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    Tutorial  Xbox 360 Jtag Guide

    Important: If you need support, create a new post in Console Modding Support. Do not post support questions here! Jtag Hack on old Consoles What is Jtag? Jtag is an Old Mod for Phat Consoles with the latest supported Dashboard being 2.0.7371.0. With this Hack no Glitch Chip is required. If...
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    Unsolved  Opus JTAG or Save

    Hey, ive got an Opus Xbox coming supposedly never turned on after an Repair from Microsoft. Date on the back is 20.04.2009. Should i do an Jtag on it or save it for Future?
  3. Original Light

    Unsolved  Do you need an RGH /JTAG Console to Use Bypass and ISO mods now?

    Disregard. Answer is yes, you need an RGH/JTAG console.
  4. Missingside

    Tutorial  Can anyone help me find Call of duty world at war zombies Iso DLC Map packs for me please? JTAG

    I just want to try out my mod menu on the other map’s not just the 1 map..
  5. Missingside

    Xbox 360  I need some help figuring out what’s wrong with my Call of duty world at war zombies Map pack’s I’ve got the 3 flies in the Content folder 📁 4156081C

    And it says the map’s are unlocked in Xm360 but whenever I boot up the game the dlcs just don’t seem to work so could anyone help me with the problem? Also the flies in the content folder are 241AD8AAEB526583256DE0E95BF31EF217BE17DE41 3D8B3E11C132BAFB1CF8A94831E36BA7231D16F341...
  6. Missingside

    Discussion Tutorial  Does anyone know any fun Xbox 360 games I could mod that isn’t call of duty cause I’m getting bored of the same mod menu’s for that particular game.

    I have a JTAG so any feedback would help me out so Thank you.
  7. Missingside

    Discussion Tutorial  Does anyone know if there’s a mod for playing as the Joker in Arkham city or even if I could get a mesh mod to work on a RGH/JTAG XBOX-360 ISO file?

    I would really like to know if it’s possible or not Thank you.
  8. L

    Unsolved  JTAG Xbox having issues with Guitar Hero?

    Hi, First off, apologies if I've posted this in the wrong part of the forum - I am very much new to this. I purchased a JTAG 360 from Ebay a while ago and it's been perfect so far but today I loaded the GH Series onto the hard drive and have ran into a few issues. GH3 causes a "Fatal Crash"...
  9. B

    Unsolved  JTAG Falcon Help Needed

    First off, I know I'm around 12 years late to the game but oh well... Managed to get a never plugged into the internet Falcon a little while back (5 years ago), me and a buddy decided to try and JTAG it for the lols (only took us 5 years to attempt it). Using a MTX Spi Flasher Managed to pull...
  10. U

    Unsolved  RGH nand problem

    i was on my rgh today and the console froze. i booted it up and no avatars was showing ( i'm on latest update) i turned it off and on, it gave me a grey screen with a E-72 error. on jRunner when i try to create an image without a nanddump it gives me this error in the log ******* ERROR...
  11. zulll

    Unsolved  Can I install a 2 disc game into my Xbox 360 without needing an internal HDD?

    So I was trying to download Battlefield 4 and several other games that needed two discs to be downloaded but I don't have an Internal HDD on my Xbox 360 to store the first disc. Is there any way that I can play a 2 disc game through XeXmenu from my external hard drive instead?
  12. zulll

    Solved  There's no Hidden Content folder on my External Hard Drive

    so i was jtagging my xbox, and when i plugged my external hdd into my computer I can't seem to find the Hidden "Content" folder that i need to jtag my xbox. Instead, a folder named "Xbox 360" came up instead when i turn on the "Hidden items" on the view settings. Can anyone help?
  13. sonnyy

    Game Mods  Halo 3 Sunrise Beta (Play Matchmaking Again!)

    This is a plugin made by craftycodie which will allow you to play matchmaking after the servers shutdown Ranks and exp work and non modders/retails can join you To use it simply set it as plugin 3 or 4 or 5 in dashlaunch Then invite your friends/non modders then search a playlist! More info...
  14. N

    Unsolved  Xenon JTAG + Elpis GPU

    Hello, I recently made myself 2 consoles like in the title via a CPU swap, but there is one thing that's been bugging me since I saw the Xell screen, mainly CPU/GPU voltage. As we know Elpis is basically a GPU Rhea (Late? I mean the earliest Elpis console I saw was from 2009-04-12, one of the...
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    Unsolved  360 RGH forced to update game every launch

    Been using an RGH for a while now and this annoying issue has stopped me from wanting to use it. Does anyone know how to stop a game from forcing you to install an update every time you play a game? For example, whenever I boot up BO2 or MW3, or Minecraft, I have to install an update and can't...
  16. M

    Unsolved  XENON JTAG RROD after flashing

    yo guys, had fully working retail (no mods ever done to the console) XENON xbox360 today I have sucesfully read NAND of my xbox two times, compared, all fine created XELL-reloaded and wrote it sucesfully did the two diodes lines between J2D2 and J1F1 plus the inter link on J2D2, i believe my...
  17. nicholasbroo

    Discussion  | FREE | Proto Stealth Server | JTAG/RGH/Dev Kit | Requires XBL Gold

    Proto Stealth Server "The technology you use, impresses no one. The experience you however create with it: is everything." 2,500+ Users, 0 BANS! Current version: 2.0 What is Proto Stealth Server? Written from scratch using pure research and combined knowledge, Proto/PL is a totally free Xbox...
  18. A

    Unsolved  Fatal Crash Intercepted DLC RGH

    Hi, everyone! While I'm in the game, when I navigate through DLC songs, the "fatal crash intercepted" error displays and take me back to Aurora menu. I put the DLC and title update through Horizon and manually in the external HDD, and the same error still appears. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  19. C

    Solved  What jasper Xbox 360 consoles can be Jtagged?

    Hello so I’m looking around online for a sealed jasper Xbox 360. The thing is I want to jtag it but I know there are some that are on 7371 but have been patched from the factory. What jasper Xboxs can be modded? I know there’s a certain time frame but can you let me know when please. I found one...
  20. R

    Unsolved  Play online With xbox 360 RGH-Jtag?

    is it possible to play online (withou xbox live and without need pc or laptop)?
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