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    Hardware Mods  does it matter if you R-JTAG or RGH your xbox 360?

    I'm looking into learning how to mod my x-box and I found a YouTube video that showed me this spreadsheet. I'm new to this site so I'm not sure how to include an image of the spreadsheet yet, I'll add it in later, but basically the spreadsheet is a list of different types of motherboards, and...
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    Solved  Start jtag games on xbox 360 without a hdmi port

    I downloaded but cant start games or xexmenu on my xbox 360. The only problem is that my xbox is an OLD version (witch as everyone known: the one whit no hdmi port) and thers no my apps, just game librayes to luncb games, when i go into that for a secund the files apear but when you aloved to...
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    Solved  xell menu never came out

    I am perfrming an rgh but the coolrunner does not seem to boot up xell any help?
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    Solved  Can i connect my XBox 360 J-Tag to the internet?

    Hello guys, I have a XBox 360 modded J-Tag. I want to connect it to the internet but i dont want to connect to xbox live. Is this possible and will my XBox still work for playing games? My friend told me that once he connected it to the internet it broke (didnt even turn on) and if it is...
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