show ive play it before not to long ago but recently i haven’t seen it in the map selection any tips ? update: I am on title update 18
  14. DiddlinRitalinHat

    Unsolved  I just ordered an Xecuter CoolRunner & I am going to attempt to R-TAG my Jasper. [Any Advice Would Be Greatly Appreciated]

    I'm waiting for some resistors and transistors to come as well as the cool runner, because I want to take advantage of the learning experience, because I am a computer science major and I would love to learn more about the motherboard. Please if anyone sees this and has any knowledge or...
  15. F


    So I got bioshock and I’ve tried the god format but I got the same results and what happened that I downloaded it and I first downloaded bioshock the complete collection one but that one didn’t work but I downloaded the standard one and when I load the game and press start it freezes before it...
  16. logg

    Hardware Mods  wanting to buy a jtag xbox 360

    help a brother out
  17. V

    Solved  Xbox one JTAG

    So I've been looking around to see if there's any way to jtag an xbox one and my search has so far come up empty (apart from finding se7ensins), most of the pages that mentioned it had some sketchy download link that I was not going to even attempt to use to avoid hurting my pc and/or xbox, do...
  18. F

    Unsolved  Cannot get Minecraft unlocked on jtag

    I cannot get Minecraft unlocked even after going to xm360 and I’ve also tried enabling cont patch in dash launch and I have some things disabled that as well and I’ve tried Yaris swap and that didn’t work and I’ve installed tu80 but the game is still in trial mode any suggestions to fix this...
  19. F

    Unsolved  Minecraft tu70 mod menu or trainer

    Are there any menus or trainers for Minecraft tu70 on a jtag?
  20. P0INTxZ3R0

    Unsolved  Looking for advice on modded 360

    I'm looking to buy a modded xbox 360. I'm not sure about anything to do with a RGH or a JTAG. I've only used infection mods. What's the difference between a RGH and a JTAG? Witch one is better? What programs would I need on the xbox? How could I get 1000's of games? How do I use the xbox? (<-Lol...
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