1. i5 Bucks

    Solved  RGLoader (17150) *No file system in image*

    Hello everyone, First things first, much thanks to all/anyone who is helpful in anyway, if you'd rather keep your help anonymous for whatever your reason is that is fine, just PM me :) So I was making this 4gb Corona Rgh run RGLoader but when I go to build the dev nand I get this occurrence...
  2. kkdbeats

    Solved  Help with Fight Night Champion on RGH

    Greetings, I tried to install this game on my HDD but it runs laggy as hell after the bell rings for some reason. I thought that this could a HDD problem so I ran the game from a pendrive and I still had the same issues so I thought that formatting my HDD would solve the problem but it didn't...
  3. B

    Unsolved  Rgh won't boot bo2

    Hey guys I'm having some weird issues right now. I don't know what happened... But last night I was loading the game fine but today I literally can't load anything.. I load bo2 through the path, disk itself from Xbox dashboard.. and even from Xbox neighborhood won't boot up just get black...
  4. WATSN932

    Solved  A cars missing

    So tofay when i got on my torero is gone its no where it was maced out an i paid for ot but idk wht to do cause i got a bunch of retros in my gargage an dont know if i should complaain to rockstar or jus count as loss ty
  5. D

    Unsolved  Xbox One Elite controller Drifting issue

    So this is actually the second time on an elite controller i experienced stick drift, and the first time i attempted repairs. Swapped the thumbstick with two brand new parts and each one drifted in one direction or the other. The way I solved it the first time? I bought a new controller. This...
  6. D

    Solved  Corona V1 CR4 install issue

    Alright folks, as the title of my thread suggests, I'm having some issues with my Corona v1 CR4 install. I've RGH'd the better part of 50 Trinities, but this is my first Corona attempt. Attempting to use a CR4 XL, and I know I have the wiring correctly placed/soldered cleanly, but the chip...
  7. J

    Solved  XBOX 360 RGH ISSUE

    Hi all, I'm new to forums (move thread if required) and modding and I have a made a pretty bad mistake. So tonight I decided to download a mw3 mod menu and I installed all that perfectly but It said I needed jrpc.xex and xrpc.xex so I installed both them in dash launch. What I didn't realise is...
  8. Radas

    Unsolved  Falcon RGH 1.2 No xell

    Hello I have issues with RGH 1.2 on Falcon (5774, 16756). I dumped my nands. Created ECC. Timing in my coolrunner glitches in 5seconds max. Console makes Green ring all four lights and than one green in the middle but i don have any Video or Audio. I tried to connect HDMI and AV. It makes no...
  9. five_0_games

    Solved  gta5 1.29update issue

    remove if not aloud i just bought a iso for gta5 yes an iso and its for 1.29 but my gta5 version is on 1.27 is there anyway to update my gta5 to 1.29 and yes i tryed loading the mods but they dont work
  10. M

    Solved  XBmovie record only a few frames.

    Exactly what the title says. I installed RGLoader just to record quick videos, but every time I start to record a new one it stops after 7 frames. ps: sorry for bad english.
  11. L

    Unsolved  PlayStation console pairing

    So i went and reset my PlayStation because it's got too much crap on it and I'm thinking of using it for offline use, so it successfully reset, gets to the plug in to sync screen like when you start it up fresh from the store, plug the controller in, the orange light shows up then fades then I...
  12. TheModdingCat

    Solved  XBL Ninja Boot Up Frozen

    Every time I boot my RGH 2 Trinity it freezes on the Xbox Logo. I paid for 3 days of XBL Ninja and am trying to get online. I tested my newly purchased KV and it's unban. I have no idea why it's freezing. I used the standard Lanuch.ini Ninja paired with the stealth and yet I am still having this...
  13. Zazii

    Unsolved  Can't find a game

    so I opened bo1 and gave myself a recovery and then when I go to look for online game it has nobody in the game just me as if I'm forcehosting (I'm not) but it's been like this for a while and help?
  14. Zazii

    Solved  RPC Tool Connection Issue

    So my RGH 2.0 Corona has never had an issue like this before..... When Trying to connect anything RPC related i get this error message And I've checked everything All of my plugins are fine Launch.ini: Hdd:\xbdm.xex Hdd:\stealth.xex Hdd:\RPC.xex Hdd:\JRPC2.xex Hdd:\GTAMenu.xex...
  15. T

    Solved  Help MW2 Freezing Problem Xbox 360

    so I was playing mw2 a few months ago and I got into a hacked lobby through matchmaking, when the game finished the screen went black, so I turned my Xbox off and back on, then when I tried to play a game it freezed and it still happens now, it does this when I press create a class or when the...
  16. JinKitsune

    Unsolved  Black ops 2 ps3 jailbroken issue

    so iv been able to play bo2 on my jailbroken ps3 running dex 4.75 and i tried to reinstall jericho engine for 1.19 online and iv downloaded it i put the sprx in the tmp folder and i went to GAMES folder then to black ops 2 then ps3 game then USERDIR and placed the eboot there then launched the...
  17. G

    Solved  Can't join other players after Biker DLC

    As the title says then after the last update it's impossible for me to join a lobby with other players. I'm on PS4. My connection is 50mbit download 20 upload. It's around 42 mbit download and 8mbit upload on the console when I test it, and it's connected through a cable. I have tested...
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