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    Discussion  GTA4 GHOST GREW OG MODS

    FOR EVERYONE TO KNOW I AM GHOSTHALY GTA4 BIGGEST OG 2008 developer i am more happy to be here with everyone join our GHOST MODDING TEAM FOR THE BEST GTA4 MODDING MENU PLUS ALL MODDING UPDATES WE ARE ALWAYS REMASTERING GTA4 with new features MODS for everyone to have fun check out our GHOST team...
  2. 0xShelby

    Tools  RGStarter V6.2 | Free Premium Alternative To Paid Tools | Package Installer, Linux Installer, Remote Mods, Command Line, File Editing & Much More!

    (please bear with me, I am not good with thread design at ALL on se7ensins) Good morning everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far. Almost 3 years ago I started a project called RGStarter, which at the time was just a simple Package Installation program that made it easy to get...
  3. C

    Question  8 player zombies on rgh/jtag possible?

    hello. im trying to host an 8 player zombies lobby with no luck. wondering if its even possible, im using 3 dvars to try to host it im using set party_maxplayers 8 set party_gamesize 8 set com_maxclients 8 (not even sure if im using this one correctly) the game shows 8 players max ,and even...
  4. Q

    Question  Help please

    I recently bought a jtag and iv set everything up correctly the only thing i cant seem to get past is connecting to my wifi properly, i am running stealth server which is tea pot, but the message i het when i try even get near my wifi is. “When you connect to Xbox Live, your console may...
  5. Z

    Question  RGH WIth Kernal 6683 Possible?, to preserve BLADES dash? Zephyr B. A stubborn E79 Jtag, mabye RGH will work instead?

    So after weeks of trying, and weeks for scratching my head. I give up. This Zephyr is jtaggable, but I don't think it will ever be jagged based on the 100% failure to boot "E79" after flashing xell. The most subbern 360 console I have ever encountered. This should have been easy. First jtag...
  6. Z

    Question  Zephyr Jtag E79 Error After Writing Xell, AUD_Clamp and Normal. A nightmare of a simple Jtag!!?‍?

    Jtag Zephyr Relentless E79, AUD_Clamp Selected. ?‍? CB4558 I picked up proper 1n4148 Diodes and those are not working either. I'm at a loss. I'm not a kid with a soldering iron anymore torching pads. This is a very easy soldering job and takes me only minutes. My soldering is perfect. I've...
  7. Cobatine

    Question  RGH Stuck in system update Loop everytime while tryna connect to Xbox Live

    Im on a stealth server and everytime I try to sign into xbox live, it gives me this update. It gives me this update after every reboot, as if the update doesn't stick. update image: https://ibb.co/1RchnJN I got the latest dashboard and my avatar ISNT greyed out. so im not sure what im even...
  8. C

    Game Mods  Can someone help me make a zombies mod menu

    I’m new to making menus and would like to make a zombies menu for waw Xbox ( I do have a rgh ) but want to make my own menu with a actual menu base etc but don’t know where to start or what software to use etc can someone help me with some knowledge on what to do etc thank you in advance
  9. Lucky

    Homebrew  XeXMenu 1.2 - Updated Se7ensins Skins

    Hello all, It's time that Se7ensins themes on XeXMenu have been updated. Note: There was NO change to the application itself. I DO NOT take credit for XeXMenu, nor the 1.2 update, simply giving a refreshment to the skin packages. I've went ahead and even created a new package. See the spoilers...
  10. chadderbox090

    Question  Need Help!

    Hey guys, it's been a long time! So i'm stuck on the new way of modding mw2... I use to code etc way way back in the day when MW2, WaW and all that were still using .ff files to run menus, well it seems like that's a thing of the past. So my question is this... HOW DO I MAKE MENUS AND WHERE DO...
  11. H

    Question  [Jtag/RGH] Need imagefile.pak 2-5 for MW3

    Hello everyone! I'm in desperate need of these files or if you have the updates needed to get them please send them to me!! I've looked everywhere online for them to no avail. I have a Trinity Glitch 2. Thanks in advance!
  12. LordVirusXeX

    Tools  Xbox 360 MW2 Name & Clan Tag Changer RTM Tool

    So I've been playing mw2 since the old cod servers are back up and working. I found that the RTM tools for Xbox are rather lacking and since I like to talk to people with a real time name changer and there were no tools that did this well or changed clan tags on TU9 I decided to make my own and...
  13. Lucky

    [MW2] (OPEN) FREE Old School Challenge Lobbies / 10th Unlock All 2023 - FROZEN CLASS FIX!

    DO NOT USE THE MESSAGE MENU! I can use this menu to fix your frozen classes. LOBBY: OPEN HOW TO JOIN XBOX 360: -Send me private chat or friend request -Join Session in Progress -My gamertag is “Lucky Se7” HOW TO JOIN XBOX ONE/SERIES: -Press and hold the back button (two squares) and press...
  14. F

    Solved  Why is my game folder empty when my HDD is plugged into my XBOX360 but in my laptop it is not empty? I'm really new to modding. Please Help!

    I've read and watched many tutorials but I can't seem to figure out the cause of this problem. I've converted a few ISO to GOD files successfully and they are all playable. I only repeat what I did for each game but sometimes this problem just occurred randomly. This only happen to certain...
  15. M

    MW2 | Unlock All | Infections | Prestige | Supremacy (Matrix) Mod Menu

    Hosting MW2 Supremacy All Client Mod Menu! Proof: Currently Hosting: https://gyazo.com/dc58de9b3d0b65027b3549c9d4b23b14 Status: Closed Gamertag: MiniatureTulip4 Message me for invite or join my session! Disclaimer: Only contact me through here as I am not able to respond to messages on...
  16. X

    Question  JTAG/RGH COD:Advanced Warfare content pack problem

    I have an JTAG/RGH XBOX360 (don't know which one). I have all of the content packs (41560914051BF3C0 & 4156091407406280) in the 00000002 folder as well as all the DLCs but the game won't work. When I launch cod:aw the menu says "press the start button to install content pack 1",and after i press...
  17. I

    Question  Halo Reach XEX Question

    Hey all. I've had an RGH system for quite a while now. I have an expensive lifetime stealth server that I have used for years now so I like to play games online with my other RGH buddies. However, I am running into a pretty big issue with Halo Reach. I was able to find an entire modded version...
  18. S

    Question  360 suddenly showing internal storage device as unformatted

    today i was trying to install a game and download covers from it through the aurora dashboard.. at some point the console froze up and i tried to force restart by pressing the touchpad and it straight took me to original xbox home menu and upon checking internal hdd it shows unformatted and...
  19. D

    Question  Wolfenstein TNO swap disc problem

    So I downloaded the 4 discs of Wolfenstein TNO and passed the part isntalling which took me almost a hour but whenever I choose the difficulty it asks me that "this game needs you to swap discs would you want to continue?" And after pressing A it just stays in a loading asking me to put disc 2...
  20. A

    Solved  Help

    I'm trying to boot up blur on my jtag jasper blur came from a iso I extracted the files then used neighbourhood to transfer all files to my hdd1 games loaded up aurora and put the game on there now everytime I load it it says fatal crash any help appreciated
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