1. V

    Show Off 2 Lower Thirds

    So I plan on working on more for other social media sites. I'll be updating the Youtube one later and I'll create a cleaner vid when everything is finished.
  2. L

    Service [Social Media]Social media GFX service and CUSTOM Logo design(Instagram,Twitter,Youtube)(FREE)

    Hey guys this is my thread for social media GFX, I cannot do all things people request but i will give 100% trying to complete them all Request template below: Be sure to add me on discord if you have it, its much easier discussing on there My Discord -> loghxn#3956
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    1. iOS
    Followers Fast

    I've Made a Followers Fast downloadable patch for flex which gives 60,000 coins (6000 Followers) everything works perfectly fine for the app except when you go to buy the followers it disconnects you from the server basically you have all of the 60,000 coins but you can't purchase the 6,000...
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