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  1. I

    Code  Hex Codes

    Hey all, Just out of curiosity does anyone know if there is any hex codes behind the new chameleon colours on gta? I run and operate a crew on there and I'm looking to work out some new crew colours for the crew. please help, thanks in advance :)
  2. IsaakSirko

    Solved  How do I get the RGB code of an old crew color?

    Dear Sinners, I have a Vagner with a very bright "pinkish red" old crew color. Realy a very bright and shiny color, only the thing is I don't know the RGB or Hex code of this color. Can anyone help me get the exact code of this color back? Btw, the smoke color is another color as the crew...
  3. I

    Tutorial  How to Mod Borderlands for Infinite Money

    How to Mod Borderlands to have Tons of Money Requirements: PS3 Borderlands Save Flashdrive PC Hex Editor (Just go get HxD) If you got all those your ready 1) Get The Save Jack!!! Go to the XMB (Homescreen) Then Go to Games Section Now go to Saved Data Utility and find your Borderlands save...
  4. Jump_X

    Solved  need help for hexadecimal value GTA 5

    Hello ! I'm looking for the hexadecimal value of the GTA 5 health bar and the god mode. I hope I can be helped ? it could help me a lot for a job ! :smile:
  5. D

    Question  Bo2 PS3 eboot.bin help!

    Hello everyone, so I bought this jb PS3 with the bo2 menus on there, when I go to load up a mod menu and go online it never lets me find a match but when I don't load a menu online works perfectly I've been searching on the internet so see why and answers I've been getting is that it's the...
  6. soadfan

    Discussion  Unique HEX Paint Jobs for 3D colored cars

    I am starting this thread to gather some information and help people find a decent color for 3d cars. I have seen a bunch of similar threads, but unfortunately they all are dead by now. I want you to start sharing unique / nice looking hex colors with a picture of how does it look on a car...
  7. WTFox

    Code  [REF] GTA V Vehicle hashes list 2

    These are all the vehicle hashes in the game. I am creating this new topic with the intention of keeping this OP updated and provide a complete reference. **This is an update to the original 2015 list NAME HEX uint32 int32 CATEGORY UPDATE NAME LOW PRICE HIGH PRICE ASBO 0x42ACA95F...
  8. Freshhx

    Code  ★Official Hex Color Library★

    (Will update colors/previews soon as I can, daily.) ⚞⟁⚟ ShortURL: http://bit.do/dthexlib ₫Fʀᴇsʜʜ'ˢ ✭◭∾H͙e͙x͙ C͙o͙d͙e͙s͙∾◭✭ ◬✍ Hello, I am creating this post for people who'd like to save all the searching for a Hex color to either paint individual cars with, or to simply set your crew to a...
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