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    Discussion Does anyone know how to fix the Black Screen?

    So , I recently was messing around on my CFW (I am on Rebug 4.82.2 D-REX) and I went ahead and re-installed CCAPI 2.80 R5 . However , when the reboot was done , I had a black screen . I tried turning my PS3 off but that didn’t work , or changing my HDMI wires and Ports 3 times didn’t . Safe mode...
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    Unsolved I need help with Xbox 360 modding

    How do I mod xboX 360 with modern/still working apps. (Offline. Split screen and/or campain) - I would prefer not tearing it apart. - What can be done with a USB flash drive and an old Toshiba laptop? This is practically all I have. - I also have an Android phone. - Buying stuff is out of the...
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    Solved I need to downgrade XDK. Please help me.

    Hello everyone, I would like to downgrade my Xbox 360 Demo Kit to the point where I can have the good old Blades dashboard. My flash is 14719.0 And XDK is 2119.0 I want my flash or dashboard to be 6717.0 I heard that its possible to either downgrade or upgrade an XDK console. I am new to the...
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    Dragon Age Origins Save Modding and Modded Saves - Please help

    Hello, my name is Twisted Angel and i need your help: Does anyone know of any Dragon Age Origin MODDED game saves or anything to mod my game save - Xbox 360 - Please help me, i would really appreciate it :) ,
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    Unsolved xbox one hardware mod need help!!

    Hello to everyone...I am new to this site and hope that someone here can help me! First of all sry for my English...I know it is not say at least =) what I would need help with is, I am going to water cool my xbox one...not the s variant...the first one...for xbox 360...
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    Solved Major Distribution V4.3 Devils Edition Download

    Hey guys, I am looking for my good old mod menu i had used past the last years. For me the best mod menu ever that has released to GTA 4: Major distribution v4.3. Where can i get it again? I'm not interested into MDv11. I dont use this kind of mods. Please guys i need youre help. If you could...
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    Solved RGH Bricked, Please Help!

    So about two years ago I decided to accept the Xbox Update (17429 I Believe?), And Recently I decided I want to mod again. The Xbox Turns on the power ring and the LEDs, But never boots. Anyone Got any ideas?
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    Unsolved Fatal crash on my rgh

    Hello I've just started modding I have rgh I've downloaded a lot of games but a few don't work I try and launch black ops 2 I go to multiplayer and I get fatal crash I've got the latest TU I've got one mod menu TCM 12 plus my GTA 5 won't launch it brings me back to the dash board saying the game...
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    Solved Need pointers/help new to RGH

    Hello i'm currently in the process of Installing RGH, I'm new to this and would like some tips and I also have to questions: 1. IF I go online with a RGH Xbox WITHOUT a stealth service, will i get banned instantly or am I able to be on for some time? 2.can someone suggest me a cheap but trusted...
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    Solved Can someone please help me with jtag vpn?

    ive literally tried every tutorial on youtube. Ive tried setting everything up right and it still wont work. I have IPVanish and a laptop. If someone can PLEASE help me out with what im doing wrong id love to know. Ive manually added ipvanish and my laptop ethernet port going to my xbox says...
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    Unsolved How do I install and use the yoda v4 tool?

    Hello Se7enSins community, I recently downloaded the yoda v4 tool (from a safe, virus scanned source) to force host while playing Modern Warfare 3. While I am relatively computer savvy and a decent programmer, I have never utilized a tool of this sort to interact with online console gaming. My...
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    Booting loop, help??

    HI, so today I got given a desktop computer and if I could get it to work I can keep it. I haven't come across something like this before.. When I try and boot up it will go to the windows logo and then back to the motherboard screen at the start and the hard drive is making an scratching sound...
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    Solved Is there a way to upload any photo to Rockstar social crew emblems?

    Hey guys I'm just wondering is there a way to get like a random photo from google or your hard drive then upload it on Rockstar social as a crew emblem, I need any tips on how can I do this, I want my emblem to stand out from others I don't want to copy a emblem from that If there...
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    Solved Servers down? Or my Xboxone?

    Hey guys, I checked the black ops servers. They said they were up and running. My Xbox is connected to the internet. I ran both the connection test and multi-player test. The tests said they are working perfectly. However when I go on black ops 3 it keeps telling me that I have no connection and...
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    Discussion Can someone help me find a cheap Jasper?

    Hey guys can someone help me find a jasper console that is not banned? I would like it too have the LATEST XEBUILD DASHBOARD This would have to be in the price range of ($100-$150) Thanks for the help guys!
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