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  1. GrayRat

    Did Valve Just Hint Who Dota 2’s Newest Hero Mars Really Is?

    A few hours back, Valve released its most controversial game to date, Artifact. Along with that came a brand new comic called Call to Arms which focuses further into the ongoing Artifact storyline. However unlike the previous Prelude comic which showcased the origins of what Artifact is, this...
  2. GrayRat

    News  Overwatch’s New Hero Ashe Now Available On PTR: New Skins, Emotes & More

    During BlizzCon 2017, the developers came out with an announcement regarding the future of Overwatch. This announcement not only included a new animated short featuring McCree but also included the introduction of Overwatch’s newest playable character – Ashe. And well, Blizzard has wasted no...
  3. GrayRat

    Dota 2 Spin-off Confirms New Hero To Be The Fourth Elemental Spirit?

    During The International 2017, Valve came out with an announcement regarding the release of two all-new Dota 2 heroes, Dark Willow and Pangolier. And since then, a new precedent has been set as the community now expects a new hero to make its way into the game after the end of every The...
  4. GrayRat

    News  Overwatch’s New Hero Hammond Is A Cute Killing Machine

    Teasing the release of the hero in a few comics and videos, Blizzard has now revealed the latest addition to the Overwatch hero pool and surprisingly it is a Hamster in a huge Mech. The hero is pretty cute on the inside but the Mech that it uses is no-where near Mr.Nice Guy. The reveal, further...
  5. GrayRat

    News  Overwatch PTR Update Hints Next Hero, Hammond

    Anyone who has ever played the Horizon Lunar Colony map would have come across the giant screen found in the map which indicates that two specimens, Hammond and Winston, are missing. This, sparked a controversy in the community, linking to Hammond being Overwatch’s 28th hero. However, with the...

    All  Get a Tryout to Join HEROxGaming (WW2) (XB1)

    What we offer...... Almost 100 active members with HEROx in their GamerTag 8 years as an organization eSports Team (Going to New Orleans MLG lan event in Jan, 8th on UMG fall tournament) Monthly Contest and Prizes HERO Merchandise Members advancement structure Website/Social Media/Twitch/Discord...
  7. HEROxWildman

    All  (WW2) (XB1) HEROxGaming Org looking for the next HERO

    Come group up with other HERO's and get you a tryout to join HEROxGaming. What we offer.............. Almost 100 active members with HEROx in their GT Monthly Contest and Prizes 8 years as an organization eSports Team (Going to New Orleans MLG lan event in Jan) HERO Merchandise Members...
  8. VitaDeditae

    All  Star Wars Battlefront: UNLIMITED POWAHHH!!!!!

    Emperor vs Leia...Who wins? https://www.facebook.com/vitadeditae https://twitter.com/VitaDeditae
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