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  1. Harmonic

    Patched  Car God Mode Glitch

    So I've just found this out today, not sure if anyone else's has posted it before so I'll post the steps below: 1. You need a friend with you 2. Make the friend go into passive mode and get into your vehicle as a passenger 3. Get in, your car should be invincible. You can still shoot outside...
  2. Venziex

    Patched  New Easy Invincible Wall Breach Near M's House

    I was messing around and my friend and I found this really interesting tree that we noticed we could breach inside, it's a really nice little breach that stops you from being killed from any explosives and any bullets, with the problem being that the space is a little small. You are also able to...
  3. mathmattx

    Patched  Invincible Sniper's Nest

    This is a sweet wall breach that puts you in the top floor of the Eclipse Lodge. A great place to come and relax or gain an upper hand. There are many places to shoot out and many you can't. 1. Come to this building then go to alley on North side of building. 2. Once on top come over to...
  4. mathmattx

    Patched  Root of All Evil: Invincibility Box

    This breach will put you in the roots of a tree behind the protection of a wall. Once inside you can shoot at all directions and are technically under the map so can get great angles on enemies. Tested on PS3. 1. Climb the wall at the corner. 2. When you hit hide you must go into crease...
  5. Wiggly

    Working  Shadows of Evil PILE-UP GLITCH (SOE Black Ops 3)

    1. Run and slide 2. Jump, crouch then move to your left
  6. Wiggly

    Working  High Ledge Strafe Jump Glitch FULL GODMODE (Shadows of Evil)

    Tutorial: 1. Open the stairs to the first ritual room 2. Go out on the catwalk 3. Do a strafe jump to the left (you are aiming for the top of the gate/streetlight 4. Make sure you crouch as soon as you strafe jump to gain clearance with your legs!
  7. gta5astuces


    Please scuse my english because i'm a french guys :wink: Today I will show you guys a NEW INVINCIBLE WALLBREACH glitch in GTA5 ONLINE , to be invincible follow the tutorial and you can watch the vidéo :smile: : 1) Take an insurgent and go to the lombank building 2) place the insurgent same me...
  8. mathmattx

    Patched  In the Bum Shack, Dumpster Diving & Breaches

    Get your trash suits on. Get in trash bins and also some new sweet wallbreaches. There are different types of bins, some you can shoot out and some just for invincible hide spots. There are many locations I'm sure and here are a few. This first spot has best of everything. The bin allows for...
  9. mathmattx

    Patched  Ninja Move: Hide in Parking Boxes

    This will allow you to breach into parking pay boxes. The best boxes to breach are two right next to each other. You are fully invincible and can shoot out but sniper works best. First Spot Tested: Little Seoul Parking Garage 1. Climb on top of boxes. You may have to climb onto roof and...
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