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jasper xbox 360

  1. M

    Discussion  Need help with my rgh 1.2 v2 pls

    Need help with my rgh 1.2 v2 on my jasper 360. Im using a coolrunner rev.C and a xflasher 360. im having an issue where the console will not boot into xell the glitch chip just stays blinking and when i tried to reflash the original nand and boot the console and update the dash but it red...
  2. R

    Hardware Mods  bad try to RGH jasper

    Hello I tried to rgh Jasper but I did bad wiring in PLL, there is also smd resistor? missing see picture, is there chance to repair? this is why it after reverting to original nand still getting red light error. thank you
  3. E

    Hardware Mods  What type of diode do we use on the jasper

    What diode should be used on the jasper motherboard?
  4. Hect0r

    Question  2 Matrix Programmers, Both PIC18F2455... One Works and Flashes, The other doesent show in windows 10 - Matrix SPI Original firmware inside :)

    Hey Guys, I usually use jrpv2 or nand-x but I ran out and had to use matrix programmers, The first one I installed to a slim (trinity) and it works reads and writes and gets detected in device manager and flashes using nandpro2e. So these matrix programmers are from the same purchase I bought...
  5. WaffleBox124

    Question  Jrunner error or Jr programmer v2 error not sure.

    Hello I have been trying to get this rgh 1.2 to work since may. I bought a new Glitch chip. I have the JR programmer v2. The first one I got came broken. Bought a new one. Every single time I try and update the firmware on this one I get this message "Erasing Flash ... Failed_1 xxxxxxxxxWrite...
  6. R

    Question  Jasper RGH 1.2 Trouble might be glitching but no video

    Trying Jasper BB 512, and RGH 1.2 method with Coolrunner rev c. I dumped the nand twice, they were the same. Selected Glitch2, created ecc and wrote ecc to nand. Wired up CR and couldn't get any power to console using dvd ject, front power button or controller. One by one I removed wires...
  7. S

    Question  rgh 1.2 jasper wont boot into xell i have tried almost everything. pls help

    i have written the nand back to stock and booted with no problems, but still cant boot into xell. I might throw out this console as i have had success with others.
  8. FinalBoss_Retro

    Question  Slow, inconsistent Boot times Rgh1.2 jasper 16mb

    Hello Ive recently picked up a jasper sb, and decided to Rgh it. Ive used a coolrunner rev c and everything has work as should. Console boots up great but just takes it time. Usually the console boots between 1 and 2 minutes, but every video i see the console boots up well within the 1st 3...
  9. F

    Question  Original Xbox on rgh 360

    Hello everyone. I have a Jasper Xbox 360 with RGH with an original 250 GB hdd . Everything seems to work just fine except for original Xbox games. I've run the partition fixer and have compatibility files from Mathielu (the one with the working guide button, I think they're from November...
  10. M

    Question  Help anyone please.

    I have a jasper fat 2009/10 model with glitch 2 chip and external HDD. Got it modded and was working fine. Until I decided to throw out the DVD drive and fix the HDD in its place. Disconnected the DVD drive from the board itself. The power icon started blinking to fix the blinking saw a...
  11. S

    Question  Jasper nand read throws 0x00000 error. all solder is good.

    As the title says I can't read the nand. my research says it has to be a solder issue but I've checked and rechecked all connections. still no luck. Is there any other known reason for this error? I'm a relatively skilled techie but new to Xbox mods. I assume I am missing something simple. I...
  12. A

    Question  Matrix Glitcher v1/Jasper 16mb no power, no boot. Boots up if 3.3v is removed

    Hi everyone, I been having some issues lately with this Matrix Glitcher v1. I have soldered everything up correctly using the diagrams from here: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/rgh-1-2-start-to-finish-tutorial-how-to-get-a-cr4-like-experience-phats-only.1349194/ To get RGH 1.2 on...
  13. A

    Question  Matrix Glitcher RGH 1.2 Jasper problems

    Can someone out there please help me! Anyone got experience with Matrix glitcher v1/v3 for phat. I am doing a Jasper, I used to do RGH Xboxes a lot and haven't done it in a long time. I am trying to RGH 1.2 a Jasper like weekend modder has done. I have a few problems though. I programmed the...
  14. L

    Solved  RGH 1.2 Jasper 256MB Won’t Boot

    I just RGHed my Jasper 256MB based off of JoinTheResistance’s tutorial (MrMario2011 did a vid on YouTube as well). I have verified that everything is soldered correctly. Rewrote ECC and reflashed the NAND. I’m using a Coolrunner REV C and programming it with a JRProgrammer. My coolrunner...
  15. I

    Solved  j runner help

    I was soldering my jr programmer v2 wires to my Xbox 360 phat jasper motherboard to RGH the system with a butane soldering iron which blows a lot of heat out and I noticed 3 white dots appeared on a chip that says HYNIX on top and now my console will not start. When I attempt to start it nothing...
  16. Jakeb88

    Solved  J-runner Flash Config 0x00000000 and Unable to Read Files

    I need help. I've had this Jasper for about a year now and i still cant get it to work. I gave up on it for a long time and just decided i wanted to finish it but I cant. I've re soldered the connection points 7 times, updated drivers, searched through forums, and I still cant get an answer. I'm...
  17. N

    Solved  Can I add another fan to my Xbox using a dual adapter?

    Hi Hopefully this is the correct way to post a question. Thought I would make an account after looking on here a lot lately for advice. My question is, can I use a TX3 Splitter Cable to add a pc fan to my Xbox 360? I have a Jasper that has the 3 pin fan and wanted to add another one. So can I...
  18. biomechatronics

    Solved  Jasper 256mb rgh 1.2 matrix glitcher + mtx spi Black screen not booting

    Hi guys maybe i am the most unfortunate person in the world:cry: but i have tryed literaly everything in my x360 and i learned so much during the entire procedure.I mistackely broke the ppl resistor and changet :sneaky:it i tried from 1 to 21 timings but same every time i boot my xbox there is...
  19. TonnageGamer

    Hardware Mods  Is a 3rd party cooler a solution for cooling?

    Is a 3rd party cooler for phats still worth it im just like i dont know because it sounds too loud "i have a jasper" is it recommended for my console? The brand of my cooler is called powerwave is freakin loud i but has more air flow when i attach it to my xbox 360 jasper
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