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    Unsolved Xbox displaying nothing and then powering off

    So I got home today after work turn on my Xbox x play for about an hour was on Wars on all the pixel started going weird went to the home screen then my home screen disappeared then the Xbox turned off now whenever I go to turn it on it doesn't display the Xbox symbol whenever I want to turn it...
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    Unsolved Jailbreak tutorial for switch?

    Does anyone know of a good link to jailbreak a Nintendo switch I can’t find a good video or guide anywhere. Thanks I’m advance
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    Solved Help finding ap level

    Is there a way where I can glitch the arena lucky wheel with or without dmo so I can level up ap quickly
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    Xbox One GTA V :Looking for modded car with f1 Wheels:,(

    I am willing to trade any vehicle I have and buy the one u want if necessary. I have future issi classic, oppressor mk II, vigilante, elegy retro custom, and other cars. Some with modded colors. GT: IamxGHOSTXx
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    Unsolved Help anyone please.

    I have a jasper fat 2009/10 model with glitch 2 chip and external HDD. Got it modded and was working fine. Until I decided to throw out the DVD drive and fix the HDD in its place. Disconnected the DVD drive from the board itself. The power icon started blinking to fix the blinking saw a...
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    Unsolved Please, don't say that my Demo Kit XDK is bricked.

    I tried to downgrade to one of the lowest XDK builds. My Xbox 360 was manufactured in 2007-09-19, and it's a phat white. I am really worried right now, since I bought it for a bizarre price of $600. I am gonna be severely depressed if its bricked or dead. So I will tell you what happened. I had...
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    Modding steam

    So was wondering if anyone could help me I use to be able to mod mw2 few years ago got back into it and was wanting to host lobbies like actual good map rotation and **** but cant find out how to mod the damn game. All the mods I find are for i4xm or whatever not the actual steam base game...
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    Unsolved HELP!?!

    These are the specs of a phone I’m looking to buy until I can afford to save for a new one. MTK6580W, Cortex A7 Quad core, 1.3GHz and 4GB of storage Link...
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    Solved Terrorbyte Deadspot???

    I purchased the terrorbyte and bought all the upgrades but when I went to buy the oppressor mk2 I tried to purchase the oppressor and have it sent straight to the terrorbyte but it shows a slot that says empty and when I try to purchase it it says purchase failed like I have a deadspot but I...
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    Solved Question about bans

    I have a mod menu for mw2 that works without jailbreak, but I’m wondering if I use it online discretely will I get banned and if I do would it be my profile or console?
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    Borderlands 2- lvl fifty up to sevetytwo

    Just wondering whats the best place to level up through gridingor possibly farming weapons? Just looking for some knowledge or maybe insight as to some places to look. Thank You J.A.D.
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    I know people are gonna view and skip over this because they don't care but its worth a try anyways, I need help beating the easter egg zombies in spaceland can anyone with directors cut help me
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    Solved 360 Squirt NAND Reading/Write

    Anyone knows how to read/write NAND of a Trinity XBOX 360 with the 360 Squirt Programmer? :wink:
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    Solved Coolrunner And Squirt 360 Programmer?

    So I have been thinking about RGH'ing my 360 Slim with Trinity motherboard for awhile now and I wonder if the 360 Squirt Programmer is a programmer I can use to read and write NAND + Program a Coolrunner Rev C? And also will a Coolrunner Rev C Clone work as good as a Real Coolrunner Rev C? BTW...
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    Solved change favorite bike/motorcycle

    So I have searched forums, Google, rockstars website, and have not found anything, except it's the bike you ride most frequently, we'll it's been idk how long since the dlc came out but it's been a Vader since then. I bought over the Vader four months ago, and prior to that I hadn't touched it...
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    Solved R34s free BO2 tool help

    I need help, the Real-time editing option in the Gamertag/clan tag changer doesn't work and I have it selected. I did have a "just in time" error but I fixed it in visual studio 2017, all the other tools work. The only time it will change my name is after I start the game then once it ends it...
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    Unsolved Halo 4 help with campaign vehicles and ain down sights

    Can anyone show me how to use campaign vehicles in forge mode AnD how to use the aim down sights. I can't figure it pout and YouTube can't help me for ****
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    Solved needing help on getting menu please.

    im having a problem idk if i have to have mw2 on xex menu to run a mod menu. because i have it under my regular game downloads and i dont know how to put it on xex menu so any help will be taken!
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    Unsolved COD Help ??!!! Minimap not showing :S

    Playing COD black ops 3 on Xbox one. My minimap, team score and hipfire aim have disappeared. My minimap returns when my team has UAV. Also, it doesn't give me a review of my death. SOOOO annoying. Really getting to me. I'm bad enough without these issues. This happened a couple of days...
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    Solved Okay so my rgh is in a bad place

    Bought an rgh and it was on cryptic server which got it banned easily, so I installed a new kv and for some reason it wouldn't change... so a friend of mine did a nand dumped and all that from his computer and it actually worked for 5 minutes... so after that it wouldn't connect to internet but...
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