1. Makunt_Izichi

    Patched  Pegasus vehicle god mode

    Take a buzzard or savage to your ceo office and fly past the landing pad while spamming right d-pad. You should fly right over it and not be taken into the cinematic view Fly a few blocks away then fly back and you'll be taken into the glitch camera and you'll see your vehicle on the landing...
  2. xXlSweatBoxlXx

    Working  (No-Transfer) Invisible Feet Glitch

    In any clothing store (also works in apartment): walk to counter and purchase/equip an Arena War Outfit: Space Creature/Cyclops/Horror Suit (works with any) Back out of menu and walk to Tops Scroll to Utility Vests and equip any Plate Carrier vest* Save outfit In your apartment, in your...
  3. H8edMods

    Patched  Drive around in invisible car

    Make sure you are outside. Set spawn point to last location and force a save by changing your outfit. I Have been playing around with the old casino glitch (i will name the founder of that glitch when i find him/her) I have only been able to drive around with the Stromberg. All other cars have...
  4. Skudge

    Patched  Make yourself invisible to everybody online!

    Here's a tutorial on how to make your self invisible in RDR online. You will need a friend to do this glitch with you. Text tutorial Step 1: Go to the nearest stables and kill one of the NPC's to get a 'Witness' status Step 2: Get your friend to hog tie you and pick you up. Step 3: Wait for...
  5. RECKLEZZ808

    Patched  Arena invisible in first person and view frozen use mini map to nav.

    I am not sure if someone else has done this or if it can be useful, i found it when messing around with ifruit seeing if I could get something to happen and it did lol, still trying to learn so not sure if it can be used at all. This was done with invite only session but probably any. 1. On the...


    Duplicate post: Shout Out to the Founder wherever he is... !!! Thank you for this Requirements: RC Bandito Pros: God mode playing against cops Character will be invisible Off the Radar...
  7. Kimil

    Patched  [SOLO] invisible + no cops

    FOUNDER: TeamH4ck H14 Reqs: - facility - private matchmaking Steps: - Go to the facility and take 10 beers to the secretary. (8 are needed to kill each other) - Go to the computer that manages the intervention teams. - In front of the computer with the right arrow icon active at the top...
  8. Navy Davey

    Patched  Invisible and OTR On Oppressor MK II with guns.

    Duplicate post: Requirements: Own an Oppressor MK II Own an RC Bandito Method: Have your Oppressor MK II in the map close by. Call for your RC Bandito via the inventory section of the...
  9. Z

    How to get invisible legs for female

    I’m not high enough levels to show you what it looks like but here is the video
  10. pablo67340

    Discussion  [Release] Call of Duty Black Ops 1 TU 11.5 (Not re

    Introduction Many of you who still enjoy playing Black Ops 1 knows it comes with its glitches, regardless of being on TU11. My friends and I still avidly play Der Riese using splitscreen while we hangout so I have spent the last while figuring out the cause of these issues, and have fixed most...
  11. Blunt3d

    Patched  Invisible/OTR- Interaction Menu- No Cops

    Requirements Avenger Strike team room Recent activity CLEAR CACHE IF YOU CAN'T HIT THE GLITCH Also have a car outside your facility so you can drive when glitched. Step 1. Go to facility, And go inside your Avengers cockpit, then exit. Go around to the back and enter Avenger. Step 2. Once...
  12. JointedApollo

    Working  Invisible W/ "Passive Mode" and Weapons

    TWO PERSON METHOD FOUNDERS: :thumbsup:JointedApollo:thumbsup: :thumbsup:PremiereHell:thumbsup: 1. Friend not utilizing glitch needs to stand at a Showdown Series post with alert to join. 2. Player utilizing glitch needs to join friend through "left d-pad option" 3. Player gets message at lower...
  13. X

    Patched  Invisible with Minimap [Easy]

    Hello, this is my first post on this site and I hope you will like my glitch. I discovered it 1 h ago, but dont Know if he already exist. Sry for my Bad English But now Start: You dont need anything. (Except to be over level 10) 1. Be in a Lobby and open the Options Menu 2. Go to online -)...
  14. Captain Pocky

    Patched  [Solo] Fun & Easy Outfit Exploits - "Holographic" Crew Emblem, Half T-Shirt, Etc. (No DM or SP2MP)

    Hey all, I've ran into some easy new outfit glitches that (excluding the 1st one) I haven't seen here on 7Sins yet. See the screenshots below for an example of the first three combined into a single outfit: To make the outfit in the screenshot, do these three glitches in order. Enjoy...
  15. G00df3lla

    Patched  Invisible, OTR, No Cops, With Guns Workaround After Hot Patch

    Enjoy it while it lasts just a little bit longer :smile: Warning, It's a bit harder to hit if you had trouble with the radio glitch before! Founders: Digital_Junkie - Discovered Original Invisible, OTR, No Cops Method Which Was Patched a While Back gOOdFeLLaGLitCHes - Discovered workaround...
  16. Digital_Junkie


    STEPS: 0) All platforms: Set matchmaking to closed under options 0) PC If you don't have already, order pisswassers from secretary in facility 1) In your facility call strike team to somebody and observe target 2) When observing, hold options button, press circle (B) and quickly release...
  17. T

    Patched  (100% SOLO) - INVISIBLE, OTR, NO COPS EASIER METHOD (Requires Avenger)

    This is a variation of the already known radio-to-bed glitch, however it does not require you to spectate anyone or wait for them to leave. It can be done start to finish in three minutes or less. 1 - Go to the bedroom in the facility. 2 - Go first person and stand away from the radio, run...
  18. Digital_Junkie


    Video and step 4 updated, completely SOLO now!!! Enjoy:roflmao: Steps: 0) Xbox1 Go outside of facility and order CEO bussard, you will need it later 0) PC If you don't have already, order pisswassers from secretary in facility 1) In your facility bedroom run towards to radio and from there...
  19. noties

    Patched  Solo - Invisible, OTR, No cops hotfix work around

    Okay so not found either of the two glitches needed to get this to work but did this to work my way around the recent hotfix to the glitch im sure we all enjoyed very much! Requirements: - facility with a bedroom with a radio A nice guy curlyfry flew by and made it much quicker so hats off to...
  20. seven07doper

    Patched  *New* Invisible OTR /W Guns

    Hello! I found a new way to get OTR Invisible w/guns. #BRKSQD
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