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    Discussion BO2 Theatre Infections

    Hello everyone. I have recently made a gsc mod menu for bo2 and i would like to put it on theatre as an infection so my friends and other people can try it. Can anyone explain to me how i can do it? Would be much appreciated!
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    Pigeon Mods - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Prestige / Unlock all lobby V5

    LOBBY STATUS : Online CURRENT MOD MENU : IKonroi V5 This is my 5th S7 lobby - going to try doing more of these. How to join? Send a msg saying 7sins (I will inv you in the lobby). Once in my lobby please post legit and you're gamertag so i can then go ahead and give you the menu if you do...
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    More menus

    So I was messing around with two kinds of mod menus for bo2 zombies through infections there was iconic and conversion. I was wondering if there any different mod menu infections out there.
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    Mod Menu Multiplayer and zombie mod menu

    I do not own these mods! Credit to XBOX360LSBEST and C Isnt Sharp. Go onto my player channel (gt: P0INTxZ3R0 (the o's are zeros.)) Go into my edited films and watch iconic infect part 1 and part 2 for a zombies mod menu. Same thing for multiplayer, Go into my edited films and watch jiggy part...
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    - Fyrepit V3 - Infection Using (Elasticity V1) Zombies Only

    Hello all se7ensinners :biggrin: Today I will be hosting - Fyrepit V3 - (Infections) Using 'Elasticity V1' How to join my lobby? 1. Send a message to my gamertag saying 'Se7' so I know that you are from the website :smile: 2. Please do not spam my inbox with messages. As it could get...
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    Elasticity V1 Infections + Fun Lobby (CLOSED)

    GT: Blue Flare25 Rules: No loud music no squeakers Directions after you're infected: I will end the game you will go into another lobby and press the back button. LB to scroll down RB to scroll up and X button to select. Infection menu you will be infected with: Fyrepit V3 Infection time: 5...
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    Pestilence modding team Mod Menu infections WaW

    I will be hosting WaW infections for a little while Gamertag: Standbysleet Send me a message and I will invite you, back out go to split screen and start it, after that join back and then I will start the game. It’s important to spectate me during the infection to make sure you receive the menu...
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    Hosting My Mod Menu Get So High v6 (Vip) Infection Open Now!

    Send A Message To MoAb x Lobbies To Be Invited Im Only Hosting Vip Infection Today Once In Back Out Go To SplitScreen Start It Join Back Proof But Menu Is Recently Updated
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    Waw infection lobby, hosting Pestilence mod menu

    Hey 7s I'm hosting a multiplayer infection for aww I'm infection one at a time so please wait your turn, if you cant join ask someone else to infect you please and thx Instructions Join my game, back out to splitscrean. It has to be split screen, then keep hitting a till the game starts it...
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    AnonymousRevert's RGH Inspiration V1 R2R Infection Lobby(OPEN)

    Proof: Please Post Legit Msg for Invite or join session if possible Gamertag- AnonymousRevert Enjoy Hosting Online Again 10/28/18 , Please Follow instructions and message me or if you have mic, talk to me if you have any questions on how to open or whatever you need...
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    Patched How to get any calling card (including ghost and aw!)

    So i was just chilling looking up videos on how to get the ghost camo, when i ended up finding something out myself. There is a clip that says "unlock all infection" by "c isnt sharp" or "XBOX360LSBEST". When you get this clip you will have everything unlocked including all calling cards so if...
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    WaW Modmenu Infection MP+Zombies!

    Hello s7 So I decided to host [email protected] because why not I know it’s old but you can still have fun playing it especially with modz ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I host other games aswell xD •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I can infect on multiplayer and zombies so I’ll keep switching from...
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    Temper V6 Infections!

    Temper V6 Infections By: MenzyMods Status: CLOSED! Thanks To DogTagz99 & OldManInDaHouse ☞⚊⚊⚊⚊☜ How To Join / Get Infected? 1. Private Chat Gt: MenzyMods 2. Join Session In Progress 3. Back Out And Go To Splitscreen 4. Start The Splitscreen Game 5. Join Back And Wait ☞⚊⚊⚊⚊☜ YouTube/ItsMenzy...
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    Mw2 lobby

    message for invite. My first ever lobby so please be patient. Prestige and infections :smile: Please post legit in comments once in.
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    Call Of Duty World At War/ Summer Bass V2 Infections/ Free - Open

    Status- Closed Gamertag: Pcant xK0Vx It's A Zero Not An O Send Me A Friend Request And Join My Lobby. Once The Lobby Is Closed Please Do Not Continue To Spam Me. Once You Join My Game Exit And Go To Split Screen And Start A Match, It Will Kick You And Change Your Clan Tag. Then Rejoin Me And...
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    MW2 Modded Lobby Using Smokey xKoVx V1.2/ Free Mods - Open

    Hosting Status - Active :Info: Gamertag: Pcant xK0Vx It's A Zero Not An O. Menu: Elysium 1.4 Send Me A Friend Request And Join My Lobby. It Will Auto Verify You Upon Joining. Only Seven People At Once Can Do The Unlock All. This Menu Is Still In Beta, If You Seem To Have Any Issues Please Tell...
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    Cod4 Modmenu Infection

    ••••Cod4 Modmenu Infection•••• ->Project Mary Jane ->When you get part one(the checkerboard) go split screen start a match and join back! ->My GT (Closed) ->I’ll be hosting other lobbies as I’m on my RGH ->Give positive feed back and post ligit. ( ThankYou xD
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    Hosting iKonroi v5 | < Unlock All/10th prestige/Infections/Modmenu CO-HOST > || Fast invites!

    Lobby status: OPEN Menu: Blue Sky v3 HOST GT: BadgerHasHax CO-HOST GT: Blow Dutches Controls to open menu: KNIFE + DPAD LEFT How to Join: Private message my GT, open my profile, join my session when it becomes available. Donations via PayPal: [email protected] If you need your classes fix...
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    Mw2 Search and Destroy TOP 6 Trickshot

    Searching 5 people for mw2 search and destroy trickshot online. if u are interested msg me for an invite GT:TiiqaLHAZE
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    Status [CLOSED] Playing MW3 for fun 10th PRESTIGE UNLOCK ALL INFECTIONS FUN IF YOU WANT IT :smile: GT: Mr Candy B40 !All Donations are used to keep the lobby going! [Donation Methods] PayPal and US Amazon Gift Cards If you'd like to donate but don't use these let me know, I'll try to work...
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