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  1. P

    Question  Are PS4 cod infections possible via R2R?

    I remember back in cod waw days, use to use r2r menus which essentially means you system link between your rgh/jtag with your regular Xbox 360 and infect yourself with a menu. Is this possible with ps4 or even Xbox one?
  2. O

    Question  PS4 Jailbreak question regarding online

    This dude on reddit keeps saying that you can jailbreak a PS4 and still connect it to PSN despite the firmware being outdated Is there some glitch I missed? Different way to jailbreak? Is it possible to actually fool the certification to modify packets? How could they modify server packets if...
  3. G

    Question  Can I go online with PS4 Jailbreak?

    Hello, i have some questions about ps4 jailbreak and online. I hope someone can help me. I dont have any knowledge about console modding. Firstly, i want to use mod menu for PS4 Modern Warfare. Therefore i have to jailbreak my ps4. After that, i would use mw-mods online. Will this work? Can...
  4. Z

    Discussion  PS4 9.00 Jailbreak with GoldHEN

    for those who didnt know the 9.00 jailbreak has been release (all credits goes to the guys who made this possible) so first of you will need you update to 9.00 Firmware after that follow this [/SPOILER]
  5. C

    Jailbreak  Anyway to get your phones battery replaced by Apple on a jailbroken iPhone?

    Hello so I have a jailbroken iPhone XR it’s on iOS 14.5.1 and is gonna need a battery replacement soon. I already have apple care+ since I never really thought I would jailbreak it. But since Apple care gives free battery replacement I would like to get my battery replaced but I heard Apple...
  6. C

    Question  Nintendo switch Jailbreak Help

    Hello so I decided to mess with my broken switch. I stopped using it about 2 years ago since I got mad and hit it and damaged the WiFi and now I gotta be very close to my router to get it to work. Anyways I checked the serial number and it’s unpatched. So would it be alright if I updated to the...
  7. Nigel

    Question  anyway to edit red dead save data? is jailbreaking a ps3 still possible?

    I havent tried to edit saves or anything like that since the modio horizon days. Is there a way to edit your ps3 saves like red dead to help with the trophies etc? Is jailbreaking a ps3 still possible? I have an extra ps3 collecting dust and I always wanted to jailbreak it back in the day. Any...
  8. WILSON3000

    Question  Please Help - Back On JB Scene But Mod Menu Files Are Now Different?

    Ok so I’m back on my ps3 job after around 7 years. I have managed to get it all updated & signed online lastnight. Now back in the day it was simple “patch.mff” replacement or whatever they was called but now I’m seeing patches with names like “tu8-9” & when I download they all have like 4-5...
  9. James Reborn

    News  please delete this

    delete this please
  10. MGWxGUNZz

    Question  Jailbreak tutorial for switch?

    Does anyone know of a good link to jailbreak a Nintendo switch I can’t find a good video or guide anywhere. Thanks I’m advance
  11. Dini

    Jailbreak Tutorial  iOS 11.0-13.3 Jailbreak for all Devices

    Before doing this it's safe to make sure you go to storage and make sure you don't have any updates auto downloaded in there. If you do just delete it. This is only for version iOS 11.0 through iOS 13.3 (THIS DOES NOT SUPPORT 13.3.1 for old or new devices) Also, if you are are on devices that...
  12. F

    Homebrew  Exploit 7. 00 ps4 online

    With this method i can inject bin mod menu on gta 5 offline on 7.00 but only without update so on 1.00
  13. Risking Perfect

    Discussion  What do you guys think, Legit or Fake?

    I was bored and decided to look into the latest custom firmware (CFW) for the PS4. I found this article on jailbreakexploit and thought I would share and ask you guys what you think of it. Please note that I did not test this as I only have one ps4 that will never touch CFW due to my fear of...
  14. Evilinferno2467

    1. iOS
    iPhone XR says jailbroken no sileo or cydia

    i recently jailbroken my iPhone XR but no cydia or sileo is showing on phone but if check chimera it says my device is already jailbroken I really need help figuring out wat is going on
  15. ab3tv

    1. iOS
    Unable to Activate iPhone 6S+ (iOS12.4) [Can Jailbreak Help?]

    Hello all, I am having an issue with an iPhone 6S plus. It is my dad's old phone which is locked to at&t so I assure you this isn't a stolen device and this is NOT an activation lock issue. From going to the Apple store, going to a friends repair shop, and doing my own research online it seems...
  16. iBruce

    1. iOS
    Is there a jailbreak for 12.2?

    Just curious I want that cracked APK app back.
  17. C

    Question  how to jailbreak ps3

    Hey everyone I’m new to ps3 jailbreaking so sorry if this has already been answered I have a fat ps3 model number-CECHG02 on OFW-3.55 that I want to jailbreak and need to know what CFW I should use and how to install it Thank you for the help
  18. Gardzz

    1. iOS
    Keep getting error message.

    Trying to refresh my repo's and keep getting this error ; Tried deleting and reinstalling repo. Un-Jailbreaking then Re-Jailbreaking again.
  19. D

    Question  How do I (it is it even possible to) jailbreak ps3 cech 2501b version 4.84

    I just purchased a ps3 version 4.84 cech 2501B and have been trying to find a way to jailbreak it. I think of myself as somewhat tech savvy, but don't have any experience with anything of this sort. Google hasn't helped much, except to link me here, so hopefully someone can help.
  20. HYX

    Jailbreak Tutorial  iOS 12 Developer Jailbreak Achieved (no root as of yet)

    All information is my personal knowledge of what is possible with experience and what I have used the past few days. Read the disclaimer if you do not know what a developer jailbreak is PLEASE... Prerequisite files needed: GeoFilza, Cydia Impactor, Tweak Patcher, iFunBox, deb file of the...
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