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help build a mod tool

  1. gamecube501

    Solved  Can i mod my Xbox 360 E?

    Hello, i have my old Xbox 360 here and i wonder if i can mod it with RGH or something. im completely new to this but i have soldering skills. I bought my Console in Germany a few years ago. im gonna put some data here. 12V 9,6A Xbox 360 E MFR Date: 2014-08-18 Thanks for your help.
  2. C

    Question  Help

    Hi I am new at this I got me a RGH Xbox 360 and I'm looking for the ranking up or D ranking tools and some instructions on how to install it for MW3 can anyone help me with this thank you
  3. Zadenk


    Wanting To build A JRPC2 Mod Tool You Must be very exp. I Know how to build XRPC JRPC And PS3Lib tools Already I Know how to do offsets console connect JRPC XNotifys with custom icons led panel changer how to set the middle led to red on slims -Fan speed set -Led Changer -METROFORMS / NSTHEME...
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