1. JoshHaslam

    Need help getting to level 40

    basically the title i need someone to boost me to level 40 if possible
  2. iandertale

    Unsolved  BD-ROM emulator won't show in the multiman options

    i'm trying to play sonic generations and everytime i launch it, it goes to the normal ps3 homescreen i've seen tutorials saying that i need to enable BD-ROM emulator on multoman, but it wont show! im using a ps3 slim if that helps
  3. S

    Unsolved  Need help with clientids.gsc

    Hello Does anyone have a clean clientids.gsc for me ? Everytime I start a Game i get kicked out instantly and it gives me a error I heard I need premium to get clean files in the forum But how do I get premium and how do I get the files then ?
  4. S

    Unsolved  BO2 zombies ****7 script error(s): solve function „closemenus“ in maps/mp/_imcsx_gsc_studios.gsc

    Hello , so basically I really tried everything I could to solve this problem but now I don’t know what to do … Everytime i go in zombies and try to play a game (solo , local , Systemlink , online ) it kicks me out and it gives me that error I tried really everything and I don’t know what to do...
  5. rockpainter69

    Help regarding custom nazi zombie maps.....

    So I downloaded cod:waw to play zombie coop with my friend but upon launching any mod this error namely:d3dbsp pops up
  6. L

    Unsolved  Gta Online Not Save

    Hello, Someone else has the problem that after making the frozen money it does not save them in the cloud or at least it has happened to me in 2 accounts already, I do not know what I have done wrong if I follow the steps and everything is fine until I close the game and reopen it, if anyone...
  7. Professional

    Support  Unused Digital Xbox Game Manuals

    Here's some digital manuals I got for xbox games when I was doing research into the store, they are either unused or integrated into one of the old smartglass in some way or something I assume. Awesomenauts Assemble...
  8. GH05TXZ

    Unsolved  IFruit App Stuck in the past?

    Hey so long story short i been playing gta since 360 release and in that time iv done almost any quick dupe glitch and only really have a few temp problems which i usually use another glitch to fix but this dam app for custom plates stopped working for me first it was crashing which i found the...
  9. R

    Unsolved  Is there a way to convert Xbox 360 saves to PS3?

    If no, I'm sure you could Convert a Xbox 360 save to PC, then convert it to PS3. If anybody could offer info and/or advice let me know.
  10. R

    Unsolved  Fix The Vented Barrel for the Assault Rifle for Fallout 4

    The Vented Barrel for the Assault Rifle has a bug where the muzzle flash is in the middle of the gun instead of at the end. It is very annoying because the flash gets in the way in first person and it just looks silly. If someone could fix the muzzle flash so it is at the end of the gun where it...
  11. TheRogueSky

    Unsolved  Need advice, Daily sell limit since 2018

    Hello, hopefully someone can help me out with my small problem, since around 2018 i have the 2 car daily sell limit and no longer have the ability to apply custom plates to my vehicles, I've seen somewhere that this should only stay for around 9 months and yet here we are 4 years later. To this...
  12. B

    Unsolved  Savable explosive/ shock relic

    Hi there is a explosive/slag relic that saves on bl2 its black but still will save. I've been asked by a few people if I could make a explosive/ shock relic. I am very familiar with gibbed any help would be appreciated. Or if anyone has access to a save file that has the explosive slag relic I...
  13. F

    Support  PS4 Southbridge Replacement, Need Help...

    I bought ps4 with no power and with warranty seal on. I watched some videos about replacing southbridge (that did fix consoles with no power). Removed southbridge with hot ait station, cleaned traces with flux and solder wick, but after cleaning it look like either some green traces got removed...
  14. Skynthenix

    Unsolved  unreleased/limited time livery

    Good afternoon, Haven’t been on here in years but I just got back into gaming and I was wondering if there was someone who could help me. I’m looking for a way to receive or unlock unreleased or past limited time livery’s on a vehicle in GTA Online (XBOX). Whether it be duping the vehicle or...
  15. K

    Unsolved  Directx encountered an unrecoverable error.

    I just got a pc and downloaded warzone, but it won't let me run the game. Popup error says, "DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error." Any help is appreciated thank you.
  16. ccChetcc85

    Unsolved  Mod two tones and texture paints gta Xbox

    Is there anyone out there willing to teach me how to make modded cars I have two consoles net cut and everything ready to go just need some pointers and a few tips my gamertag is ccChetcc85 or xxAFKxx thanks in advance....
  17. war_18789


    Hi guys I'm new here so I have to learn how this stuff works. I apologize if this is the wrong place but I'm just taking a shot in the dark. Here goes. I have been using save editor for outfits and dropping cars about 8 months now on my friends key. In 8 months I've never ran into any issues...
  18. G

    Unsolved  H3 50 general mod

    Hello. A few years ago I had someone help me mod my 50. In game it would say highest skill rank 50, but it wouldn’t give me a 50 In a playlist. On halowaypoint it would say 50 general grade 3, but now when they updated halowaypoint it says lvl 50 and highest rank recruit even though I have 2800...
  19. Adiplays

    Unsolved  Need help - Mod menu crashing

    hi i bought kingpin but it's not working for me please help whenever i hit injector my gta crashes
  20. X

    Unsolved  Can someone help me get money in gta?

    I really need money in gta, I'm broke. I only have 300k. If someone could help me, I would be very happy. It would be enough for me if someone invited me to robbery. Mein SC nickname is : XIColdAngelX
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