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    Solved How people become nearly invincible using ability cards?

    I've been noticing a trend lately: half of the enemies I face end up killing me in two shots or less, while it takes me several to the head to kill them. One enemy I faced didn't even take damage when I hit him several times. I don't consider myself the best player ever, but I wouldn't consider...
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    Patched GOD MOD EASILY

    GOD MOD EASILY Founder: KIMH4CK REQUIREMENT: - Casino with suite - 1 vehicle in casino garage or parking - free aim - PDG STEP: 1. Go to the casino, in the suite call the valet to call the car from the car park or garage. Quickly after hanging up, make Options, Online, Activity, Created...
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    Thx for first part old method: Apokalypt new method: TeamHckh14 I don't remember the founder of the old method sorry and for the small workaround and sharing maybe me and metere0r fire Requirements: Bunker Arena Rc Bandito CEO Buzzardo or MC Set your aim mode to "free aim" Simeon Job These...
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    Patched Seabreeze invincibility glitch

    Let's get this out of the way right this glitch will NOT make you invincible, but as long as you do not leave the Seabreeze no one can destroy it with any sort of weapon 1) Crash the Seabreeze upsidedown into the water or cause the plane's engine to cut out without actually blowing up the plane...
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    Hey all! My best friend just found a glitch on the lost sector on Titan. You can get under the map and kill everything then collect the loot. Very easy glitch to farm without having to try. Give it a try before it's patched :) ALSO!! I'm sure there are other spots in Destiny like this, so if...
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    Solved Invincibility Insta-Death

    So every time i join any of my friends game or go into a solo game, if i get into any invincibility spot for more than 1 round i'll insta-die with no revive or anything. just instantly sends me to spectator. where as my friends have all gotten to wave 30+ sitting in one since round 3. anyone...
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