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    Unsolved  Please Help - Back On JB Scene But Mod Menu Files Are Now Different?

    Ok so I’m back on my ps3 job after around 7 years. I have managed to get it all updated & signed online lastnight. Now back in the day it was simple “patch.mff” replacement or whatever they was called but now I’m seeing patches with names like “tu8-9” & when I download they all have like 4-5...
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    Mod Menu  [ CFW / HEN / BLES / BLUS / PS3 ] James reborn Mod Loader v40.1

    James reborn Mod Loader Click where it says Spoiler: [Show] to open sections of each information block This Mod Loader has Protections built into it from paid SPRX Menus, enable them and have no worries against other modders. Mod Loader Information : Total of 51 Menus Counted them Myself...
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    Unsolved  Jailbreak tutorial for switch?

    Does anyone know of a good link to jailbreak a Nintendo switch I can’t find a good video or guide anywhere. Thanks I’m advance
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    Jailbreak Tutorial  iOS 11.0-13.3 Jailbreak for all Devices

    Before doing this it's safe to make sure you go to storage and make sure you don't have any updates auto downloaded in there. If you do just delete it. This is only for version iOS 11.0 through iOS 13.3 (THIS DOES NOT SUPPORT 13.3.1 for old or new devices) Also, if you are are on devices that...
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    Homebrew  Exploit 7. 00 ps4 online

    With this method i can inject bin mod menu on gta 5 offline on 7.00 but only without update so on 1.00
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    Discussion  What do you guys think, Legit or Fake?

    I was bored and decided to look into the latest custom firmware (CFW) for the PS4. I found this article on jailbreakexploit and thought I would share and ask you guys what you think of it. Please note that I did not test this as I only have one ps4 that will never touch CFW due to my fear of...
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    1. iOS
    iPhone XR says jailbroken no sileo or cydia

    i recently jailbroken my iPhone XR but no cydia or sileo is showing on phone but if check chimera it says my device is already jailbroken I really need help figuring out wat is going on
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    1. iOS
    Unable to Activate iPhone 6S+ (iOS12.4) [Can Jailbreak Help?]

    Hello all, I am having an issue with an iPhone 6S plus. It is my dad's old phone which is locked to at&t so I assure you this isn't a stolen device and this is NOT an activation lock issue. From going to the Apple store, going to a friends repair shop, and doing my own research online it seems...
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    1. iOS
    Is there a jailbreak for 12.2?

    Just curious I want that cracked APK app back.
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    Unsolved  how to jailbreak ps3

    Hey everyone I’m new to ps3 jailbreaking so sorry if this has already been answered I have a fat ps3 model number-CECHG02 on OFW-3.55 that I want to jailbreak and need to know what CFW I should use and how to install it Thank you for the help
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    1. iOS
    Keep getting error message.

    Trying to refresh my repo's and keep getting this error ; Tried deleting and reinstalling repo. Un-Jailbreaking then Re-Jailbreaking again.
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    Unsolved  How do I (it is it even possible to) jailbreak ps3 cech 2501b version 4.84

    I just purchased a ps3 version 4.84 cech 2501B and have been trying to find a way to jailbreak it. I think of myself as somewhat tech savvy, but don't have any experience with anything of this sort. Google hasn't helped much, except to link me here, so hopefully someone can help.
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    Jailbreak Tutorial  iOS 12 Developer Jailbreak Achieved (no root as of yet)

    All information is my personal knowledge of what is possible with experience and what I have used the past few days. Read the disclaimer if you do not know what a developer jailbreak is PLEASE... Prerequisite files needed: GeoFilza, Cydia Impactor, Tweak Patcher, iFunBox, deb file of the...
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    Unsolved  80010017

    I’ve recently purchased my 2nd jail broken ps3, I jailbroke my first one myself a few years ago just didn’t want to go through the hassle again. So anyway, I downloaded Cod MW3 off the PlayStation store. I allowed the game to installed, and I clicked it to get in the game and get prompted with...
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    Unsolved  How Do I Jailbreak My Ps3 Slim

    Okay all I want is the most legit way to jailbreak your ps3 slim, Basically imagine you just bought this ps3 slim. its on the newest update and everything.. What do I do from here to get it to rebug CFW..? And From there whats the best thing to do?
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    Unsolved  Black Ops 2 on Jailbroken PS3 crash issue v1.19

    Okay, so I downloaded Black Ops 2 online for my PS3 a few months ago and everything was working just fine up until recently, where if I load the game using webMAN MOD, the game would crash half-way through the intro. I've tried replacing the EBOOT.BIN and removing any previous mods, but to no...
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    Unsolved  Downgrade from 4.83 to 3.55 PS3

    Hi guys, I need help downgrading my PlayStation 3 slim console from 4.83 to 3.55 It's a CECH-2501A model. I need to know what is required to downgrade it and any downloads that will help me do it. After I get it downgraded I would like to jail break it in away that will allow me to install...
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    Unsolved  Downgrading PS3 Firmware before jailbreak

    hello. currently on 4.76 ofw PS3 has been sitting in the closet until i get an E3flasher mainly want to use it to play PS2 and PS3 iso just wondering if still the only method is to downgrade to 3.55 with E3 before the jailbreak or is there a new method such as newer cfw or the PS3Xploit that...
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    Unsolved  CECH-2503B Jailbreaking Help

    Hey guys newb here. First off, sorry if this post is a duplicate, couldn´t find any direct info though... I´m looking to buy a PS3 Slim 320GB from Ebay that has the model number of CECH-2503B. The console is already on version 3.55 OFW, so I shouldn´t need to downgrade, right? Can this system...
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    Solved  I messed up really bad. May have deleted my hack

    Hi. I formated the xbox's hdd (the 4gb one) and now i don't have FreeStyle Dash,don't have File Browser. Console starts up in original xbox home dash....The story. I was a PlayStation fan boy but i got an Xbox 360 slim RGH with kinect about 4 days ago. The console came with Kinect Adventures...
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