1. M

    Unsolved  XBOX 360 Slim mod failure (PicoFlasher, No xell)

    Hi All, Much help is needed! I got a slim Xbox 360 which I planned to do the RGH3 on. I got the tutorial, got a Raspberry Pi Pico with the most updated PicoFlasher on and the J-Runner software. I've prepared the board and connected the wires as needed, follow the instructions, and did a Nand...
  2. J

    Unsolved  Can't get Nand-X to read Nand on trinity

    I can't get the Nand-X to read. My soldering might not be as pretty as in the tutorials I've seen but from everything I've read this should be be working. Do you see any issues with my soldering? Here is what I've tried so far-- 1. Always have the console plugged in to standby power when trying...
  3. Darash

    Solved  Jasper 16MB Coolrunner Rev C not booting to Xell? Make sure you stock updated Dash first!

    Enjoying PS3-modding to REBUG or PS3HEN, so tried stepping up to hardware-modding an Xbox 360. This is my first. Hoping someone can help me, for it is not booting (to Xell). It is a Jasper 16MB with Dashversion 13599. To my knowledge, I cannot (retail) update it, because the DVD-drive is dead...
  4. T

    Solved  JR Programmer v2 cannot be seen by Windows or J-Runner

    Hey there, I've been trying all I can to get this JR Programmer to work. I've read multiple threads and nothing has worked. I thought I should reflash it but J-Runner will refuse to see it and in the Device Manager it comes up as "USB Input Device". I've tried reinstalling the drivers but...
  5. I

    Unsolved  Hi,I wanto to make a jtag console. How do I write xell-reloaded with mtx spi nand flasher? J-Runner

    Hi,I wanto to make a jtag console. How do I write xell-reloaded with mtx spi nand flasher? J-Runner v5 dose not support to write mtx spi nand flasher. Only read and creat...so I creat xell reloaded with J-Runner but I don't know how to write with nandpro? I tried that; nandpro usb: -w16...
  6. S

    Solved  Corona v6 RGH Problems

    Hi All I have a Corona V6 with a 4GB nand that I want to RGH. I currently have an x360 Ace V3, Maximus SD Tool and a postfix adapter. I have installed the postfix adapter and the sd tool, connected standby power and the sd tool to my computer through an USB SD card reader/writer. I open...
  7. Jakeb88

    Solved  J-runner Flash Config 0x00000000 and Unable to Read Files

    I need help. I've had this Jasper for about a year now and i still cant get it to work. I gave up on it for a long time and just decided i wanted to finish it but I cant. I've re soldered the connection points 7 times, updated drivers, searched through forums, and I still cant get an answer. I'm...
  8. J

    Solved  Matrix Nand Flasher, j-runner Flash Config: 0xFFFFFFFF/0x00000000, Nandpro Error Incompatible ARM

    So I got my MTX SPI NAND Flasher V1.0 Hooked up, I believe correctly. I don't Have any way to test the current of the cables though. Anyway J-runner gives me this =================================================== June-09-17 2:57:58 PM J-Runner v0.3 Beta (7) Started Connection Error...
  9. S

    Solved  Help with R-JTAG

    Hi, I am new to this, and I am going to R-JTAG a jasper (idk if it is 16 256 or 512 cause I don't have it yet) And I have two issues. The first one is that I cannot find anywhere to buy the aud_clamp qsb for the CR4 XL, so if anyone could provide a place for me to buy that it would be greatly...
  10. WillLessard999

    Solved  Help ?!?! J-RUNNER

    Hi , when i open j-runner i get this error Connection Error Checking Files Conection Error after i downloaded the last version but i can't even launch the software , it says j-runner has stopped working and i get the connection error.... I pretend that the tx servers are down , can someone...
  11. J

    Solved  Xbox Not working after Cool Runner and More

    OK i was doing the rgh-jtag, i did the fist step, solder all the points to the correct spots and i created the nand and created the ecc and write the ecc after that i got the xbox and installed the cool runner, and now after i was done i cant turn on the xbox, i hear the power sound but the xbox...
  12. E

    Solved  Jr programmer v2 help

    I am doing the rgh hack to my slim trinity. I soldered in the wires to the nand correctly and I have a jr programmer v2. Whenever I go into J-runner it won't detect my Jr programmer. it says: Bootloader Attached Bootloader Version: 1.0.5 on all of the rgh tutorials i have seen it automatically...
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