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  1. I

    Question  Hitachi DVD drive PCB dead?

    I flashed my Hitachi GDR-3120 a while ago and it started dying after that. The only way it would work would be if I manually ejected it with the console on, put in a game, pushed it back in slightly and then turned on the 360. The console would retract the tray, read the disc, and work after...
  2. I

    Question  Hitachi drive not detected by console, but otherwise working

    I've flashed my Hitachi drive with JungleFlasher, but it is no longer being detected by my Xephyr 360. When putting it into the 360 and powering it on, it does not spin up or show any signs of life. The dash either shows "Opening", "Closing", or "Reading" depending on if I press the eject...
  3. piclet

    Solved  Looking for Slax 2.0.1

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to flash a Hitachi 78 drive from an Xbox 360, but i can't find Slax 2.0.1 iso file to be able to put the drive in mode b since neither jf nor windows xp recognize it, but it does appear on bios. If someone could provide me or tell me where I can get Slax iso file, I...
  4. nnssewew

    Question  I have the Fat Mount uda0 problem in Xell and I was wondering how to fix it (in terms a noob would understand)

    I have a hitachi dvd drive that won't let me play mupen64 or the ps1 emulator from usb when it's plugged in. It does the thing where on xell where it gets to the line Fat Mount uda0 and doesn't go any further. I would like to be able to play these emulators and games on disks without having to...
  5. Mobfather Repair

    Question  Hitachi won't eject after flashing.

    The drive is flashed but only ejects through software or media remote. I put a Samsung drive in and it works. Yes, it is correct firmware and key for the Console.
  6. FirezRVG

    Solved  Problem with Trinity RGH with Hitachi DVD Drive.

    As the title says, there is a problem with my Trinity RGH. I was able to RGH it but it would not boot with the Hitachi DVD Drive plugged in. I have done some research and believe this could be Xell Reloaded (Xenon Linux Loader) or it could be the glitch chip shorting out because of the metal...
  7. Y

    Question  Buying HDD 7200rpm or SSHD 5400rpm (2.5")

    I found these 2.5" storage devices suits my budget: Performance is more important to me than the size :smile:, Especially I have been working on "Android Studio" So I'm interested in the speed and performance of applications running What is the best of them ? Note:Rating based on this Site...
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