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  1. S

    Unsolved  XBox won't boot into XeLL during RGH3 mod

    Hi, I was attempting to mod my Xbox 360 Trinity using the software RGH3 method but half way into the mod where you supposed to hook up the XBOX to TV and boot into XeLL it just sits there, fan running, and the green LED in the front flashing rapidly. I'm using J-Runner 3.3.0 and clone JR...
  2. xboxh8er

    Unsolved  Ace v3 turns debug light solid green after timing flash

    I have done several of these trinity Ace installed but now seemingly out of nowhere, every time I flash one of my ace v3s with a timing file it turns the debug light on solid after the flash is done and won’t glitch the console to boot. I’ve flashed them soldered in place with standby power...
  3. R

    Unsolved  Is my JR programmer dead?

    I have a JR programmer V2 that I bought from the weekend modder. I used it on my XBOX 360 elite fat (falcon) and worked flawlessly. that was about a month ago and recently I bought an xbox 360 fat which was also falcon but had a 6683 dashboard (sweet JTAG!). anyways I soldered everything is as...
  4. Scot Nes

    Solved  JR Programmer V2 isn't recognised by my system at all.

    First problem is, my win10 system won't recognise JR Programmer at all. Second, when plugged into Jasper board its green and red lights are blinking. Third, but when plugged into Falcon board it blinks with no lights whatsoever. And it's definitely not driver signature enforcement. I've turned...
  5. Bdun

    Solved  I Keep getting invalid flash config 0x00000 help

    Hello I have a Xbox 360 corona mother board I need to read the nand but I keep getting the invalid flash config 0x00000 etc I have un done and redone soldering multiple times and I can’t fix it the programmer has a green light the Xbox power brick has an orange light so it’s still working and...
  6. scottd102000

    Unsolved  J-R Programmer V2 blinking LEDs help

    Help with JR Programmer v2 So I bought a JR Programmer and soldered the wires into my Trinity, and for a while, it was working fine, I installed the drivers and had JRunner working and got my NAND read just fine, but after that, it just kinda stopped working, and now when I plug the Xbox in...
  7. Clevermuppet

    Solved  Xbox 360 J-Runner V2 - Solid Red and USB Input device -

    Hey there guys and girls, I have an issue with my JRP v2, It has a solid red light on the board indicating its in bootloader mode? ive put the device in every possible configuration with the switches, tried to flash the device but its showing as Device not found in j runner. tried uninstalling...
  8. AppStores

    Unsolved  Device not found in J-Runner

    Hi guys, My JRPv2 is not working anymore. Yesterday, I was able to read the nand and write Xell to my console. Then i unplugged the nand cables from my JRPv2 and closed J-Runner. Unfortunately, my console gave me a 0022 error code, so i restarted J-Runner (to write my stock nand), and the JR...
  9. M

    Solved  Bad and corrupted nand.

    Hi everyone . I have a xbox 360 slim trinity. I do not have my cpu key nor my original nand. I saw a forum explaining how to still recover my xbox which has a corrupt nand. I ordered jr programmer v2 to fix it. My hack chip is cool runner cr3 lite. The initial hack was done by someone else hence...
  10. T

    Solved  J-Runner Win32 Error

    So J-runner has been working perfectly, I've modded a couple Xbox's so far but now I'm getting this win32 error:No more bytes!, I've tried using a different USB port, Different Computer, and on Windows 7 (I'm running Windows 10) I've had no luck so far. This happens when Reading the NAND...
  11. T

    Solved  JR Programmer v2 cannot be seen by Windows or J-Runner

    Hey there, I've been trying all I can to get this JR Programmer to work. I've read multiple threads and nothing has worked. I thought I should reflash it but J-Runner will refuse to see it and in the Device Manager it comes up as "USB Input Device". I've tried reinstalling the drivers but...
  12. Jakeb88

    Solved  J-runner Flash Config 0x00000000 and Unable to Read Files

    I need help. I've had this Jasper for about a year now and i still cant get it to work. I gave up on it for a long time and just decided i wanted to finish it but I cant. I've re soldered the connection points 7 times, updated drivers, searched through forums, and I still cant get an answer. I'm...
  13. SeanW095

    Solved  JRunner Chip Not Detected

    So I soldered the wires onto the proper joints, however the JRunner logo will not appear next to the CPU Key in JRunner Program for NAND dumping. I have the latest.NET So I'm not sure what's going on. Recheck Soldering?
  14. D

    Solved  Extreme JR Programmer v2 Driver Issues

    Hey everyone, I have scoured every tutorial on this site that I could find in hopes of not having to post, but my efforts have been in vain. My issue is that I have to reinstall the JR Programmer v2 drivers on Windows 10, but can't get them to install this time around for some reason. I always...
  15. Harmonic

    Solved  JR Programmer V2 not showing in Device Manager

    I've used this Programmer many times before on Windows 10 and Windows 7. Now I'm on Windows 10. When I connect the programmer, it will not show up in JRunner. It makes the sound when I connect it to the computer and the green LED will light up but it is nowhere to be seen in Device Manager. I...
  16. Jamdoogen

    Solved  Rev C/D refusing to Program

    Hello, Every time I try to program my cool runner rev c with my JR Programmer V2, it refuses to. Below is a picture of my wiring and error within JRunner Anyone have any advice on what I should do? I've tried to unplug it, re plug a lot of times and still no luck. It still threw...
  17. C

    Solved  First time RGH-ing need help with JR programmer and other Issues

    So, I just got my RGH chips (jr programmer v2 and xecuter cool runner rev.C) a couple of days ago and I clicked on J Runner start boot-loader mode and now my JR programmer is stuck on boot loader, and also when I use JRunner and no dashboard versions are appearing . here's the image link...
  18. R

    Solved  Looking for a nand programmer (UK)

    Hi All, I am currently struggling to find a NAND programmer for RGHing(1.2) my Xbox. If anyone could help me that would be great. Thanks!
  19. B

    Solved  Trouble Flashing X360 Ace

    I think I am having trouble flashing the X360 Ace with the timing files. JR Programmer displays the following when trying to flash the timing files to the X360 Ace. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? I have tried resoldering the connections from the JR Programmer to the X360 Ace...
  20. J

    Solved  Included J Runner drivers will not update

    Hi, I'm trying to RGH my Xbox 360 Slim with a trinity motherboard, but I'm running into problems with dumping my nand. I can't establish a connection between my JR Programmer and J Runner. The indicator on the programmer is green, so it is in the correct orientation, but J Runner reports that...
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