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  1. TorchwoodInc

    Question  wxPirs: Unhandled exception has occured

    I'm trying to extract a MIDI file from a piece of Rock Band DLC to modify some of the game events, but I keep getting this error; Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an un-representable Date Time. I don't speak gibberish, so I have no idea what this error means, nor how to fix it. (If...
  2. how to skip the upper city fight. baldur's gate 3

    how to skip the upper city fight. baldur's gate 3

    subscribe for more! 👉👉👉 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfvt77Pl8yCtcIdoT-wQSlg?sub_confirmation=1
  3. P

    Question  l4d2 crash on loading screen

    i cant get past the intro, i see the little loading thingy and then it crashes, ive tried extracted files (xex format) and god format and deleting everything i think could be messing with it such as updates or cache
  4. mvl666Darkrio

    Question  Editable Carmageddon?

    I've been wondering if there's an easy way to edit the old Carmageddon GTA 4 mod. I've been thinking of doing some challenge run with it throughout the whole game, but the trouble comes with the fact that you can't even do the first mission since Roman's Taxi gets thrown around. I feel like...
  5. I

    Question  Need account fixed if possible

    I can’t remember when it happened but a couple of years ago I was in a modding lobby and the person who was modding kicked me out of the lobby and ever since that day I have not been able to access the barrack and my game gets stuck on an infinite loop when loading into a match it will take me...
  6. O

    Question  GTA IV How to load .sco file ?

    Hey sorry for the noob question. I got my rgh today and just installed gta iv, I came across a few mod menus but they are all .sco files and I am unsure how to load them / where to place them in the files. thanks
  7. F

    Question  I dunno what happened to my rgh console HELP!

    so I updated my dashboard through some tutorial and it worked I used proto and had gold and could play games online perfectly but then I ordered BO2 hardened edition it came today and I put it in and the disc wouldn't run I thought it was scratched so I wiped it nothing. Then I checked the discs...
  8. De1taNoob

    Just switched to PC from PS5 could use some help

    Just switched from PS5 to PC and have to start fresh which is fine but some of the luxuries of being high level are dawning on me. Was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to get some money/rp or just help out. Thanks!
  9. T

    Question  Infections Help

    I'm not going to use mod menus, but is there an infection that gives you op classes, legit classes because I don't know how to make good classes like I used to.
  10. MrBrizzle

    Question  Anyone ever open a ticket with rockstar that has a modded account?

    So have a fully modded/ duped account but I'm having an issue with the custom plate creator. I keep getting a message that I can't find any info on and I feel like my only hope is getting rockstar involved to fix it but I'm worried about putting my account at risk by opening a ticket. Has...
  11. F

    Question  HDD suddenly can't be formatted, used or detected in Disk Management

    Hi, Before the HDD became like this, I was transferring a multi discs game (GTA V) from my laptop to the HDD. After it has been successfully transferred, I ran chkdsk and it found no error. Plugged the HDD into my Xbox360 and it was not detected. I tried taking it out and plugging it back in...
  12. M

    Question  Need someone who can give me unlock all and God Mod Classes back in BO1

    Hey guys <3 I got deranked in Black Ops 1 and lost all my Modded Guns and my Level. Can Someone help me to get it back ? If yes i would be very happy ❤️. Thank you
  13. XboxOneGamerrrrr

    Question  TP live | is it good? | using KV’s with TP Live

    Hi, so I'm thinking about getting an rgh and teapot looks really good and lots of people say that they had no problems but others said they had a lot, and that they got banned within a few hours, others have never been banned. So would you say it's worth getting teapot lifetime? Do you...
  14. XboxOneGamerrrrr

    Question  | RGH |What do KV’s do?

    So recently I’ve been wanting to get into modding and so I’ve been learning about everything I would need for my rgh. I would buy an rgh that comes with the necessary downloads pre-installed, and I know that I have to buy server time. (But I actually don’t know if I have to also buy Xbox live or...
  15. Lil Stray1

    Would anyone be ok with boosting me to 70 please on Xbox One?

    Hi everyone like my title says I just wanted to know if anyone can help boost me to 70 if possible on xbox one. The help is greatly appreciated. My gamer tag is Lil Stray1
  16. Niall47

    Question  Updating old consoles, flashed / rgh

    These consoles have been in storage for years. I want to make sure i'm safe to go online. Whats the process? I haven't done anything Xbox related for a long time. I have 1 dual nand rgh slim (the switch I used on to switch between legit/rgh has been lost. I can't find any similar products or...
  17. X

    I need people for get online achievements. someone?

    seems dead in halo 5 online so i need any people for running this and earn some achievement.
  18. chadderbox090

    Question  Need Help!

    Hey guys, it's been a long time! So i'm stuck on the new way of modding mw2... I use to code etc way way back in the day when MW2, WaW and all that were still using .ff files to run menus, well it seems like that's a thing of the past. So my question is this... HOW DO I MAKE MENUS AND WHERE DO...
  19. M

    Discussion  Modded lobbies

    Does anyone still host modded xp/unlock lobbies? I ran into someone today using the Destruction V1 by XBOX360LSBEST
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