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  1. M

    Question  PS3 FAT CECHG03 40GB

    HELLO ! I recently bought a ps3 fat (CECHG03) from a pawn shop, I didn't pay much attention to the details when I bought it, when I got home I modded it with HFW HEN 4.90 (I can't mod it with cfw because it doesn't have a controller original and I can't access safe mode) I installed webman MOD...
  2. James Reborn

    Tools  HotFix Tweaker

    Here's a tool I made to help out with the HotFix Modding it currently is very basic as it's the first version. Preview Download : https://github.com/JamesCreations/Borderlands-3-HotFix-Tweaker/releases Virus Total Scan : Click Here Source ...
  3. New Destiny 2: Forsaken Hotfix Update; Here Are The Patch Notes

    New Destiny 2: Forsaken Hotfix Update; Here Are The Patch Notes

    Bungie has updated Destiny 2 with the new hotfix patch. The update primarily addresses several of the bugs that have plagued the game since the release of the Forsaken expansion but also lowers the difficulty curve of certain quests. Perhaps the most noticeable change to the game is the...
  4. Crazedslaw

    Patched  Potential SP2MP Workaround

    Thanks to Se7enAventador for the initial steps which led to the discovery of a 2 minute time out alert delay Original steps for PS4: 1- do old SP2MP where you get 1 star and as advised once Franklin raises his hands, press option and go to creator 2- as soon as you saw joining GTA Online...
  5. katooosha

    Patched  How to bypass hotfixes *EASY*

    NOTE: I am unsure if this works on xbox, or how to do it on xbox As the title says, I recently found a new way to bypass hotfixes, and with it I am still doing the easy dupe glitch (the one posted by Banzah last week which involves spamming triangle after getting out of your elegy), even after...
  6. katooosha

    Patched  possible hotfix bypass?

    i was thinking, if you have your internet turned off and a glitch gets patched, if you disconnect your internet the next time you open gta, wont it not be able to download the hotfix? and then u can turn ur internet on after, when u want to go online. can someone test this for me? i would but I...
  7. E

    Solved  How to fully avoid Hotfixes?

    I know that you probably wont receive a hotfix if you leave gta on the whole time, but can you really avoid a hotfix by turning the Internet off, starting GTA and turn it back on in story mode?
  8. MarvinPerez911_


    Messing around and got around the CEO duplication glitch HOTFIX! This glitch is exactly how the Elegy duplication is. If you haven't known theirs been glitches roaming around about duplicating the Elegy/Benny's $900,000 car. If you don't know the steps simply look at the video or see the...
  9. Swiftyste

    Patched  Off the radar Solo after Hotfix

    Yes the first glitch got patched but there's away around it :biggrin: All you need 2 car garage (A Must to be able this to work) - I got it to work with 2 full garages A full garage Doesn't matter 2,6 or 10 Instructions 1. Get the bike from your 2 car garage (Must have) 2. Drive into...
  10. Modder v7

    Discussion  Thoughts on VIP/Bodyguard Clothing Hotfix?

    Hello community, I've been LOA on GTA: V and Online recently and just decided to check the news on the latest update. I was ecstatic when I noticed some the outfits available for VIP and Bodyguards, and even more cheery when I noticed there was a glitch to keep them. That cheer, however, went...
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