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  1. CraftyCritter

    Mod Menu  [RELEASE] Jiggy v4.2 GSC Mod Menu For Black ops 3 Last Gen - First Ever Last Gen BO3 GSC Mod Menu

    Hello to the few last gen BO3 players! I have been working over the past few weeks to get Jiggy v4.2 (a very popular BO2 GSC mod menu) ported to BO3. It has been hard and very tedious as last gen BO3's GSC scripting is so different from every other COD, but it is finally done. I chose Jiggy...
  2. L82TheModScene

    Solved  Need help with rgh

    hi i have a rgh that i purchased for dirt cheap its my first one and i tried adding dlcs to my bo2 messed up deleted everything {omg!!!!} and now i cant seem to reinstall menus and ive tried everything i can find on youtube ive got the disc and have made a new stock copy of it what is the...
  3. Bloodygamers1

    Question  How Do I Properly Edit A Source Code And Inject It?

    We all know theirs the jiggy 4.2 source code and i'v been searching around how to edit to edit it and save it. Do i need a menu base or something? can someone tell exactly how to do it? because im noob af Lol and i wanna do this!! Any 1?
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