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jrunner error

  1. P

    Question  bricked xbox 360 falcon bad nand

    i tried to rgh3 my xbox 360 falcon. i bought a raspberry pi pico and installed pi flasher. i welded a diode and 22k ohm resistor, then, welded my raspberry to nand pins. then went to jrunner and did some errors. at first i lost my original nand beacause i didn't made a backup, but before, i made...
  2. bitrocket

    Question  Can't read Trinity Nand (Console not found)

    Hey all, I have been having an issue for some time now with my trinity MOBO xbox 360 and my picoflasher. I had been able in the past to dump a nand of another xbox 360 trinity, but after soldering up and getting the dump ready for my new trinity project. The only difference between the two...
  3. S

    Solved  Error in Jrunner when trying to create xebuild image

    Hello, I am trying to create an Xebuild image for my Jasper 360 on dash 17526, however I am getting an error. Here is the log: I have already taken the CPU key (and all other KV info) off the network. The NAND files are also loaded properly. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  4. U

    Solved  Jrunner cant make image? Trying to update. HELP!

    I'm trying to update my rgh 2.0 corona, everytime I try and make the image it gives me this, so i'm assuming it has to do with it not reading smc.bin haha since it directly says that, do I have to get a new one? (Sorry i'm new to updating, this is my first time, please be patient) please help...
  5. harrypro

    Solved  rgh 1.2/ jrunner not working

    hello all! so I had a problem while Modding a 360 (jasper BB) I have an official nand-x and a coolrunner rev-c. (I have a bit of experience with RGH as I have done a few consoles in the past).so basically I had everything going well, I unsoldered the nand x wires from the xbox and booted my...
  6. M

    Solved  Cant Complete NAND Image XeBuild/JRunner

    Hey I just got a rgh (trinity) about a week ago and I realized that I wasn't on the latest dashboard and tried to update it. Im currently on 17511 and I dumped my NAND following a video on how to update your dashboard on an rgh and when I got into XeBuild i got this error. **** could not read...
  7. Fulldiamondirl

    Solved  Rgh Trinity with ace v3 Having trouble.

    Today i finished rghing my trinity rgh with the ace v3 chip. it glitched every now and then but i would get this wierd thing happen, it would glitch but then the fan would make a wierd noise and not boot at all to the xbox logo., i will upload a video showing it. the next issue i was having when...
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