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  1. A7Gamer

    Solved  anybody got JRPC2.ini ?

    I dont have JRPC2.ini anybody got download link? or it's same as JRPC.ini ?
  2. C

    Solved  JRPC2 tools are connecting but not working

    i need lots of help i just got my rgh conected to nehgiberhood and JRPC tools like skate 3 tools connect but they dont work.
  3. Turtle wave

    Solved  xdrpc vs jrpc,jrpc2

    Not sure where to post this maybe more appropriate in just xbox modding section. I see lot of people say you need jrpc or jrpc2 in order to run certain things. Xdrpc works in place though"it is simply jrpc,jrpc2, and xdpx in one plugin" as it says when you open in the ini you will see. I believe...
  4. XeCrash

    Tools  Project Rebirth JRPC/XRPC Tool [BETA] (Release)

    Hello, fellow Se7ensins members today I am releasing my mw3 RTM tool Project Rebirth. It's still got a long way to go. This is a BETA release to get feedback from the community on what needs improved as well as finding bugs. (Note: I no longer support this program as the source code has been...
  5. Ricky carrazco

    Solved  Need Help RGH xbox 360 tools wont work

    Ok i am posting this for a couple friends. We have been trying to figure out why they can not get any tools to work off their pc. They can not use their Jtag sidekick or any tools from the pc. When they try to connect it fails. They both are running either JRPC or XDRPC in their launch ini. Can...
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