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  1. F

    Question  HDD suddenly can't be formatted, used or detected in Disk Management

    Hi, Before the HDD became like this, I was transferring a multi discs game (GTA V) from my laptop to the HDD. After it has been successfully transferred, I ran chkdsk and it found no error. Plugged the HDD into my Xbox360 and it was not detected. I tried taking it out and plugging it back in...
  2. P

    Support  please help!! external hdd got erased when moving from fsd to aurora

    hi to all, I have a 1tb wd passport and use to be on fsd, but without art covers, I migrate to Aurora and no mi hd says it´s allmost free (32gb used), and only got a xbox360 folder with files (data0000, data0001m etc), but no games......don´t know what happen.....please help.
  3. C

    Solved  How to get games off older Xbox hdds to play on Rgh/jtag xbox

    Hello so I have like 6old Xbox hdds that have games installed on them is there anyway to somehow take them off and put them on my main 2tb hdd and be able to launch them thru aurora I tried copying thru the system settings in the xbox but just said some files can’t be transferred and only the...
  4. K

    Question  Xbox 360 compatible hard drives

    Ik have a modded and unmodded Xbox 360 (both slim) and both have no internal harddisk. So I want to install one in both, but a lot of information online is outdated and all links I found are not working. I found this site with I think the most extended list of compatible drives but has a lot of...
  5. Ottocoid

    Question  Cannot play games on internal HDD, but can play games on USB drive

    Howdy! A few days ago I downloaded some RGH games. I uploaded them onto Xbox hard drive using FTP but I couldn't run them using FSD3 nor FSD's File Manager. But I discovered that I can run all games without exceptions on an external USB stick. How to resolve that problem?
  6. R

    Question  help with installing games

    Okay, so. I got my PS3 a multiman and got myself a **** ton of games (i dont know which formats, some of them are iso, some are pkg, i have 0 experience in this and zero knowledge). I downloaded Last of Us into it (I bought the game before, but it crashed and never loaded since), then site where...
  7. T

    Question  Looking for a Knowledged modder near me!

    I am looking to find out if there is a way to get an internal m.2 functional! now some of you know (I'm sure) that the xbox one x has an unpopulated M.2 slot space with solder pads prepared. Now most people I have seen who have pointed this out say that it is most likely a failed thought by...
  8. afterjo

    Question  transfering hdd from one xbox to another

    I have 500GB hdd in my current 1.6 xbox. And i want to put it in my other xbox 1.0. Possible to do that?
  9. B

    Question  Reccomended SATA drives?

    Hey guys, I've got a SATA adapter and I'm looking for a SATA drive to toss in a softmodded OG xbox. I haven't had good luck finding one that was lockable, so if anyone has a drive that is guaranteed to be lockable and over 100 gigs, I'm in the market for some recommendations. Links are not...
  10. T

    Question  How to swap modded OG xbox hdd

    I just bought an og xbox that is modded with unleashed (not sure if that's all or anything else about it) and I wanna swap out the hdd. How do I do it without losing the mod? I dont have a memory card, nor do I have splinter cell. I dont seem to have an ethernet cable (although I might be able...
  11. D

    Solved  RGH Disk Drive Flashing

    So my RGH Corona 4GB wont read Xbox disk games. When i go back to an old flash.bin it works, but ever since i updated the new dashboard with my new flash.bin. It doesnt work. I believe its because i have not flashed my disk drive. Does anyone have a tutorial on how to do so?
  12. W

    Solved  Rgh and Jtag shuts down after trying to copy files from X360HDD to labtop

    Greetings... I do not know how many of you still deal with the old Jtag and Rgh but I am stumped. I was trying to copy a backup of my buddies 360jtagfalconhdd to my labtop. I use 360 content manager to see the HDD on windows 7 since it will not work on windows 10.When i hit copy after about 1...
  13. H

    Question  Error E102 and E101 after upgrading to 1TB drive

    Hey So recently I wanted to upgrade the 500GB of my internal Xbox drive and I created the partitions at the new 1TB drive and copied all data over with the xbox one hdd master. After installing the new drive it says Error E102 and then I tried to reset the data or use the osu file on a usb...
  14. B

    Solved  New HDD is lockable, won't lock

    Hello, I got my hands on a 250G Maxtor 6L250RO to swap into a modded Xbox. I used Chimp and hotswapped successfully, copied everything just fine, but I can't get the thing to lock. When I select "Lock Slave Drive" it displays that the hdd is lockable, but unlocked. The locking function...
  15. C

    Solved  rgh hdd clicking noise stuck on boot logo

    so i just got my rgh yestrday and my hdd is making a clicking noise and it is stuck on boot logo but when i take the hdd out it boots fine but not modded so what should i do i have a slim xbox 360
  16. N

    Solved  Original Xbox HDD Help

    So I have upgraded my HDD and everything worked. Al teast I think it did...? I can't find my /F drive folder at all. How did this happen, and how can I fix this issue and actually use my new HDD? Would love to start FTP games.
  17. S

    Question  multiMAN copying game ABORTED!!

    March 24, 2018 Hey everyone, I'm having trouble, I have a question I can't find anywhere. I'm trying to backup a copy of my game to my HDD , but multiMAN keeps aborting the copy process, at different times. My disc doesn't have a scratch on it, so maybe my blue ray drive is struggling.. BUT...
  18. peanutismint

    Solved  Copy game backups from old hard drive to new one??

    I had a 120GB HDD in my modded Xbox 360 but quickly ran out of space, so I followed a guide to replace it with a 500GB drive and have got xexmenu/Aurora running again. Now i just need to restore all the games from my old hard disk to the new one, which I thought would be as easy as connecting...
  19. O

    Solved  Slim HDD upgrade

    I have an older 360 I've been using and it has a 120gb HDD. The slim I have is only 4gb. I know I can disassemble the 120gb and put it in the slim but apart from that can I just put any 2.5" HDD into it instead? I know you used to need hddhackr and a western digital. Basically my question is do...
  20. O

    Question  Xbox One Original 500gb model HDD failed

    Hi. Someone gave me an Xbox one to have a look at for them and it either hangs on a black screen after the Xbox one logo or else if it comes on it keeps saying took too long to load etc. I can hear that the HDD is bad so my question is can I just get another 500gb HDD and use a program of some...
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