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    I have a SNES Classic Mini and my son and I have beaten all the games that came on the console. I've seen things about adding games using hackchi. I installed the program, have dumped kernal, added the Roms I have and added them to the console. The games appear on the console as intended, but on...
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    Unsolved (SOLVED) PS3ITA 4.50 DEX to Rebug Toolbox 4.8?

    I recently dug out my old jailbroken ps3 and it is on 4.50 DEX. How should I go about converting / installing Rebug Toolbox on my system? I also would not mind any information about a jailbroken console as well. Update: Just had to improve my Google skills. Got it figured out (for) now.
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    Unsolved Diablo 3 Modding Gear on Switch

    Hello everyone, Im comment in Innovative's post but dont have the answer. If someone who got the "god gear" so maybe can help me with some GR 150 run? Please My Sw friend code is: SW - 8495 - 7854 - 0105 If you guys add me, just let me know by comment this post. Tks yous
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    Request Torrent website I do no if it in rules put on here

    I need torrent program to download dvd and cd and Xbox 360 games and it as work with sky shield on and download with with sky shield on. It as have no virus in the download file and it as been safe to use on my home pc. Torrent web page to download from ones that work with sky shield on. Please...
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    Unsolved Help with money

    If someone already mods on ps4 and they don’t mind helping me out that would be great. If you could do a modded server for a couple of my broke buddy’s too that would be awesome!
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    Solved How do I get to see my reg plate on the future shock

    Can’t see my reg plate on future shock
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    Support Need help RGH

    Hi I had an RGH about a year ago and it got the RROD so I was wondering if I bought a new one then used the hard drive from the RROD rgh would it be okay or cause issues to my new rgh, help ASAP would be greatly appreciated
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    Discovery Looking for dayz Dupe 1.06 Xbox

    I heard there’s a dupe glitch if you have two Xbox’s? I have two. Need more info if anyone has help me out! I’m trying to make my base metal 🤧
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    Unsolved Help sumone please

    Hey sumone tell me how to install sumthing like this for bo1 multiplayer please a have being tring to get help on how to install sumthing like this Code: self thread CallinaNuke(); self thread notifybutton(); //Created By NITRAM CallinaNuke() { self endon ("disconnect"); nuke = loadfx(...
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    Any boosters/item drops? (PS4)

    PSN- ThugsWantHugs Hi, was wondering if anyone would boost me to 80 and drop me these items: Fastball grenade, Fire Storm Grenade, Sandhawk (all elements), Infinity Pistol (Any), Grounded/Alkaline Bee Shield, 94% Sham Shield, Norfleet, Double Penatrating Unkempt Harold, Legendary Berzerk Class...
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    Solved Duped issi selling for exactly 1 mil max no matter the upgrade

    Switched from duping retro custom elegys (still have 11 tho) to a max issi which the original sells for 2m~ but if i dupe it only shown 1000000 (1mil) sell price in LSC no matter what the upgrades are. I’m duping the issis over free elegys. The retro custom elegy still sells for the 930k. Am i...
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    Unsolved Looking for advice on modded 360

    I'm looking to buy a modded xbox 360. I'm not sure about anything to do with a RGH or a JTAG. I've only used infection mods. What's the difference between a RGH and a JTAG? Witch one is better? What programs would I need on the xbox? How could I get 1000's of games? How do I use the xbox? (<-Lol...
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    Unsolved [PS4]Gta 5 Modded Color Help

    Hello guys today i found these beautiful modded colors for gta 5 but the ytb removed the hex codes :frown: does some on have these ? First One second one Last one help would be appreciatet :smile:
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    Unsolved FROZE CLASSES

  15. X

    Unsolved Bo2 gscr help (Multiplayer)

    I'm trying to use a gscr menu (Batman V15) and I always get a connection interrupted when there are a few players, pretty much forcing me to shut off my console. I used the infection on Xbox one and it is completely fine. Any GSC menu like jiggy works perfectly. Any ideas?
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    I can’t use TMAPI on my computer I need help ASAP PLEASE NOW thanks
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    Unsolved i cant change to cex to dex i am on v 4.85

    i cant change cex to dex i have to install rebug rex edition but i am on v 4.85 can someone help me please it says that i cant accesses cex/dex
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    Unsolved Can you ?

    If you download a gta 5 mod menu from the internet and it is someone’s mod menu can I sell it because I downloaded it on to my jailbroken PS3 and I was going to sell it on eBay and the mod menu says the makers YouTube channel on it can I just says in the description in eBay that it is someone...
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    Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen! Mr. VGX’s HC DOMINATION XP LOBBY is BACK!!!!!!!! (GUN RANK UP, CHALLENGES, CAMOS, etc.) Status: [OPEN] Player Space Slots: 1/6 Feel free to drop your name underneath (Xbox preferred only) Mr. VGX Lobby Rules: Patience is key Respect is paramount No Assault...
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    please help me someone on my gta 5 said that Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded from Rockstar games service. Please return to grand theft Auto v and try again later i have a jailbreakon ps3 the GTA 5 is on v1.27 and i am using CEX and system firmware 4.85
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