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import export dlc

  1. WannaDJ

    Video  RUINER 2000 - TUBE RIDER! - GTA 5 Online Racing #19

    RUINER 2000 - TUBE RIDER! - GTA 5 Online Racing #19 Tuesday of GTA 5 Online Racing and in episode 19 we do a Special Vehicle race for the Ruiner 2000, this race is called "Tube Rider" and we will try our best to win, can we do it? Find out now!
  2. O

    Solved  Import export question

    most of the time I play in solo so I'm asking you to get more money once warehouse is complete is better to buy every time one charge and took it on the warehouse and then redo it or is better to buy the three cargos (most expensive). I mean 3 play of one charge has the same values when I sell...
  3. Y

    Discussion  New Collection Time Adversary Mode

    So there's this new adversary mode that came out with the Dewbachee Spectre today, honestly I don't think it's that great but let me know if you guys think otherwise! If you haven't gotten a chance to play it here is the gameplay: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMnH2NaQ2qU
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