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  1. NoHayExcusa

    Question  Help

    I always want to play with my friends but there’s this guy who’s always kicking me out of the group. Someone have a way where I can join back the group without the host leaving? Pls help me
  2. HyPr_Strafe

    Cyber Attack Boosting

    Hosting a boosting lobby, 2 controllers mandatory and mic preferred. Post psn or Activision id below and I will add.:cigar:
  3. I

    Looking for a lobby to join

    Add iMrTaco
  4. C

    Xbox One  Looking for people to Join my Crew

    My Crew was created December 31st of last year so it is fairly new and needs people, lots of people. But there are requirements to join. Requirements: 16+ age Willingness to help other crew members even the leader Level 45+ A 1.00 k/d or higher (Mine is 2.39 for the Xbox 360, but had to create...
  5. S

    Xbox One  Crew Battles?

    Hi everyone, It’s been a few years since I’ve seen anyone doing crew battles but I was wondering if that is still a thing? My crew is beefing up now and we’re looking to challenge other crews in TD’s, races and other gta jobs. Just looking for direction on how to get involved in a tournament or...

    All  Looking for a Clan? Come Join HEROxGaming Community

    What We Offer : Almost 100 active members with HEROx in their GT Monthly Contest and Prizes 8 Years as an Organization HERO Merchandise Members Advancement Structure Website/Social Media/Twitch To join HERO : Must be 16 years or older Able to change GT to HEROx(?) within a time frame Must...
  7. Fadexz

    Looking to join | Reply with GT plz

    Looking to join a group Reply with your gamertag below and i'll message for invite.
  8. Rommel200

    Ww2 booting

    For invite add Rommel345 Must have: -mic -2 controllers
  9. Rommel200

    Ww2 boosting

    2 controllers A mic Know what to do English FULL GAMES ADD Rommel345 or xxthexfactor10xx
  10. S

    Boosting WW2 Join❤️❤️ FULL GAMES

    Drop gamer tags for an invite
  11. Crazymark__08


    JUST GOT HOME FROM SCHOOL Step 1 ADD CRAZYMARK__08 Step 2 subscribe too PriZmaCrazy Thank you have a good time boosting ALL NIGHT GRIND FULL GAMES
  12. H

    COD 4 free Infections !!!!! TEDS GET LIKE ME 6.6

    Status: CLOSED ( My console won't reboot ☹️) I will edit when I have it fixed Gt: N/A (I'll be offline send me a msg saying s7 for an invite or post your GT and I'll invite you) *PLEASE BE PATIENT* NO FRIEND REQUEST OR YOU WILL GET BLOCKED! Post legit once in Rules- 1.no screaming 2.no...
  13. S

    All MW3 MW2 Ghosts AW BO BO2 BO3  Supreme clan is recruiting!

    Hey, we are a newly formed clan, called Supreme. The clan now has two members, and we are working to grow bigger and better. The clan will have a main Youtube channel, and members will have their own to post on. My name is "Supreme Alchemi". We have made this clan to have fun, but also to know...
  14. BigGTA 5 Ban

    Flyin turnips menu infection

    Five people at a time invite to chat. GT:Evan Reynolds
  15. JekzModz

    Hosting Xp, Fun And Infection Lobbies On COD4

    Status-Closed Host-VaJEarth Co-Host- assassinANGElo, TheShadowZebra MESSAGE ^^^^ TO JOIN Menu-Ganja420 How To Join >Send Me A Private Chat Then Join Off Of There >Post Legit With Your GamerTag -------------------------------------------------------------------- \Tips On How I Could Host My...
  16. P

    Cod4 infection

    llOPEN ALL DAYll GT:l Pug l. ~I'm am banned but you can get me unbanned by filing a complaint for cheating and it will glitch out and unban me I just need 20 more file complaints and I'll be good!! Say done to get invited when unbanned !!!!!! People that file complaints get infections on any...
  17. W

    Elasticity v1 Admin and Co-Host Modded Lobbies Zombies

    Status: CLOSED
  18. tylerdeet

    Request to join clan

    Free agent kik me at deettyler1223
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