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  1. R

    Discussion  my ifruit orders don’t go through

    when i complete an ifruit order i load onto gta and get the message from los santos customs saying that my order is ready but then when i go into lsc the option to buy my custom plates doesn’t come up? is there any fixes?
  2. M

    Question  Ifruit app not showing my online character

    Everytime I go into my ifruit app it only shows Franklin, Michael and Trevor not my GTAO character and yes I have it connected to my right account and platform, I have sold dupes in the past and been daily sell limit detected once but that was a while ago, any help would be appreciated
  3. ToastWithJam

    Question  Issue getting iFruit to acknowledge Contract and Tuners vehicles

    I've been trying to colour the stock wheels of the Ignus for a while now, yet no matter what I do I can't get iFruit to see it. I use an older phone (S6), so iFruit still works for me, and it'll happily update itself when driving older cars. But if I try to get it to see a vehicle from the last...
  4. D

    Working  Destro's Duping Encyclopedia - Everything to Know About Duping in 2021

    Intro... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [/SPOILER] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [/SPOILER]...
  5. A

    Solved  Possible fix for i-fruit app?

    I found that if you go into storage on your ps4, go to saved data, then go to Grand theft auto 5. Should be a save point called profile at 10.49 MB. In gta saved data. Erase the profile then load application. As soon as you get loading screen reset cache by pressing R1+L1. As soon as you load...
  6. B

    Solved  Online character and vehicles not showing on IFruit app.

    Can anyone advise on what can I do? I’ve been wanting to get a custom plate for my cars. After some research I went on to the IFruit app and was able to do custom plate for Franklin’s car (story mode). My online character and cars are not even showing on the LS Customs. I googled some more and I...
  7. Makunt_Izichi

    Question  Ifruit crash

    I've been having this issue for months now, I fixed it once but only on my alt social club.. I don't want anymore detected plates so I'm trying to fix my main account I have taken multiple garages worth of vehicles out, neither vehicle has street rims. They all have either f1 or bennys...
  8. BipolarGaming

    Solved  Ifruit emulator support

    I am using the ifruit emulator with bluestacks to clean some modded cars. It has been working fine previously but now no matter what I do I cannot get it to work.. I have tried to run it and select PS4 and it keeps crashing. I have tried to unlink my social club and switch characters, I have...
  9. T

    Solved  Issues with Ifruite app

    I’m having an issue with the LSC not wanting to load of Ifruit for me to remake my custom plates. I’m remaking them because I got reset for the office glitch does anyone know if it’s a technical issue or is it because of my reset.
  10. A

    Solved  Unable to login on Ifruit (PC)

    Ifruit wont work on any of my computers, it says to connect to internet, any idea? Thanks!
  11. DonWakita

    News  iFruit finally fixed.

    Hi Sinners. As the tittle says, iFruit recieved an update for mobile devices. I’ve started the app and it finally works again on my Iphone. About time. Regards.
  12. DonWakita

    Discovery  possible fix for your i-fruit app

    Hi sinners. I know many of you have issues like I did with the app so hopefully I can help you fix it. Issue nr 1; the app wasn't showing all my last 10 used cars on my female character but the app worked fine for my male character. Sometimes the app showed 1 or 3 cars and so on. I tryd many...
  13. BipolarGaming

    Solved  iFruit Plates help

    Hello everyone, I have have looked online and tried all the fixes but nothing is working for me at all. I have made custom plates on the iFruit app and I am trying to transfer them to the game but I can’t get them to show up in los santos customs. The plate shows up in iFruit up the top and I...
  14. mtthewa

    Solved  iFruit & Charles Issues

    I've been using charles for a while now but for some reason, iFruit (I use on my iPhone) keeps crashing when i open the los santos custom section of the app. Sometimes this works and I 'do' one car and come back to do another and it crashes everytime, always at the exact same point. Any help?
  15. RECKLEZZ808

    Patched  Arena invisible in first person and view frozen use mini map to nav.

    I am not sure if someone else has done this or if it can be useful, i found it when messing around with ifruit seeing if I could get something to happen and it did lol, still trying to learn so not sure if it can be used at all. This was done with invite only session but probably any. 1. On the...
  16. LuganoffIsBack

    Solved  iFruit - vehicles not showing

    So I basically did the merge car/benny's wheels glitch, but since then my iFruit app does not show my vehicules. It only show 2 of my merged vehicules (insurgent pick up custom + retro custom). I even sold my retro custom but it is still in iFruit, and I can get no other cars to show up. Any help ?
  17. Navy Davey

    Tutorial  How To FIX Vehicles Despawning

    Good to know;) Luckily I didn’t have that happen myself. Probably because I saved over a car when I bought my Scramjets on PS4 accounts... I bought them to empty garages on Xbox/PC and still haven’t had this issue. They save just fine.:biggrin: Must be subjective to the conditions the particular...
  18. Captain Pocky

    Tutorial  Charles Modding for Aircraft and Other Special Vehicles

    Hello again everyone, This thread describes how to use iFruit & Charles to mod non-car vehicles like aircraft, the AA trailer, special vehicles, and even the MOC. Very importantly, I also include how to avoid dead spots while doing this. These methods aren't particularly new, and are scattered...
  19. soadfan

    Solved  iFruit issue

    Hello sinners. I'm having issues with receivng messages from iFruit in game. Any kind of modification I put on a vehicle never come to my phone in game or to the LSC when I drive inside. However it works fine with my 2nd character. I tried diffetent versions of ifruit, tried diffetent OS. I'm...
  20. M

    Solved  Ifruit atrempts reset

    Hello i want to get custom plates but i cant login to ifruit because of to many attempts i See People asking staff on rockstar forum to reset their attempts is it safe to ask for this if my acc was modded?
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