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    Discovery  PC To PS4 Outfits Using Flight School (NEEDS WORK, FROZEN LOADING GTA ONLINE)

    I have been messing with saves recently, and I have been thinking of a way to use flight school to get fully modded outfits online. I have made a save that is a duplicate of the Patricia frozen money save, the only difference is that the PED for Michael is the default online male PED for male...
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    Solved  Forza Horizon 2 Modding

    hello , this is my first post here sorry if i break any rules. i like playing forza horizon 2 on my old xbox 360. i wanted to know if there is a way to mod the game , the cars to be exact not the game save. i want to give some cars more steering angle for drifting purposes , so if there is a way...
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    Unsolved  Anybody help me. I've tried everything

    I can NOT get to GTA5 online anymore. As soon as I try to go to GTA5 online it tells me rocskstar services are currently unavailable. I used to get online and play about 2 years ago with and without the SPRX. I CAN sign into PSN no problem and play all other games online. Things I've tried: •In...
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    Solved  Assistance with VoidCheaters CW Menu

    Hi All, Apologies if a thread is the wrong place to post, but I recently bought VoidCheaters CW Menu and have my own license key for it, I'd like to get some help from someone who ideally has the same menu as I have followed all the steps as I have been instructed and just after inputting my...
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    Unsolved  Question about license plates (dirty dupes)

    Hi everyone, I have a bunch of fully upgraded (duped) future shock issis and I can't change the custom license plates on them. I know Rockstar has been hot lately with people selling lots of cars with the same license plate so I wanna change it before I sell. As a matter of fact, can I sell...
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    Discussion  I got dirty dupe detected

    Hey I tried a new glitch with duping and forgot that it was a custom plates required which I had on so I thought I was fine after it as the glitch I used to do cleaned your plates with a faggio now I sold 2 and checked to see if the 3rd one was still the original one it then said you have...
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    Unsolved  RGH wont boot

    So my rgh was working fine yesterday and then when i tried to turn it on this morning it turned on but wont boot up it just gets stuck on a green dot so as usual i tried everything literally like different hdmi cables, a fresh launch.ini, tried booting and then ejecting, tried booting it from...
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    Unsolved  menu not showing up

    someone please help me, i just bought the lifetime honeyhack mod menu and installed it successfully but wheni go in game for e.g zombie solo i cant get the mod menu to open and i press the ins key.
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    Support  Broke Freestyle and possibly more [XBOX 360]

    So i was setting up ******** and couldn't get neighbourhood running so i just copied launch or whatever it is .ini edited it on my computer with freestyle 3 and tried copying it back into my flash folder but it didin't work saying operation failed so i deleted it then wanting to replace it with...
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    Tutorial  Boosting to get Damascus camo

    I want to unlock everything in my game
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    Unsolved  Taking a supprising long time to upload my post..

    Hello, Ive trying to upload my post for 3 hours now. NO moderator has looked over my post. Ive followed all the posts guidelines..
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    Hey guys, I'm a brazillian rgh xbox owner and I have a problem here. You know I just love playing retro games and the GBA is one of my personal favorites. The thing is that, whenever I select a game to play (example, Pokemon Gaia Version, an incredible hack rom for Fire Red) I just CANNOT...
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    Unsolved  moc aircraft dead spot

    prior to starting the glitch, i moved my lazer back into my hangar, i then did the otr glitch and put the same lazer into my terrabyte but now there is a dup of that lazer in the moc and whenever i move it to my hangar (done it twice i was confused) it dups and puts a dup in the moc, how do i...
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    Discussion  Looking for some Paragon Help

    Hello! Long story short I'm getting back into Diablo 3 ROS after quite a long break. Due to technical reasons my old account was lost and I had to make a new one. I was Paragon lvl 1080 something on my old acc. Would anyone be willing to give tips or help me get back up? (Xbox 1)
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    Solved  Halo reach help

    Hi I need some help either can someone help me figure out how to take a modded offline account online or can someone just get me inheritor lol pls help me
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    Solved  How can I Bypass new anti cheat?

    Is there any way to bypass the new modern warfare cheat engine so you won’t get banned
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    Unsolved  Xbox 360 Jasper 16MB RGH 1.2 HELP!!!

    Hey guys, so recently I got my hands on a new Xbox 360 console, a nand x, a cool runner rev c and alt stuff to use with it. However one problem I'm having is that I cant get it to boot!! I managed to read the nands and it said that they are the same, so then I made an ECC and then wrote it to my...
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    Unsolved  Can you R-Jtag an Xbox 360 Xenon?

    I was wondering if you can R-Jtag an xbox 360 xenon, my xenons dash is 2.0.14699.0. What methods are available for my xenon.
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    Unsolved  How do I find & freeze the offset for health in XCE tool's?

    Hey guy's, I was recently playing through a old game I used to love playing when I was younger I decided to make a mini RPC tool for it because why not. Added the money to it thinking this is a peace of cake I can make this no problem then. I got to dumping the health & couldn't find it I can''t...
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    Unsolved  Help

    I always want to play with my friends but there’s this guy who’s always kicking me out of the group. Someone have a way where I can join back the group without the host leaving? Pls help me
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