1. C

    Unsolved  I need help on how to keep a Xenon Jtag cooler

    So my jtag xenon temps are way to high it’s running in the high 70s at idle (76-79c) I don’t know really what else to do I’ve added extra thermal pads replaced the thermal paste upgraded the heatsinks set a higher fan speed than normal around 75-80% but still it’s running very hot and idk what...
  2. C

    Unsolved  What temps should my jtag be?

    My jtag temps have hit 80c on memory and around 75c on the gpu while cpu is around 55-60
  3. C

    Unsolved  Xbox Jtag many problems plz help

    I recently jtagged a falcon Xbox 360 it was working fine for a few hours but then after installing aurora dash the front leds stopped turning on they flicker occasionally and sometimes work fine I have reflashed the nand with xell but it still does the same thing it boots into fsd3 fine but no...
  4. K

    Unsolved  Corona Demon Nand/Xell Does Not Boot RGH But Stock Retail Nand Does

    Hi Everyone, I seem to be having a very strange issue with my 7-8 year old dual-nand Corona Xbox 360 (Star Wars Edition). The issue is that it stopped booting modified nand's on the Demon and Xbox 360 chips. I can load the Stock 17559 nand just fine without issue so I don't think it's a wiring...
  5. M

    Solved  Unable to boot XBOX 360 Slim and met with a black screen after updating.

    I have no idea if my XBOX 360 SLIM is an RGH or a JTAG, and i have updated to a new version of the dashboard and now stuck with a black screen. I have figured out its some kind of a failsafe to prevent it, now i am stuck with a XBOX 360 which i absolutely CANNOT flash since i have 0 equipment to...
  6. R

    Unsolved  Is my JR programmer dead?

    I have a JR programmer V2 that I bought from the weekend modder. I used it on my XBOX 360 elite fat (falcon) and worked flawlessly. that was about a month ago and recently I bought an xbox 360 fat which was also falcon but had a 6683 dashboard (sweet JTAG!). anyways I soldered everything is as...
  7. S

    Unsolved  Rgh not reading discs

    Hello guys Today i updated tje dashboard from 17511 to 17559 i used simple nand 360 flasher and xebuild But after that the dvd driver doesn't play games I was playing with it normally just before that Now it just enter the game The screen goes black then it returns to the Xbox home Please help
  8. Professional

    Tools  Discord Rich Presence bot for Jtag/RGH and Xbox One

    I made a program so you can display your current Xbox Gamertag and title that you are playing, along with the title ID of the game and set it on discord *** UPDATED FOR XBOX ONE *** Features Automatic Gamertag detection Automatic Title ID detection Ability to copy Title ID to clipboard The tool...
  9. O

    Unsolved  Xbox360 turns off after launching GTA V with mod menu

    I've been trying to download a mod menu on my jailbroken Xbox for a while now. The game is downloaded properly, got the files online but it works just fine when loaded without mods. Disc 1 is in my Hdd/content/00000 and Disc 2 is on my Hdd/Games. I even downloaded TU27 and it works fine. The...
  10. GandaulkMcNugget

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 - Chips, Speeds, Differences and etc.

    Hey s7s, got a request for the community here. Lately I've been archiving things for the Xbox 360 platform, as well as writing a definitive, in-depth guide for the 360 so people can understand how each exploits works (JTAG/RGH/R-JTAG, etc) as a concept. With several different chips on the...
  11. O

    Unsolved  Xbox live problems

    Ok so I recently bought a rgh. I played for a couple of days and when I went to log in I seen that I had gotten banned. So I put a new kv on it and tried to play and now it won't connect to xbox live. Itll connect to the network and the internet but not xbox live. I've tried everything that I...
  12. G


    Since the Goldeneye 007 for XBLA Remaster (Canceled) was leaked! Goldeneye 007 XBLA GAME ID: 584108A9 <~~~~~~Please give this thread a Like/Comment for building this very informative thread! I try to answer as many questions at once in the original post as possible so there should be no...
  13. Trent12345

    Unsolved  Can't install TU24 Update (at all)

    I need help to update my MW3 on my RGH. I extracted the game files via Freestyle dash to put the game onto my external HDD, ran the game one time and all was well until trying this update... I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled, ran lower TU menus no issues etc.. Only issue i am having is...
  14. Enjoying420

    Discussion  Jtag/Rgh Discussion

    Looking for other gamers who own a jtag or rgh and knows a little more than i do and have hopfully some game links saved. Ive been looking everywhere for iso files to get games on my rgh i just got. Im just having trouble finding help, people, anything about modding anymore. Lets talk! ?
  15. B

    Unsolved  Can you R-Jtag an Xbox 360 Xenon?

    I was wondering if you can R-Jtag an xbox 360 xenon, my xenons dash is 2.0.14699.0. What methods are available for my xenon.
  16. Persistence

    Unsolved  How do I find & freeze the offset for health in XCE tool's?

    Hey guy's, I was recently playing through a old game I used to love playing when I was younger I decided to make a mini RPC tool for it because why not. Added the money to it thinking this is a peace of cake I can make this no problem then. I got to dumping the health & couldn't find it I can''t...
  17. Persistence

    Unsolved  Freezing Issue's & unable to connect to people on games! [JTAG]

    Hey guy's I recently decided to dust off my Old Jtag due to the whole No KV mode & free online being so readily available now a day's I was super excited to get back into it but I'm having these really odd & annoying problem's everytime I try & connect to the Online on Modern Warfare 2 it...
  18. E

    Unsolved  Looking for PHAT QSB v3 install diagram

    Hi, Fairly new to RGH. Have done a few direct wire installs but was curious about the QSB v3. Searching google has brought me no joy and Jrunner only has an older version QSB install guide. Does anyone have any info on what wires go where from a CR rev C to the PHAT QSB v3? thanks
  19. F

    Unsolved  Jtag Fallout New Vegas modding(please help)

    After taking a a long break from my rgh, I am now ready to get back into it. One thing I could never figure out was how to get the archive invalidation validated patch on my console specifically for fallout new Vegas. I understand how it works and that I’m probably going to have to modify the...
  20. Trent12345

    Discussion  xbox360iso.com disappeared

    Hey all, Jumped off the modding scene when my Xenon JTAG shat itself around 2 years ago... Hopped onto my new RGH to set it up with some games and i can't download any online anymore. I have sat and gone through the few websites i used in the past other than 360iso and they're all spammed...
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