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  1. C

    Question  Blue xell screen not showing after following all steps, please help

    I have a fat white 360, Jasper 16 mb. We are doing RGH, I followed the steps in the video down below. We are at where the blue xell screen should but it does not. We are using a coolrunner jr prorammer v2. We created the xell and soldered all the points as instructed in the video. The console is...
  2. XboxGamer5

    Question  Xbox 360 rgh3 No image dash 12625

    Hello everyone. I have an Xbox 360 jasper 16mb. It had a very old dashboard 12625 and I installed RGH 3 There is no image right now... How do I update the dashboard or return it to the original NAND? Jrunner PIco 1702997269 The LED flashes green and from the tray open button I can see the xell...
  3. V

    Question  J-Runner Light Patterns Reference?

    Hello I'm new here, Is there any sort of reference out there to diagnose the different combinations of light patterns you may get on an Xbox 360 with J-Runner? I am trying to install and troubleshoot an RGH 1.2 issue for my Jasper console - currently when I boot up the console I see a rapid...
  4. Nicko9701

    Question  360 Jasper RROD error 0001

    Hey all, have fixed classic Xbox’s in the past and now getting into fixing 360s. This is the first jasper (and fat) console I’m working on. Apparently it was stored for close to a decade and upon first boot recently has spat out the red ring. Console immediately goes red ring, no fans, no...
  5. Florentlumi

    Question  RGH3 Jasper 16MB Not Booting To Xell (Flashing Green Light)

    My jasper console gives me no signal on monitor, doesn't boot into xell after writing the ECC, It just flashes green lights. One thing I messed up on is not saving the original NAND. I did all the wiring correct, I made sure the Diode is on the right way, And I am using a 22k Resistor...
  6. Lzera

    Question  Xbox 360 jasper Freeze in Xexmenu or in retail games

    Hello, I've tried to do a RGH3 on my jasper 256 xbox 360. I've followed many guides and using jrunner and a pico flasher I was abble to install the RGH3 on the xbox. I've used a 22k resistor and a 1n4148 diode. When i was following another tutorial to install xexmenu i encounter many freeze...
  7. J

    Question  RGH 3 Troubles with boot up

    Hey guys, I have RGH 3 hacked 2 phat consoles now, first a jasper then a falcon. Im getting an issue on bootup. maybe 75% boots up fine and everything is good almost an instant boot. But maybe 25% of the time i press the power button and the console powers off 2 seconds later. just strange its a...
  8. C

    Solved  What jasper Xbox 360 consoles can be Jtagged?

    Hello so I’m looking around online for a sealed jasper Xbox 360. The thing is I want to jtag it but I know there are some that are on 7371 but have been patched from the factory. What jasper Xboxs can be modded? I know there’s a certain time frame but can you let me know when please. I found one...
  9. Scot Nes

    Solved  RGH1.2 Jasper 16MB refuses to glitch!

    I have done literally everything from rewiring(also soldered to different points) to reflashing modchip and console! Nothing works! Even swapping Coolrunners with my Falcon. And with Falcon each chip works more than fine! Actually Jasper got into XeLL a few times when I tried to glitch console a...
  10. J

    Solved  Xbox 360 does not boot after attempted RGH1.2

    I recently got my Coolrunner Rev C in the mail and hooked it up to the computer with the MTX SPI NAND Flasher modified in JoinTheResistance's tutorial. I have used this setup for flashing X360Ace V3's before. XSVF gave me a 01 error and quit. I then programmed it with a Raspberry Pi and OpenOCD...
  11. Iamthelaw105

    Support  Xbox 360 Phat / Jasper 256mb Nand / RGH no Boot

    Hi guys, i`m new here hope to get help arround with my RGHed Jasper 256MB phat console. I have verified that everything is soldered correctly. Soldering is based on TheWeekendModder`s tutorial on Youtube. Reading nand was no problem, i created and wrote ECC file to the Nand to get the first...
  12. P

    Question  Problem whit RGH 1.2 "Wrong cpukey"

    hi i'm installing RGH on my Jasper 16mb, apparently something went wrong when extracting the nand, even though the 4 dumps turned out the same, I installed ECC and went into Xell to get my CPUkey back, but to my surprise when I get it via ip Jrunner says Bad cpukey. So imagining that my KV was...
  13. Scot Nes

    Solved  JR Programmer V2 isn't recognised by my system at all.

    First problem is, my win10 system won't recognise JR Programmer at all. Second, when plugged into Jasper board its green and red lights are blinking. Third, but when plugged into Falcon board it blinks with no lights whatsoever. And it's definitely not driver signature enforcement. I've turned...
  14. R

    Question  Very Strange Boot Times With RGH 1.2 on Jasper

    Hey everyone, so I was wondering if you could help me with one of these Jaspers using an Ace V3 chip. I got 8 phats so far that were done that produce less than 10 seconds for boot times after the first initial boot using the dynamic file (jasper_dyn2), but this one Jasper has got me stumped. It...
  15. neliznl

    Question  First RGH1.2 Jasper mod, some questions

    Hello everyone! First of all thanks for your time and advise, really appreciated! Recently I found this old Xbox360 in my storage and I decided to look up some tutorials about how to mod it. It's a Jasper Phat, currently on dash 17526. I decided to go with the RGH1.2 mod that I found described...
  16. thegamex11

    Solved  Mod menus for single player campaign

    Is there any mod menus for single player campaign? Every mod menu I've found and loaded up only works for zombies. I'm running Jasper RGH btw. I just want to play through the campaign again and screw around but have been having a very hard time. On TU7 too also. Cant even find a trainer that'll...
  17. T

    Is a banned Jasper still RGH'able?

    Hey everyone, I own an older xbox 360 (jasper) that is unfortunately banned from xbox live, and since I always wanted to perform a RGH myself I thought why not give it a shot on this machine? But now I have overheard somewhere that a banned console has a corrupt keyvault, which means you can...
  18. L

    Question  Dasboard=14699. Should I RGH 1 or RGH 1.2?

    Hi, I just joined to this forum because I have a xbox 360 (phat) with the dashboard version of 14699, its a "Jasper" motherboard. Im here for advise because Im not sure if i should do the RGH 1.0, since I have the correct dashboard version, or update it and instaling a RGH 1.2, or if i should be...
  19. L

    Solved  Cannot move extracted ISO (.xex) to HDD??

    Hi, I recently got an rgh, and im attempting to move Black Ops 2 to my HDD from my usb, but i can't seem to move the folder. Using XeXMenu i can open the default.xex and default_mp.xex with no issues, but for some reason, i cant copy and paste it anywhere into my HDD. It acts as though it will...
  20. L

    Question  Destruction V1 fatal crash

    Hello s7 For some reason call of duty AW fatal crashes when I press multiplayer, zombies/campaign when I’m using Destruction v1 I have it as plug in 3. When I take destruction of it works fine :/ destruction works fine or other games just not for AW for some reason anyone got a solution? Or even...
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