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  1. L

    Question  RGH3 Suddenly started rebooting randomly [Trinity]

    Ok. Yesterday completed my first RGH3 Trinity Mod (Never done it without mod-chips). Everything worked perfectly. Left it on for an hour - installed XexMenu and called it a night. Today - turned it on to complete setup - install dashlaunch and freestyle - and within 30 seconds console just...
  2. Outlaw360s

    RGH controller disconnects every 5 minutes when offline/ no server time

    Hello i was wondering if someone could help me diagnose this problem and possibly help find a solution. I know there are other posts about this issue but i have not found any like mine. So the issue is as the title states, my controller disconnects every 5 minutes but only does this when i'm...
  3. A

    Warcraft 3 Maphack: Any other players on here?

    Hello, This site seems to be full of decent modders, so I was wondering if anyone else here mods Warcraft 3? I recently attempted to make an updated Maphack for wacraft 3's latest update. unfortunately, they have a new anti-cheat installed, so every time I find an offset that allows me to see...
  4. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  Freestyle Dash Issues

    My issues can be one of two things. Either I got bad link to fsd. Or fsd doesn't like dashlaunch 3.19. I get a black screen upon launching fsd. I'm on 17526, dashlaunch 3.19. All proper links I can find are dead.
  5. L

    Solved  (RGH) Help with games

    hello guys! I need help with my RGH,When i play mw2 and go online it fatal crashes and I have no clue why. It says bo2 is incompatable when I try launch it. And mw3 doesn’t work either I can’t press any game modes and when I start a private match players just disconnect when the game starts! If...
  6. SeanW095

    Solved  JRunner Chip Not Detected

    So I soldered the wires onto the proper joints, however the JRunner logo will not appear next to the CPU Key in JRunner Program for NAND dumping. I have the latest.NET So I'm not sure what's going on. Recheck Soldering?
  7. PUBG's first patch on Xbox One takes aim at performance issues

    PUBG's first patch on Xbox One takes aim at performance issues

    Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has received its first patch for the Xbox One version available in Game Preview. The patch went live at 4 a.m. ET. The notes for patch No. 1 say it makes “first pass visual and performance improvements,” with “slightly improved anti-aliasing” on launch Xbox Ones...
  8. D

    Solved  Corona 4gb - File is Missing J-runner Error

    Alright folks, attempted to rgh my first 4gb Corona, only to find that after installing the corona 4gb QSB to read the nand, setting everything up in J-runner (mine shows as drive 6 with 3588MB in size), I click on read only to be greeted with a pop up error stating that a "File is Missing", and...
  9. Jdog2135

    Solved  Rgh Falcon Connection Issues

    Hey people, I'm currently having issues with connecting to a certain server on my rgh. Purge Live. I can only connect using a ethernet cable, but when I use my wifi adapter, I get stuck in a boot loop. I was having a issue before with getting authorization from the server, but that issue was...
  10. Professional

    Solved  Xbox Network Issues RGH

    Okay so first off I will explain the issue. Basically I can connect to xbox, however no content on dashboard loads, I get very limited functionality and use from my RGH. I get the error code:80072af9 What I have attempted to do to fix the issue Reflash my nand Re-download NiNJA.xex (Because...
  11. Zazii

    Solved  Bo2 Lobby Issues

    When I'm trying to find a game in bo2 I'm not force hosting at all and it still puts me in lobbies alone and no one ever joins in the lobby I'm not sure why this is happening anyone possibly could help? Would be great if possible :)
  12. T

    Solved  Xbox 360 Boots Freestyle Dash not NiNJA?

    Hey guys, title says all, but my RGH boots differently than normal. Usually when having NiNJA, you press the guide button and see NiNJA at the bottom of the guide. Now, it shows "Freestyle Dash" and then my CPU GPU, temperatures, etc. How do I fix this? My plugin order is... Hdd:/xbdm.xex...
  13. K

    Question  Xbox one - Avoid me reputation

    I've basically read up many solutions but still stuck in this absolutely stupid flawed reputation system for nearly two months. I read a thread in the forum saying that world of tanks is the best fix to raise reputation and I've been playing nearly 10 hours out the past 4-5 days. I'm wondering...
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