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    Unsolved RGH 1.2 Jasper 256mb won’t boot xell

    I have a RGH 1.2 jasper 256mb. I did two of these back to back went so smooth. This one will not boot. I’ve tried different wire routing. Even tho I did it the same way I always do with great success. I have flashed stock nand and console does boot. I have updated the console as well. I’ve also...
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    Unsolved External HDD Keeps Wiping my Games!

    Hello! So I’ve had the Xbox One and an external HDD (Seagate Slim 2TB) since launch and everything has been fine with it, until now. Every so often my HDD would wipe its self after being in the Xbox. I don’t press anything, I don’t reformat it. Nothing. I could turn the Xbox off and after a few...
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    Unsolved need update 20

    Whenever i start battlefield 4 it says theres an new update but when i press ok to download it it does nothing and i cannot join any matches and i heard there was a update that was 1.5 gb and i only have update 4 installed and i cant seem to find update 20 update : xbox unity does not have the...
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    Unsolved HELP! MW3 "No Games Found" Error????

    I am having a problem joining any type of online game on MW3 for xbox 360. I am using an RGH Trinity 2.0 with ninja stealth. It just keeps saying "No Games found" even tho it says there is 780,000 players online total. Everything works fine on Black Ops 2 so i really don't get it..... PS: If...
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    Need people who can do the bot lobby, I'm on Xbox if it matters

    I need someone to get me into a bit lobby or teach me how to make one, I'm on xbox
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    Unsolved How do you get a mod menu on call of duty world at war ps3

    Hello, during this covid 19 situation i have jailbroken my old ps3, all I want to do it play call of duty world at war but with a mod menu, I've tried to add a mod menu but everytime I go to load up multiplayer it freezes on the play online and lan party screen, I have even tried to remove the...
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    Working I need help, i'll dupe you 2 accounts if you help me (srry for the prefix i couldn't leave it blank)

    I need an account that is lvl 1000 in zombies and mp, dark matter and all that stuff, idc if it has modded classes or not i only want the levels and camos, i will dupe 2 accounts for you with the one that you give me, dont give me your principal account, give me a dupe so we have no problems...
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    Unsolved Script hook V not working

    I have recently started messing around with modding GTA, and it appears there was an update today that no longer allows script hook v to work. What do I do at this point? Are my mods rendered useless until script hook gets updated? Thanks in advance.
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    Solved Xbox broke - need help getting gtav money on PC

    Hello! New to this site, apologies if i'm posting this in the wrong place. My xbox one broke and rockstar isnt letting me transfer anything to my PC, I lost 20 days of gameplay and $130mil. Does anyone know good ways to get millions on a new account? Any help/advice is appreciated!
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    Unsolved (SOLVED) PS3ITA 4.50 DEX to Rebug Toolbox 4.8?

    I recently dug out my old jailbroken ps3 and it is on 4.50 DEX. How should I go about converting / installing Rebug Toolbox on my system? I also would not mind any information about a jailbroken console as well. Update: Just had to improve my Google skills. Got it figured out (for) now.
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    Bo3 bot lobby 2019?

    Hello, I was just watching someone play, and it seems like he was in a bot lobby (ps4) Or some sort of lag switch causing all players too freeze. If anyone one knows how, please let me know it would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Unsolved Borderlands 3 - Help on Save Order

    Hello, I am in the middle of character duping in order to make some Bank Space , Now while doing so I noticed that when I pass save number 9 and do like 10.sav It take's my save in the actual game up in the order they are represented , I hope I explained the problem i'm haveing and if someone...
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    Solved 41st livery in set 1 on Xbox1

    Since matchmaking is bugged :frown: I’ll ask here Is there anyone who is willing the gift either me or Storm kilo a vehicle within set 1 with the 41st livery? Preferably with green tints and yanktons:wink: Any text is fine We’re willing to help back if you would need a vehicle or something
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    Solved RDR2 ONLINE - I cannot find Madame Nazar and her wagon on map

    Hi friends, I bought every role on RDR2 online, everything works perfect, BUT... I cannot see on my map Madam Nazar and her wagon and it is a need to find her couple of times in a day!! When I join any friends session and they see her on map they put a way point and when I go there, POOF the...
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    Solved Help needed

    Hello everyone I need help modder reset my acc and make minus 1.5 billion in exp i play on ps3 if someone can help please send message Tnx
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    Unsolved MY new hard drive won't accept the update firmware please help

    ok so my hdd went bad on my ps3 so i bought a new 1 tb hdd 2.5 inch sata drive and am unsure if i need to create a partition or just insert it with no partition on the hdd so i am trying the no partition method and everytime i go to update it says no applicable update data found this was a...
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    Solved Fixed - Need Help

    I started to play the Commander Lilith DLC a couple days ago(PC). Everything was going fine until I got to the part in The Cost of Progress where you have to retrieve the completed antidote from the scanner after defeating Cassius and I get a fatal error address=0x0 filename not found(4...
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    Solved Call of duty: E3 2019

    Hi I’m struggling to find out what time call of duty e3 is starting tonight can anyone help me out please UK TIME
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    Unsolved Jtag/RGH hard drive help

    ok im needing help with my hard drive, it wont work if it plugged into the actual port meant for it . So for me to be able to use my hard drive i have to plug it into a usb port with a usb to hard drive adapter . When i plug the hard drive into the actual port it needs to be in it wants me to...
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