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  1. U

    Question  Where to install?

    I just recently got back into the 360 scene. It's been awhile. I forgot a few things. How do I install games on a RGH 3 so that they will show up in original dash? Same with xbla and homebrew? What is the recommended homebrew apps to be using today? On 360 and PC?
  2. C

    Discussion  Good games for the XBox 360 that were never commercially released.

    What games exist for the XBox 360 that are available online, but were never commercially released? The only one I can think of is the XBLA version of Goldeneye 007 (the remake of the N64 classic). Are there any more leaked games, homebrew games, or leaked prototypes that are worth playing?
  3. T

    Question  Xbox 360 RGH3 4gb Corona V2 - error reading nand. Help

    I'm doing a 4gb corona v2 Using a tx sd card tool When trying to read the nand I'm getting error "Failed to get Disk Geometry" Jrunner sees physical drive in the drive list, I've tried my laptop sd card reader and a transcend USB reader but both the same Any help would be appreciated
  4. xXBeefyDjXx

    Tutorial  RGH 3.0 Guide - Phat + Slim - Includes Quick Tool!

    Important: If you need support, create a new post in Console Modding Support. Do not post support questions here! Reset Glitch Hack 3.0 by 15432 What is RGH 3.0? RGH 3.0 is the newest reset glitch hack method for Xbox 360 using just 2 wires and a new layout. The resulting install is close to...
  5. cbuck1997

    Homebrew  Is it possible to get an ODK from/for an XVC?

    So I’ve been at this for a few hours using XVD Tool to try to extract an XVC and get it to mount as a VHD. However, when I get the XVD from the XVC, it is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller so I’m guessing the XVC is encrypted using a key I don’t have (StandardOdk). Is there a way to retrieve that key at all...
  6. krocc69

    Question  How do i get Xbox 360 game shortcuts (GOD format and XEX format) on stock metro/microsoft dashboard on (RGH console)?

    Hi I wanna know to make my the games I download on my RGH Xbox 360 (some are GOD and some are XEX) appear in the games library in the stock metro/microsoft dashboard because I want to get on Xbox live stealth and not use homebrew to access my games so i wont get banned really fast. thanks in...
  7. Red

    News  Team Xecuter Demos SXOS On Switch Light

    Look's like TX finally showed off the "proof" that everyone was looking for after TX announced that they had an exploit for the "unhackable" switch units. How do you think they are accomplishing this? So far the only details that TX has provided is that this would be a "hard mod" requiring...
  8. R

    Question  Xbox 360 Modding Service in GTA (Southern Ontario)?

    Hello Everyone, I've been perusing through the forum, and I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this... but I'm not buying/selling/trading, and not posting a tutorial, so I don't know where else to post it? I recently bought myself a 250GB Xbox 360 S (Slim) off of Kijiji for 50 bucks...
  9. x86

    Discussion  Rarest RGH/JTAG Homebrew?

    I'm looking to create a list of the rare homebrew apps and emulators with download links. There a few classic xbox emulators that work on the 360 as well. Feel free to post and I will add to the list. Emulators Amiga360 = Amiga: Link coming soon Atari7800x (Xbox) = Atari 7800: Link coming soon...
  10. x86

    Solved  [Request] R-Jtop Diagram

    I have a few phat 360s in my closet and I'm bored. Jointheresistance's r-jtop tutorial is missing the diagrams (broken url links). I have a rev-c chip that I'd like to use for this project.
  11. x86

    [Help] Led size for xbox one phat

    I want to change the original led color to green. Does anyone know the default led size that is soldered on the rf board? I have the original phat xbox one 1540.
  12. x86

    Solved  Ripping quake 2 (retail)

    I bought the Quake 4 bonus disc which includes Quake 2 and other cool stuff. This is the retail port and not the homebrew port (there is one out there). I wasnt able to rip the disc from the stock dashboard or from Aurora 0.7b. So... I have the title ID but I don't know how to set up the...
  13. G

    Question  Jailbreak what is the most stable version

    Hello I have a jailbreak 4.05 & I wanted to know if the 4.55 or the 5.05 is more stable than the 4.05 when it comes to sending payloads. Aka less kernel panics. Usually on my 4.05 I get a kernel panic about 1 in 9 times I use it for payloads. I only really use it to send GTA V MOD menus like...
  14. C

    Support  Help Me. Please

    I've been goofing around youtube and this website here looking to mod my 3ds. Mostly to mess with Pokemon: Omega Ruby, like add modded pokemons and items. But my 3ds is on 11.6 and I think everything is patched, What I'm asking is if there is someone who can help me get Homebrew on my 3DS XL...
  15. nobody123

    Question  Xbox 360 Kiosk Disc

    Hello Does somebody have a xbox 360 kiosk disc? (i want to try it and all games on it are demo versions) Thanks
  16. D

    Sun/Moon  [Tutorial] How to Inject Wonder Cards

    With Red's sharing of the Ash Pikachu Wonder Card a while ago., I thought some people may not know how to inject *.wc7 files. Well, I decided to write up a little tutorial on the matter. I'm using Sun with the said Wonder Card. • Things you'll need: - A Nintendo 3DS with CFW or Homebrew...
  17. Evaporations

    Solved  Help a newbie out! [Considering purchasing modded console]

    Hello! I have never had a modded Xbox so I have no clue how anything works so I have some questions. If you would take your time to help me out, that would be great! Also, if I do get a console, would anybody be kind enough to walk me through setting it up? I know there are already tutorials but...
  18. J

    Solved  Wheres all the homebrew 360 stuff at?

    Been wondering if anyone has some suggested sites for 360 Homebrew related things (Developer Libs and compilers for xex files). I know the Wii, 3ds, psp, all have pretty good homebrew support. Was wondering where all the 360 stuff is at. If anyone knows what sort of Dev libraries have been...
  19. D

    Discussion  Anyone else hit by a ban recently?

    Today I got hit with the Error 002-0102, running Luma on boot9strap. Everywhere else I look, turns out people are getting hit too. I'm just curious to know if anyone else is banned, and what CFW they were using.
  20. Zelk

    Tutorial  GekiHEN - Ultimate Entry Guide

    GekiHEN is a homebrew contest for HENkaku, where developers can submit their creations in hopes of taking home a cash prize. The contest is fairly new so there's not many entries yet, but more will continue to roll in as time goes on. The contest will be running until January 27th, 2017, so...
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