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  1. M

    Question  Xbox Neighborhood doesn't appear on the desktop after installation.

    I've installed neighborhood easily in the past, but now the actual application for neighborhood doesn't seem to get installed by the installer. It is not visible in the start menu or on the desktop. I've tried multiple versions of the SDK from various places, but they all have the same problem...
  2. U

    Question  Where to install?

    I just recently got back into the 360 scene. It's been awhile. I forgot a few things. How do I install games on a RGH 3 so that they will show up in original dash? Same with xbla and homebrew? What is the recommended homebrew apps to be using today? On 360 and PC?
  3. C

    Solved  How to launch installed DLC, please?

    I have installed both Dishonored, and Bioshock 2 to my RGH's Xbox 360, and using Aurora I can start and play both games. I have also downloaded and installed the DLC for both games, and this seems correct, as when I go to either game in Aurora, then press 'Y' for the game information page, then...
  4. ohhsodead

    Tools  Arisen Studio - Browse, Download and Install Mods for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360

    The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager. Arisen Studio allows you to easily browse through a regularly updated database of mods, game saves, homebrew, resources, themes, and much more for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. All mods have been tested and verified in our library, which is...
  5. S

    Question  I need help install Rgh

    Hi i bought x360run i connect all good but i dont know where to know where to connect the last cable
  6. T

    Solved  Cant get rgh to boot after ace v3 install

    so i just recently installed a ace v3 chip on my trinity motherboard. I Was able to get through all steps including program the chip itself fairly easy. But I plugged my xbox into the TV to boot xell and when the console powered on, the ring of light just flashed really fast and i get no signal...
  7. L82TheModScene

    Solved  Need help with rgh

    hi i have a rgh that i purchased for dirt cheap its my first one and i tried adding dlcs to my bo2 messed up deleted everything {omg!!!!} and now i cant seem to reinstall menus and ive tried everything i can find on youtube ive got the disc and have made a new stock copy of it what is the...
  8. D

    Solved  Ace V3 Trinity install Issue

    Hey everyone, I've more recently decided to attempt a ACE v3 install on a trinity instead of my usual CR4 XL run. I'm having an issue where when the chip is completely wired up, the console immediately red lights when I attempt to turn it on. I've rechecked my soldering and such and Isolated the...
  9. A

    Solved  Installing 2 disc games

    Guys I have continued learning about Jtag Xbox 360. But im totally dont know what must I do next. I have watch the Youtube but it didnt give me something!! Please I have one harddisk external that have GTA V with 2 folder. I have plug the hdd and open xex menu 1st folder : Disc 1 2nd folder ...
  10. Token

    How to install OpenIV [After Closure]

    Hi Se7ensinners! I know some of you would still like to use OpenIV but the normall installers no longer work. I decided to make a tutorial on how to manually install OpenIV with the files I will provide below. Extract "New Technology Studio" folder into *C:\*your user*\AppData\Local\*here*...
  11. K

    Solved  Install game xbox 360 download

    Hi everyone, I need help to install any game on my xbox 360. I've already download the games and my console has been recently updated with the help of the community. :) I have prepared the game files in two part (iso format) : Disk 1 and disk 2 files. Could you help me answer these two...
  12. C

    Solved  ISO to HDD no Jtag/RGH

    My NHL 15 Disc is scratched up and I did not install it to my HDD. My question is can I install it to my HDD from a backup ISO on my PC. The only way i can see people doing it is with iso2god, which doesnt show up as "installed" , im assuming thats because it is meant to run without the disc...
  13. Luna

    Solved  Gta 5 help :(

    So today i just got a brand new gta 5 game, no scratches or anything, i have already installed my install disk and it worked fine. But when i tried to Copy my play disk to my harddrive it just doesnt do anything and doesent work. I hope someone can help me <3
  14. W

    Solved  J-RP v2 NAND Read/Write Cable Thrown Away - Need a little help!

    Hello, wizards. I ordered myself a J-R Programmer V2 containing the JRP & three cables. I was attempting to RGH 1.2 my flashed Jasper, but after soldering the wires from the J-R Programmer to the correct spots, the power brick on my xbox 360 turned red as i plugged it in to read the nand. I got...
  15. ZGCoolDude75

    Solved  Should I install BO3 on my SSD?

    Hey I am getting Black Ops 3 this week and I was wondering when I install should I do it on my SSD or on my hard drive. Is there any benefits to installing it on the SSD and is there any disadvantages if you do not?
  16. Quacked

    Solved  GTA V Start up glitch?

    Hello Se7ensins I am having trouble with GTA V on my PS4 whenever I try to start it up I get a message that says this 'please check your game system power save settings to ensure your system will not power off during install. You can check your setting in Settings / Power Saving Settings / Set...
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