Unsolved  No video on Phat

    I have been working on a phat system I believe it is a falcon and it does not output anything through hdmi but it will output audio but not video through an av cable. It will do the ring of light thing when It boots though so I know something is working. I have tried several cables and I don't...
  2. S

    Unsolved  RGH Jasper HDMI won`t work, AV working good.

    Hello, XBOX RGH Jasper decided not to work with HDMI but with AV works goods. Have tried: 1. Reset with Y + right trigger 2. Nand reflashed 3. Checked with Different TV and HDMI cables Any ideas? or only way to try change HDMI port? Regards
  3. P

    Unsolved  How to undo partial S-RGH

    Hey guys, I got partway through S-RGH using JR Programmer V2 and an x360 ace v5 chip, but I wasn't getting any output to hdmi, so I decided to undo as much as I could back to retail to see if I could get hdmi output again. Steps I took as part of S-RGH: soldered Nand cables onto my 360 soldered...
  4. A

    Unsolved  HDMI issues with RGH'd Falcon

    Hello. I have just recently RGH'd 1.2 5 consoles. 4 are Falcons and 1 is a Jasper all with excellent boot times using Matrix V1 (between 3-10 seconds or less). I got them on a job lot (none of them have RROD and none of them have been modded before or even opened, still had warranty sticker)...
  5. W

    Unsolved  Falcon RGH 1.2 HDMI not working

    Hey guys my console’s hdmi seems to be broken it won’t produce a signal when hooked up through the hdmi cable but it works perfectly fine with AV. Does anyone know of an easy fix or a send in service that could fix it for me? Thanks
  6. T

    Solved  Audio Cuts Out Every Few Seconds

    Hi. I just got a modded original Xbox. I'm a PC guy and I'm new to Xbox, so I don't know all the correct terms... Basically, the sound cuts out every few seconds when playing any game. The game does not stutter when this happens. What is causing this and how do I fix it? My Xbox has the TSOP...
  7. afterjo

    Unsolved  HDMI to VGA adapter that works with Slim, 360.

    I have an ebay HDMI to VGA adapter (good quality), works perfectly with my 2014 laptop, 2010 lapatop. Phat xbox: jasper and falcon. But does not work with slim model. Do slim uses different HDMI standard? Thanks
  8. abdellah2004

    Solved  error on tv rgh don't want to boot !!need help

    Hello i have an xbox 360 rgh yesterday i put an update since the xbox no longer shows up on the tv though i hear the beep at boot that do urgent (I tried on 2 tv With 2 hdmi cable and cable with red white...
  9. Google and Asus Introduce the Chromebit: A Chrome OS Desktop On An HDMI Stick

    Google and Asus Introduce the Chromebit: A Chrome OS Desktop On An HDMI Stick

    Got an old monitor or TV lying around? Is it HDMI ready? Then maybe you should check out the Chromebit. A brand new device from Google and Asus that brings a Chrome OS-based computer to any HDMI capable display. Simply plug in the device and you’ll be good to go. Coming in at only 2.6 ounces and...
  10. thrudeadlywaters

    Solved  Video Output Issue RGH

    So I ordered an RGH from a guy recently. Whenever I use an HDMI, the console will randomly freeze. It could be at boot, during a game, on the dashboard. I can't find any pattern, it's completely random. And the screen will sometimes be really weird and distorted when it happens. However, when I...
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