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  1. P

    Question  c5r35 xbox 360 trinity rgh3

    i Completely scraped off the PLL Bypass trace, is there some way to fix it or there is nothing i can do? can the xbox boot anyway?
  2. P

    Question  bricked xbox 360 falcon bad nand

    i tried to rgh3 my xbox 360 falcon. i bought a raspberry pi pico and installed pi flasher. i welded a diode and 22k ohm resistor, then, welded my raspberry to nand pins. then went to jrunner and did some errors. at first i lost my original nand beacause i didn't made a backup, but before, i made...
  3. Z

    Question  RGH3 on Trinity, flashed XeLL, green light flashes, no output.

    I apologize in advance for posting so often, but I am so close to getting this thing working and I am working really hard to get it finished as soon as possible. I bit the bullet and tried to RGH3 my Trinity Xbox 360 S. I took my time, wired everything up, and managed to get the thing to show up...
  4. V

    Question  J-Runner Light Patterns Reference?

    Hello I'm new here, Is there any sort of reference out there to diagnose the different combinations of light patterns you may get on an Xbox 360 with J-Runner? I am trying to install and troubleshoot an RGH 1.2 issue for my Jasper console - currently when I boot up the console I see a rapid...
  5. N

    Question  Downgrading a Jasper on RGH 3 to 6717

    Hi, I was trying to get a blades Jasper V1 and either this console is making fun of me or I'm missing something. I know, it's useless besides looking kinda good, it's just for fun project. I can get it to NXE 9199 dash (now on this version), boots perfectly. On 6717 only Xell boots, I can wait...
  6. silverfox0786

    Question  RGH 3.0 Jasper512mB Error with Nand

    Hey Guys. Decided to try the new RGH3 on my spare Jasper 512mb I installed the JTAG wires and the RGH wires. I read the nands twice. No bad block sand both compared the same. I then added the ECC "RGH3_Jasper64_10mhz.bin" and got this message on JRunner. and when trying to write I further get...
  7. WaffleBox124

    Question  Jrunner error or Jr programmer v2 error not sure.

    Hello I have been trying to get this rgh 1.2 to work since may. I bought a new Glitch chip. I have the JR programmer v2. The first one I got came broken. Bought a new one. Every single time I try and update the firmware on this one I get this message "Erasing Flash ... Failed_1 xxxxxxxxxWrite...
  8. Lucky

    Solved  Faulty coolrunner chip - Falcon rgh1.2

    I have been battling a Falcon mobo for the past two days now to no prevail doing a RGH1.2 using JRP & Coolrunner Revc. Some prerequisite knowledge: Obviously, coolrunner is a clone chip. I semi know how to solder, I used to build small board for my work. Here's my story of events- In...
  9. Scot Nes

    Solved  JR Programmer V2 isn't recognised by my system at all.

    First problem is, my win10 system won't recognise JR Programmer at all. Second, when plugged into Jasper board its green and red lights are blinking. Third, but when plugged into Falcon board it blinks with no lights whatsoever. And it's definitely not driver signature enforcement. I've turned...
  10. K

    Question  Corona 16mg HELP NEEDED!

    So I have soldered in my JR Programmer V2 to all the correct solder points, I have re-soldered 4 times and installed the drivers also, but when I plug the Xbox power cable in and connect the jr programmer to my pc and open JRunner, I hit the “?” Beside “motherboard” and I get the flash config...
  11. CustomXconsoles

    Tools  J-Runner 2020 Update Se7ensins Edition

    Quick update for J-Runner. This has not been released in years but hey time to bring it back and update it a little, let me know if you thing something should be added. Just showing some love for Se7ensins. The console modders are on the rise again. All of these programs are free to use and...
  12. MilkySharpMan

    Question  Looking for 14699 Jrunner/XeBuild Dash Files

    I am doing RGH 1.0 on my Jasper that i updated to the latest supported dash, 14699. I refuse to update to a newer dashboard, unless i can somehow stay with RGH 1.0 and NOT 1.2. I also jumped the eFuse protection point so I can't accidentally screw up by updating. I successfully created the Xell...
  13. MilkySharpMan

    Question  Looking for J-Runner help. Not my first Rodeo, but this is giving me a really rough time.

    I've tried everything I know and have seen online to fix the issues I'm having with my Jasper BB 256mb and not being able to read the NAND. Can someone, well versed in J-Runner errors and NAND dumping, help me out here? I will post my next log file in comments if needed. I posted on some...
  14. AppStores

    Question  Device not found in J-Runner

    Hi guys, My JRPv2 is not working anymore. Yesterday, I was able to read the nand and write Xell to my console. Then i unplugged the nand cables from my JRPv2 and closed J-Runner. Unfortunately, my console gave me a 0022 error code, so i restarted J-Runner (to write my stock nand), and the JR...
  15. T


    Hey all, I really got stuck here. I’ve been working on this for days and I finally gave in but I really really want to successfully RGH A console I have been repairing and modding consoles for awhile now and never had any problems with soldering boards. I first attempted the jasper but didn’t...
  16. S

    Solved  Error in Jrunner when trying to create xebuild image

    Hello, I am trying to create an Xebuild image for my Jasper 360 on dash 17526, however I am getting an error. Here is the log: I have already taken the CPU key (and all other KV info) off the network. The NAND files are also loaded properly. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  17. A

    Solved  JR Programmer, Red Light. J-Runner cant see it

    So i just got a JR-Programmer and it had a solid green light but i acidently flipped the wrong switch now its stuck with a red light. There is my device manager. Im pretty sure i disabled driver signiture checks. and below is my J-Runner
  18. U

    Solved  Jrunner cant make image? Trying to update. HELP!

    I'm trying to update my rgh 2.0 corona, everytime I try and make the image it gives me this, so i'm assuming it has to do with it not reading smc.bin haha since it directly says that, do I have to get a new one? (Sorry i'm new to updating, this is my first time, please be patient) please help...
  19. T

    Solved  J-Runner Win32 Error

    So J-runner has been working perfectly, I've modded a couple Xbox's so far but now I'm getting this win32 error:No more bytes!, I've tried using a different USB port, Different Computer, and on Windows 7 (I'm running Windows 10) I've had no luck so far. This happens when Reading the NAND...
  20. harrypro

    Solved  rgh 1.2/ jrunner not working

    hello all! so I had a problem while Modding a 360 (jasper BB) I have an official nand-x and a coolrunner rev-c. (I have a bit of experience with RGH as I have done a few consoles in the past).so basically I had everything going well, I unsoldered the nand x wires from the xbox and booted my...
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