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  1. Freeballin' NO DRAWERS | tactical slayer gameplay | "going commando"

    Freeballin' NO DRAWERS | tactical slayer gameplay | "going commando"

    yes you read correctly i forgot to wear boxers this match so we are going all natural, freeballing for the whole match. watch as my massive virtual peen swings like a pendulum exterminating the entire enemy team. thanks for watching! hmu if u wanna play sometime ;)
  2. Anthem VIP Demo

    Anthem VIP Demo

    What’s going on with Anthem? Why can’t I get into this “VIP Demo”? BioWare’s head of live service sought to answer those questions and reassure players that the studio knows exactly what the problems are, as it works to resolve them. There are three main problems, Chad Robertson wrote yesterday...
  3. S

    Solved  Infinite probation

    So i was playing some black ops 2 when this modder keeps ending the game and restarting with anti-quit enabled, so i thought it was just a time waster, and the next game i play, probation, so i watch a few theater clips to pass the time, and i have it again, then again, and again, and again if...
  4. N


    I was playing SnD and a hacker came in the lobby and started playing I tried to leave and it said "if you quit this game you will be on probabtion" something like that. So I just unplugged my Xbox instead and when I went to play online again I got probabtion and when the time reaches 0:00 it...
  5. Otishuff

    Video  If COD infinite warfare was a movie

    I found this on YouTube. It's some funny stuff for sure.
  6. Decrepiit

    Boosting On Cod IW Need 2 Controllers

    We need 1 person with 2 controllers my GT is Decrepiit
  7. Vacro

    Discussion  Mission Team Rewards List [Every Level]

    All credit to: u/VarneshPlays on reddit. https://reddit.com/r/Infinitewarfare/comments/5dugdj/mission_team_rewards_list_every_level/ 1 - Starting Level 2 - Weapon Camo 3 - Calling Card 4 - Emblem 5 - 100 Salvage 6 - Weapon Camo 7 - 100 Salvage 8 - Calling Card 9 - Gesture 10 - Weapon (see...
  8. B

    Patched  Infinite MC business supply

    Accidentally stumbled upon it about a week ago and it's been working fine since. Read a few posts on here and saw that many have questions and some saying the methods they're using isn't working, so this is what y'all can try alternatively. It's very simple for me. 1. Not in MC, not in CEO. 2...
  9. G

    EU Competitive team recruiting

    Hey everyone, recruiting a select few people to grind GBs and maybe online tourneys with, if you are interested msg me on Xbox @ ImperialElite10. No requirements except that you be on Xbox One and live in Europe. Not going to judge you by your KD but a positive one helps. We will also only...
  10. Worldofpossible

    Patched  Fallout 4 Unlimited Duplication Caps Glitch Working After 1.9 Patch

    [Video] [txt] Fallout 4 Duplicating Infinite Items Caps Glitch has been a bit finicky, however I believe I managed to get work again. Prep work: Make sure to a container near by the conveyor belt and power the conveyor belt. Instructions: First make sure the item your dupping in one of...
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