1. bunda lele

    Unsolved  Mod gamescore (xbox 360) in 2020

    Hello guys, i want to add some gamescore to my account on xbox 360. In 2017 i logged for the first time in live with 20 000 of gamescore and now i want to add more 40 000. This new 40 000 have some modded gamescore and around 25 000 legit (my xbox 360 dont connect). My question is, can i upload...
  2. pantostado

    Unsolved  Fatal Crash Intercepted on Boot Up

    Hi, earlier today I was patching DLC for The Walking Dead through 360mpgui to get it to work. Seeing it worked, I tried the same with season 2 DLC, extracting it through Horizon, patching it with 360mpgui and putting it back in with Horizon again. I use Aurora Dashboard and I haven't put any...
  3. C

    Unsolved  How do you recover a curropted profile

    recently ive used le fluffle to put games on my account, and acheivmewnts, ive had this account for a bit, but now it says curropted on the xbox, whatdo i do
  4. X

    Discussion  Forza Horizon 4 Credits!

    EXPERIENCING AUCTION HOUSE ISSUES ON MODIFIED ACCOUNTS AT THE MOMENT! I WILL UPDATE WHEN I FIND OUT TO FIX THE ISSUE. Hello Se7ensins - Forza Horizon 4 has recently been released and I know a lot of people are searching for ways to get credits for free or very quickly. Well I am here to help...
  5. Monster Hunter World Getting Horizon DLC And Beta

    Monster Hunter World Getting Horizon DLC And Beta

    The Monster Hunter series is no stranger to crossover cameos in its DLC, and Monster Hunter World continues that tradition of cross-collaboration. Announced today during the Paris Game Week Sony press conference, in Monster Hunter World, you'll be able to dress up as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn...
  6. mega_tails03


    I was downloading the lego star wars complete saga in the torrentsnacks site, i downloaded it, used a program to unlock the password and i got the file, then i was going to use horizon to put the game in my pendrive but that error message appears i don´t know what to do i searched every site...

    Forza Horizon Hex Modding help

    Can someone please help me with modding this game cause i know there is more into modding forza horizon than just the rims,camber,hood,bumper,ride height that crappy codebook yeah its cool but i need help with like engine, transmission adjustments etc like the real crap i wanna learn if u can...
  8. Kola Gancherov

    Solved  Help me with USB modding

    I'm having trouble with modding my gamesaves. I've been modding things with a USB for years, but now out of nowhere my tools either say that its "Not a valid CoD 4/WAW" file. and when i download another person's savegame.svg, the "Resume Campaign" button is not there (referring to USB mod menus...
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