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  1. I

    Patched  Possible money glitch?

    The pic is the glitched sercure pad and it gives you the option to select one but you cant see them. Also it doesnt kick you out of the aracade when you get it.. Just Let me know if anyone got any ideas or sum 1) start off inside the bunker and pull a car out 2) park the car by the 2nd the...
  2. A

    Unsolved  CheatEngine on BO3

    Did cheat engine is not working on bo3 anymore? like 4 months ago i used without problem (playing offline on steam) and now when i open the cheat engine my game closes. So theres a way to use? I just want to change the bots name, for some frag edits. Anyone can help?
  3. harrypro

    Solved  xbox 360 phat not booting up

    my xbox 360 phat (falcon) will not turn on at all. so basically i got a xbox of ebay with 120gb hhd and it was all working fine. i decided i was gunna rgh 1.2 it . so i bought a nand-x and a coolrunner rev D it all arrived and i was following a tutorial (the tutorial was with a jr programmer...
  4. S

    Unsolved  Something wrong with my e3 flasher

    I need some major help, my e3 flasher seems to not want to reflash any type of dump, so I only have one good dump saved on my pc, when I tried to put the patched dump back to my ps3, it left my current ps3s dump in a corrupted state, it isnt bricked because it turns and stays on, and the only...
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