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  1. 2 Fuego

    Working  (BEFF) Flip - Any color Joggers to ALL color Joggers

    Requirements: 1. Netcut 2. Second console or trusted friend 3. ANY color joggers 4. Israel or classic parachute Setup: 1. Go to any clothes store & set spawn to last location 2. Create & save a new outfit with any color joggers equipped, called “C1” in any slot (make sure NOT to apply any...
  2. Qua Image Gaming

    Working  #GTA5 supper cool Joggers Glitch GTA 5 online joggers with matching helmets clothing glitch

    Previously posted here: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/get-any-jobs-outfits.1757945/ #GTA5 supper cool Joggers Glitch GTA 5 online joggers with matching helmets clothing glitch. supper easy joggers link: Step 1. You will need to create a playlist with a race to have a recent...
  3. nOOb iHACK

    Patched  Director Mode "Tips and Tricks" to Get Desired Items

    Director mode "tips and tricks" These are methods I've used to successfully bring outfits online. I am by no means the founder. Just my concoction of everything that is spread out in separate videos and text tutorials, all rolled into one! Link to original thread...
  4. Mr Glitches GTA

    Patched  How To Save all Versus mode Outfits 1.42

    STILL WORKS FOR VERSUS OUTFITS 1.48 How To Save The Occupy Adversary And Versus Outfits 1.42 (Maybe others) Founders xDiirty souL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Ok6du5X-wFhri7CzL6zlw?view_as=subscriber Mocro -DDNL- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtj3Dy04clpBwKBA4wMTlUg Start in a open...
  5. G

    Patched  Mystery Solved 100% Working How To Merge The Strike Vest From Grey Joggers To Tan Joggers Any Jacket

    Hey guys this is an update to my post earlier this week. Many people were unable to get this to work for them but I figured out how to fix it! Founder of saving the Doomsday Heist outfits I believe is Game Time Live First you need to start the mission Rescue ULP it's the first set up for the...
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