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  1. J

    Looking for someone to get headshots done for dark matter without destroying my 2 kd

    im a pc player im almost 3rd prestige i had a 2k flat before getting red tiger on kn in hc and then trying to get other ars headshots done im looking for someone to get headshots for me i tried boosting the hardest guns got reset after 3 ffa lobbies so no chance ill try that again You can...
  2. O

    Bo4 boosting | headshots | camos

    bo4 boosting lobby, 50 kill rotations, know what to do, need 8 message OPS Crxze or OPS Drifter for an invite
  3. L

    HC Domination | Xbox One | Boosting | 50 Kill Rotation

    50 kill rotation boosting on Hardore domination for Xbox One. Direct Message Imperium Reign for an invite
  4. C

    Looking for a pal to do headshots with

    Gamertag is: im kodak black Would prefer somebody with a mic
  5. DannyWilliams94

    Headshots an challenges

    Hey hmu if you wanna do some Headshots an challenges my GT is DannyWilliams94. Need to have a mic :smile: Call of Duty Remastered
  6. Scarfs

    Cage match boosting headshots

    Add me: MSRs-GoldenScar Trying to boost to level 55
  7. ohShifted


    Hardcore Domination 50 kill rotation rounds. Must have - MIC. TIME TO DO A FULL ROTATION. (3 Game minimum.) BASIC KNOWLEDGE ON WHAT TO DO OR ABILITY TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. ——————————————————— Leave GT below OR MESSAGE GT: E36K
  8. C

    Black ops 4 boosting ALL DAY

    Add : Clrsx 50 headshots then rotate Be quick or be kicked ONLY UAV/CUAV X2 Xp let’s go get it
  9. Entity Complexx

    < Rounds Boosting > 24/7

    - Know what to do.! - Have fun.! - Please no annoying mics.! - Only Kill on your turn or when asked to kill person that’s killing -COMMENT GT’S BELOW OR MESSAGE ME ——MY GT:// Entity Complexx WILL BE ONLINE FOR THE NEXT 6-8 HOURS NEED LONG TERM PLAYERS HAVE 4 NOW Need 3 bump
  10. T

    Looking for a boosting lobby.

    A few players needed
  11. L

    Boost for gold & regal camos? Cage match.

    On all night. Message or add TheRealRainman01. Need a mic and know what to do. Just switched from Xbox to PS. Would grind the **** out of it, but I’m torn between MWR and WW2 at the moment.
  12. L

    MWR Boosts. Headshots, XP. PSN

    Message TheRealRainman01 Add. Will cage match boost for headshots. Have mic. Two controllers if anyone wants to 6 man or team tax.
  13. C


  14. JnrFPS

    Looking to boost headshots

    Hey, looking to boost for headshots for camo challenges on ps4 all night - JnrFPS - 1 controller but have a mic. Willing to double up with another solo player if it makes things easier. message me on ps4.
  15. S

    Capture the flag Boosting Lobby USS Texas

    must have 2 controllers and a Mic, a little common sense goes a long way also, Boosting rounds and then will go for games after a few games (if agreed by lobby members) Post GT below!
  16. C

    Cagematch headshots

    looking for a few people to do cagematch headshots with. I'm available from 3-12pm est. I'm pretty chill and flexible with time. Leave message here or add me Psn: Ya_Boi_Brudes
  17. X

    Headshots for camos COD 4 Remastered

    Looking for people to cage match headshots with trying to get as many camos as possible GT- XeeqHD
  18. Duezil

    TEAM TAC DOM boosting

    Looking for people outside of US to establish a broken connection so we do not merge every time. Message : Duezil
  19. KP 9

    Shipment Boost 100+ Kills XP Domination

    Shipment Dom lobby. Will be using spawn glitch trap. Guaranteed 100+ kills each and XP. Most efficient way to do it. Faster than Sabotage Leave gamer tag for inv
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