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  1. X

    Discussion  GPU and CPU revision info colation

    Greetings, my first post here so sorry if this is the wrong section. I am getting interested in 360 mods and repair by swapping the BGA GPU and CPU chips. I’m experienced in other console mods and have some BGA rework equipment on the way so I’ve been reading around a lot at what’s possible...
  2. S

    Discussion  Best Weapons in Black Ops 4 [Being used by Pro Players]

    Hello, I have composed a list of superior weapons in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. Please take note that all the weapons that I have chosen are currently being used by Professional players for teams such as Optic Gaming, Faze Clan and many other E-sports organizations. I have also used all the...
  3. tomtom1394

    Question  xbox one hardware mod need help!!

    Hello to everyone...I am new to this site and hope that someone here can help me! First of all sry for my English...I know it is not perfect...to say at least =) Okay...so what I would need help with is, I am going to water cool my xbox one...not the s variant...the first one...for xbox 360...
  4. TheKingMODz

    Solved  Bought SUPPOSEDLY a Jailbroken PS3

    Hello, guys I'm new here and I'm wanting to know a few things about a PS3 Jailbroken that I just bought, according to the seller, it has Preloaded games from webMAN Games (is this correct, is this genuine?) also it has LTS Mod Menu (don't know what version it is but I think its the latest, but...


    Hi all, Some tips and tricks on how to snipe in BF1 Video - Be patient. Dont rush people. Try find a good angle on the enemies. If you get shot at by sniper or anyone then move, (dont try and retaliate) find new cover and set up again. When moving from cover dont run straight, try and...
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