hydra in garage

  1. Navy Davey

    Patched  Use Hydra in The Prison Break Heist Finale!

    Do djbackwardss glitch: Store Aircraft And vehicle in Svw, Garage, MOC) (No Svw Cool Downs) Join/start Prison Break Finale Request/ make yourself demolitions Steal the Prison bus and destroy it Request your Hydra from the MOC Protect the Velum until ground team is done you will not see the...
  2. GameHeartTV1


    Hey Guys, I didnt found any thread about this so im gonna post it here. i posted a hydra wallbreach a few weeks ago and with this glitch you can fly into your garage. i think not everyone knew this so here the post. FOUNDER: Ghost3617006 Ghost You can see your buddy under the map when he is...
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