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    Unsolved  Modded Xbox 360 Won't Boot.

    My brother was messing around with the xbox trying to connect it to the internet. The xbox connected to the internet but then it suddenly shut down. When I try to boot it up, the fans run and the power button turns green but I am not getting any output on the screen. (I tried multiple HDMI...
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    Unsolved  Creating Secure HTTPS Connections (using TLS/SSL) Without Using XHttp or XAuth?

    Hey everyone, Recently I've been looking into basic networking on the 360, specifically using Winsock. Right now, I'm just focusing on some arbitrary basic operations, like downloading a file, parsing text from a file and displaying it in the UI, that sort of thing. I'm achieving this by...
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    Unsolved  Aurora Unity Title Updates Showing for Only A Few Games / Not Fetching

    When going into game details and going to the Unity Marketplace to fetch a title update, nothing loads. Hitting refresh does nothing, I have a valid IP Address (LiveBlock & LiveStrong are both Enabled) and internet connection. I can download Game Covers & Art Work for all games without trouble...
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    Mobile  If You love Cars This is a Great Game To Play

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    Unsolved  RGH Trinity System Link (Not LiNK) Issue

    EDIT: I have discovered the issue lies in my chromosome count. I didn't not realize that most games must be started, to allow for joining into a System Link lobby. May someone learn from my mistakes! Hello & Happy Holidays! Just recently finished a daunting project of RGH'ing and painting...
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    Solved  Don't know where else to ask

    Technically this isn't an issue with my game, it is an issue with playing my game online which in turn is a very large issue. For the last year I have been using my T-Mobile phone to tether to my computer through PDANet+ then share the internet to my PlayStation . I just switched to MetroPCS...
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    1. Windows
    How to ditch Internet Explorer and remove it on Windows 7/Vista/8/8.1/ and possibly 10

    Let's say you now have a favorite browser. Whether it be, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, or even the obsolete Netscape, you want to keep that browser and remove Internet Explorer. Note: This is my first time writing a tutorial on SE7ENSINS and hopefully I will improve if needed in the future. Pros...
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    Unsolved  Xbox extremely slow after getting DDos'd.

    Okay so I was playing Destiny 2 with friends on trials when we matched against a bunch of scrubs who ddossed me. (My Xbox froze for a couple seconds then I got kicked to the Xbox Home and I was disconnected from my internet) after that I was able to get back online with no problem. The next day...
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    Solved  Can i connect my XBox 360 J-Tag to the internet?

    Hello guys, I have a XBox 360 modded J-Tag. I want to connect it to the internet but i dont want to connect to xbox live. Is this possible and will my XBox still work for playing games? My friend told me that once he connected it to the internet it broke (didnt even turn on) and if it is...
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    Solved  Xbox One Can't Connect To Xbox Service.

    i had a old pal text me telling me he got a Xbox one. He is having problems though. 1: He can't sign in to his account 2: When checking the connection it never shows a nat type. Just "getting info" an testing connection just keeps testing, never finishes. 3:it works fine on his 360. (Signing in...
  11. Li-Fi: Experience the Internet 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

    Li-Fi: Experience the Internet 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

    If any of you folks have been keeping up with our Homepage, chances are that you would have probably read my article about PoWiFi, a new form of technology that can transfer small bits of electricity over WiFi. Now I don't know about you guys, but after I learned about that, I really couldn't...
  12. PoWiFi - Transmit Power Over WiFi

    PoWiFi - Transmit Power Over WiFi

    Most of us will probably remember the times where you had to actually sit down with a computer that was plugged into a modem via Ethernet to access the internet. Then along came WiFi, the magical specimen that revolutionized the way we browse the internet, where we browse the internet and what...
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    1. Windows
    how to hack someones WiFi password (wpa2)

    Hey Everyone, today i will be showing you how to Crack a WPA2 password, this is for educational purposes only and i'm in no way responsible for how you use this information. Well to start i'm going to show you how i Crack my own WiFi password and ill show you the soft ware and tools i use i will...
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