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    Unsolved LANC v2 Remastered not working

    Whenever I try to pull use LANC v2 Remastered and I try to enable "ARP Spoofing" it says "Invalid MAC Address. Possibly because the selected adapter is disabled" Does anyone know of any working solutions to this problem? Thanks https://imgur.com/a/y4byGym *Note I am trying to do this to...
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    Unsolved Similar programs to Cain and Abel for Mac that sniff ips.

    Im looking for a program to use similar to Cain and Abel, that will help me identify ip addresses on my Ps4. I do not plan on using this program for illicit and illegal activity, just for security purposes. Ive already tried a number of programs and also have tried using Virtual Machine to run...
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    Discussion Trace PS4 IP with LANC keep getting booted

    I recently started using LANC to trace IP's. I noticed when in a game such as GTA Online as soon as i begin the program and click start i lag out of the lobby. Anybody know why that might be? I have shut the firewall off so i know it cant be that. Can anyone with more experience chime in. Thank...
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    Twain's IP Sniffer v1.4

    Twain's IP Sniffer Version 1.4 - Out Now!!! [/SPOILER] Download - Virus-Scan
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